WOW! – The TRUTH did come out about Major Fortney, and THEY wonder why they have lost the public’s trust?

Read this story by Lou Whitmire and you will see there’s more than likely more than what we’ll ever know?

Record sheds light on Fortney’s departure

A few things I found interesting in this article…

“The Richland County sheriff last month issued a news release stating his second in command, Maj. Dale Fortney, had resigned.” – After which it was already reported he was fired, things that make you say hmmm? – MP

“Fortney, in an email in his personnel file, stated he was retiring, effective Nov. 21.” – Interesting!

“But the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Office of Unemployment Compensation, has found Fortney was “discharged without just cause under Section 4141.29 (D)(2)(a), of the Ohio Revised Code.” ” – Another interesting find! – Seasonal job that pays this well?, now that has me ROTFL! ; Once again…we wonder WHO THE TERRORISTS ARE?

The most puzzling stuff of all and WHY many fight for these jobs, just look at what you can make in a mere 2 years according to this?

Documents provided to the auditor’s office by Sherrif J. Steve Sheldon show Fortney’s exit compensation included accrued vacation and personal time paid to him since his departure totaling $19,518.18. The auditor’s office said it provided the check to the sheriff’s office Friday.

In his letter to the county’s bookkeeping department, Sheldon stated Fortney’s hourly rate was $35.56, asking the auditor’s office to pay Fortney for 242.96 hours of vacation time and 298.88 hours of comp time. I’m curious under the statute of a seasonal worker this is why the State granted the money? Appears something is funny when you get this much paid time off in 2 years – WTH?????  Part timer, seasonal workers get $35/hr? – sign me up! – I’ll kill whomever you want for that kind of cash – WOW! – (figuratively speaking of coarse)

“Dale Fortney began employment with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office on March 21, 2011, and retired on Nov. 21, 2013. Therefore he is entitled to the following for the payout,” Sheldon wrote in the county record.

Here’s the funny part!, surely after the airing of these statements further investigations will take place. Appears somebody is playing fraud with OUR Money!!!!! ,  and we wonder why they do what they do to keep these jobs?

Keeping in mind that Matt Mayer said at his retirement that this job was safer that his tree cutting business – CRAZY STUFF!!!!!

“Maj. Joe Masi, public information officer for the sheriff’s office, said in a prepared statement, “The Richland County Sheriff’s Office is disappointed by the decision handed down with respect to Dale Fortney’s unemployment claim. Mr. Fortney’s retirement was accepted as a resignation because he was an at-will employee who had previously retired.” ”

Can’t wait, surely there will be more…

as the County is corrupt!




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