Why probation in Richland County DOES NOT WORK!

We have people like this on parole who can abuse others and continuously get away with it!. This con has priors that should have him on strict probation, i.e. GPS and house arrest where he can go NO WHERE except to work!.

Please keep in mind that this asshole has a Court Order No Contact Order with the girlfriend that he beat up, so he had to contact her, for her to know where he lives at.

This will be the next Ashland County killer , right here in Richland County if something is not done about him.

Hey, remember that asshole I was telling you about that did those Dv, and the courts, and his PO has nothing to him about it, here is an update to it.

07/18/12 Notice: AssignmentNotice-TRCR printed for Defendant [NA]
07/18/12 Probation Violation scheduled before: Judge: Jerry E. Ault Assigned. On 07/31/2012 @ 10:30 AM [NA]
07/18/12 CASH bond set on violation 01 🙁 537.04 NEG ASSAULT ) for $25,000.00 [NA]
07/18/12 ‘Bond Sheet’ processed [NA]

I guess his dumb-ass ex girlfriend the one he beat up, actually went to his place of residence, he was drunk off his ass, apparently the girl said something he didn’t like, and he went after her with intent to cause her more bodily harm, in the event of him doing this, he pushed a 3 year old child down trying to get at her, and caused the little 3 year old girl minor injuries.

People restrained him, and the Sheriffs dept was called, in the event of them trying to arrest him , they had to tazer him 3 times to subdue him. I guess his PO was there, and he got really nasty, and mouthy with him as well.

He is sitting in jail, looking at a mere 45 days, wow a whole 45 days for hurting a 3 old little girl, that is what i call justice, don’t you think.

This guy is another wack job in the making that will eventually end up killing one of his victims just like the guy over in Ashland County did recently, and the courts failed her in that case also.

Something has got to be done about this guy, before it is too late, and he ends up killing some women.

Somebody needs to be asking the leaders, especially Dave Leitenberger what the hell is going on?. The State would not tolerate this crap, even he knows this!

I am also curious WHY this was NOT posted in the MNJ?; Are they covering for this probationer because he’s a paid informant?.

I will publish this probationers name upon finding it out from my source.

Thank you, it’s time to wake up people – this behavior is DANGEROUS!

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