Why thieves cost stores thousands???

In response to the latest story in the MNJ

Special Report: Thieves cost stores thousands

“Few of them are ever caught.” – why is that? We had a person grab an item off the shelf (a computer) and run out the door with it. They were chased, license plate was taken with a description of the vehicle they were in and NOTHING! That is, NOTHING in regards to IF the plate was fictitious etc. That’s WHY thieves run rampant!, Law Enforcement is not focused on following up as why these culprits not only think they can get away with it, they know they can. Cops know and will tell you even though you witness them stealing, if they get out the door and the product not found on their person, they go free! That’s the PROBLEM!

You can also thank the Courts and Prosecutors of Richland County, talk about a joke! Some are only worried about their friends and the crimes they commit that they have to get off, so why worry about the common thief when they have bigger fish to protect.

Start prosecuting their friends and family and you will see this problem take care of itself, right? When you have public workers getting slapped on the wrist and/or giving them professional courtesy & immunity what do you expect?

We need more WALL OF SHAMES, then may instead of good people moving away, we can have those who condone this behavior leave?

Maybe IF we can educate the voters on this, we can change this behavior?

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