Interestingly enough, somebody here don’t know the facts. The fact is my employer is not concerned about me and my websites political views, there’s no law in this great country that forbids it, yet! What strikes me funny is after we discussed the craigslist rants it is clear somebody is just trying to intimidate and silence my perspective on Mansfield and is going as far as now copying my perspective(s) from here and my website to make it look like I still post on craigslist with the hope I get fired? Another fact is I did promise the VP I would not post on craigslist months ago anything regarding ABC or my working there, and I have done that!, and for the record since my craigslsit stalker is watching we have not had any discussions about it since. How ever there is one employee who watches these rants and raves and makes us all aware of what’s being said about me more than what’s being said about the store, which strikes me as odd, and may have something to do with this post? After all the latest attacks appear to be an inside job! Have you noticed all the rants of late that have all indications that somebody either works there or the one posting has nothing more to do than visit the store and post day in and day out? What also strikes me as odd as how they say I have multiple personalities when it’s (THEY) who put on the appearance there are many of them. Once posts as a gay who frequents gay bars, one pretended to be a spouse (women?) of someone who works there and later changed their tune to being a man who’s never been there, and last but not least one who calls me and my wife names (which hurt us deeply) not!, really just a CLEAR indication they are taking this site personal. If you look closely you will see why – it’s POLITICS!, and the political in Mansfield as we know don’t like resistance.

This is CLEARLY the work of someone who is obsessed with hate over a differing view, and it saddens me that someone would go through great lengths that could eventually get them in trouble. The question they need to ask themselves, is politics worth it?

FYI – My site is going NO WHERE!, and my political views will remain the same – NOBODY can stop this, not even your crap on craigslist! Keep posting about Phil and ABC the way you do, your ANGER will eventually catch up to you?





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I thought you were advised NOT to post here Phil.  Normally, you let one of your other personalities respond, but today, you said forget that, huh?!!! The 3 posts prior to this are from you.  You copied things straight from your little site and responded directly to them here.  What is wrong with you? Why do you constantly feel the need to explain and defend yourself?  You are the only one taking this serious, everyone else is just laughing at you.  Truthfully though, it’s not that funny anymore.  And just think, all this was brought on by your years of constant abuse and criticism towards others.  Look at you now, what do you have to show for it??  Your life must really suck big time!!

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