You know how to make a craigslist stalker mad? – My friends sure do!

I thought these were pretty good, not sure why my nemesis keeps flagging? This was flagged immediately this morning – too funny! I bet this punk will look pretty tired trying to keep up with the barage that’s coming!

What makes a sociopath mad?

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Posted: 2013-03-13, 9:21AM EDT
Ahhhh, did this wittle message get to you?

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re: Oh phillyboy (Looneyville)

I don’t think Phil’s the least bit afraid of you either, he’s not the one hiding behind a keyboard or afraid to go to work because of some craigslist sociopath. We have done our job for him exposing to those who read your crap that you are nothing but a raging nutcase who apparently can’t get past the child lock on his medicine?
Maybe since you know where Phil works and you’re not the least bit scared of him you can print out your rants and give them to him. He can care less about your dumb ass and pays no attention to you. The only attention given to you was from a couple of friends who just had to prove you’re nothing but a pussy with nothing better to do. As for having a wonderful wife, that’s subjective. I know his, and she’s far from anything you’ve called or said about her. Hell, she could probably beat your ass herself – lol!
FYI – There’s adifference in what you post and what Phil posts, he posts the TRUTH, and you know what they say about the TRUTH, it hurts!, and apparently he’s hurt you pretty good! (Your potty mouth proves how angry we make you)
Response to what the sociopath took down below that he posted yesterday – NOT SCARED – ROTFLMAO!
Your threat: “You don’t know who your messin with” has everyone in stitches, when actually…YOU DON’T KNOW WHO YOU’RE MESSIN WITH, and by responding to random messages without your name on them goes to show how simple you really are! I would DEMAND getting my money back from that school you’re attending, you’re no match for the DA! ************************************************************************************************************************
Oh Phillyboy
You are a baboon, you believe everything that is written and get all paranoid at everything, I ain’t even a woman, I am a man who just likes to fuck with you. I do have a wonderful wife though. She has all her teeth. I just like to see how I can get your panties in a wad fucking with you. You have racked your little peanut brain all night just wondering who could it be at work? hmmm? I don’t even work there fucktard. You went down through the list of everyone at the job just wondering. First of all sorry to anyone there that is getting blamed for my antics. But Phil has been a douche for so many years he is an easy target. HE CAN DISH IT BUT OBVIOUSLY HE CAN’T TAKE IT. If this wasn’t a big deal to him he wouldn’t be having a fit trying to figure out who it was on his job. And sorry Phillyboy, I will be more than happy to put the rants back up. You don’t scare anyone.
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Posted: 2013-03-12, 10:41AM EDT • Location: Looneyville
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Posted: 2013-03-12, 7:49PM EDT
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Posted: 2013-03-13, 10:00AM EDT
re: re… how to spot a sociopath

re… how to spot a sociopath
Just look in the mirror Phil. You self righteous PIG. Think you are right 24/7, you act like you’re Jesus Christ. Posted: 2013-03-12, 11:53PM EDT
It’s one thing to act like Jesus Christ than one who thinks he is Jesus with his “you don’t know who you’re messin with” battle cry!
From what I hear you preach a lot, so maybe you could learn the gospel and start acting like him too?, after all that’s what he gave you that bible for – hypocrit! – we are messin with a psychopath, because we “don’t know who we’re messin with” – This is a CLEAR indication we are messing with another bible thumping loone, ONLY a God wanna be could make such a presumption.
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones either! – (Touche)
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Posted: 2013-03-13, 10:00AM EDT
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Here’s my stalkers latest attacks


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