Woman charged in theft from child’s grave says she was saving stuffed duck from dog.

I commend those letting the PD know this woman’s public facebook has more!

 Maybe IF this lady was saving the stuffed animal from a dog the video surveillance will show it?

That’s why she freaked out and threw it out as she drove by when she knew she was caught! If you look at her facebook account, IF you could, she deleted it – lol! You would see she has much more to hide. Appears in her pics there was items possibly stolen from other sites along with this one. Can’t wait for folks who saw it before she took it down to identify other items.

Woman charged in theft from child’s grave

Frieda Kay Shade

  • Mindy Utz ·  Top Commenter

    Someone has stolen three concrete weeping cherubs (approx $45/ea) off my baby sisters grave at Oakland Cemetery in Shelby over the last several years. After the third I said forget it. Done. I refuse to put anything else on her grave. Not even flowers. That is sad that I can’t even do that. It’s disgusting that anyone would steal from anyones grave…but a baby? Very sad.
  • Jackie Duncan · Madison High School

    I walk out there almost everyday and I have never seen any dogs running loose. She should be ashamed of herself for stealing from a grave and also for lying.
  • Beth Bisel Faust · Follow

    Makes me think about 2 of my close friends that had their babies taken from them in Lexington a few years ago.
  • Ruth V Schwan ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

    gotta wonder if that rose spray on her husbands headstone was stolen from someone elses grave, those aren’t cheap, and anyone who steals stuffed animals probably to give to her grand kid, it sure wouldn’t surprise me if everything shown on and around her cemetery photos including the solars’ and balloons…which are kid thing….are probably stolen. Then look on the outside of her place of residence bet you will find more stolen things. Doesn’t matter if its a kids grave or an adults, its not your keep your fat fingers off of stuff in cemeteries….ya never know when your being watched and tracked down. Pretty sure your grave site will be vandalled…alls fair. Hope you enjoy the destruction and thievery as much as you give it.
  • Becky Pugh · Salon Manager at Famous Hair

    I live right up the road and we are outside all the time with our dog and there are tons of dogs in the neighborhood and I have never seen any dog loose. I highly doubt the camera’s recording the Cemetery will show a dog either, surely her Madison Law Director / Prosecutor friends will not really dole out punishment based on her story they told her to put out there?
  • Lora Carol Adkins · Follow · Elkhorn City High School

    My baby is buried in mansfield cemetery we have put toys & stuffed animals on his grave site next day it will be gone.
    • Ruth V Schwan ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

      well at least ya know if it stops they got the master thief
       It will more than likely stop regardless UNLESS some other idiot wants their face going viral (smile) With the friends she has in the system she will more than likely like the Madison Athletic director who got a slap on the wrist, she will too! Says a lot about those from this district that keeps getting a break, maybe time to vote their friends out of office????
  • Tim Clark ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

    THANK YOU to those who came forward and identified this deplorable human being. Kudos to Detective Sigler and OPD!
  • Camp Robin ·  Top Commenter

    Wow, what an evil, sick woman. She does a beautiful job of caring for and decorating her husband’s grave and yet she will steal things from a baby’s grave? She appears to have several grandchildren; how would she feel if one of them died and someone desecrated the grave? And yet she claims to be Christian. Sorry, lady, REAL Christians don’t do things like that. You’re a disgrace. And now you’re all over the internet.
     Yet, she still has 285 friends on facebook, says a lot about them! – A host of Mansfields finest phonies.
  • Lynn Bargo · Mansfield Senior High School

    she not only a theft shes aliar also a dog give me a break if she was worried about the dog getting the stuffed duck why did she return by throwing it out the car window she should have to stand out in public with a sign saying I STEAL FROM BABIES GRAVES.
  • Jennifer Miller

    It seems likley that this woman is the culprit for many of the baby’s grave thefts. reasons: Her late husband died in July 2010 and the parents of the child whose grave has been getting stolen from has been comlaining for 4 years that someone has been stealing things from their babys grave. Also, on this womans FB page there are many many photos of her decorating her husbands grave…hmmm! Wonder where she gets them solar lights from??? Also, looks like she has a number of grandchildren, maybe she gives that sweet little boys toys that she steals to her own grandchildren. Sick disgusting woman! I could never imagine doing this. She should be banned from the graveyard.
  • Susan Snavely Wolford ·  Top Commenter · Legal Assistant at Brooke & Brooke Attorneys

    I saw the pictures of the gravesites on her FB Page, and I would bet you anything that she stole those from other gravesites as well! What a worthless human being. She is a liar as well as a thief, and I know Karma will come her way!
    • Steve Barber ·  Top Commenter

      The Bible says it this way about people like her: “That which you sow, so shall you reap”.  Yes, and Mansfield’s corrupt will let God punish her, that would be those posting here – lol!
  • Ryan Spetsnaz ·  Top Commenter · Pioneer Career and Technology Center

    If you have been a victim of holiday related grave theft. Go through her profile. Lots of pictures of grave sites with decorations. See if you can identify any stolen items. Do so before she wises up and blocks her profile! –  
    Did not take long Ryan, in this small town it didn’t take long. Surely one of here birds of a feather on her friends list told her, I wasn’t surprised at who some of them were – lol! Part of why Mansfield Sucks, many on her friends list!
    • Ruth V Schwan ·  Top Commenter · Owner at Purr-L Harbor and Sand and Sea LLC

      she may block it, but Ive saved most of her photos….seems she has an obsession with cemeteries…..she aint right – Great job, how ever knowing how she has friends in the system they don’t come knocking on your door?
  • Loretta Kondas · Naples, Florida

  • Roger Brokaw ·  Top Commenter · Madison Comprehensive High School

    Ironic there are solar lights around a headstone on one of the pictures on her facebook page.
  • Kelli Parish Eater · Follow · Ashland, Ohio

    I wonder how she would like it if someone stole those red balloons off of her husband’s grave??
  • Mandi Snipes · Ashland

    I think her cover photo is ironic. I can’t imagine how much of a low life you have to be to steal from a cemetery to begin with let a lone a baby’s grave. Amen
  • Roger Brokaw ·  Top Commenter · Madison Comprehensive High School

    So she picked it up to save it from a dog, but then came back and threw it out the window… Yeah right.  Yes, and surely her Attorney Charlie Robinson will paint that same picture of BS to their friends of our corrupt system and she’ll get a simple slap on the wrist like usual. It’s time the law starts throwing the book at people like this!
    • Ryan Spetsnaz ·  Top Commenter · Pioneer Career and Technology Center

      My thought exactly there Roger. Not only is she a thief but a liar also. I bet she’ll come up with some story about how she tried to hide it from the dog and it blew out the window of her car by accident. LOL Ryan, you are on it my friend – lol! Surely those pictures will lead to showing she’s a liar, hmmm? Great work!
  • Roger Brokaw ·  Top Commenter · Madison Comprehensive High School

    I believe this is the same person https://www.facebook.com/frieda.roseshade Age and name match.
    • Wanda Boyce · Follow ·  Top Commenter · Works at I work from home selling Pink Zebra.

      Yes that is her
    • Deanna Ratliff ·  Top Commenter

      facebook page has been removed….hope this can bring this family some closure…losing a child is a parents worse nightmare…and to have someone take stuff from a child’s grave…or any grave for that matter is just despicable!
      Surely removing her account came with pressure from the who’s who of Mansfield on her friends list not wanting the association with her – lol!
  • Roger Brokaw ·  Top Commenter · Madison Comprehensive High School

    Ontario Police have charged Frieda K. Shade, 54, of Mansfield, with taking toy from child’s grave.
  • Wanda Boyce · Follow ·  Top Commenter · Works at I work from home selling Pink Zebra.

    It should be released soon. We the family of Hayden already know but will not say until the police release it.
  • Amanda Barber · Follow ·  Top Commenter · North Central State College


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