Why does the Mansfield media report, yet not question the obvious?

 Cut through ALL THE POLITICS and what do I see?

I see people NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!! We SAVED $80,000 dollars on the premise we are being fiscally responsible the Commissioners say, are we the sheeple this stupid putting it nicely? Did you not just read they are CONsulting an un-named Attorney for this? Surely he or she is NOT working for FREE, right – So where’s the SAVINGS? I want the bottom line, we say save $80,000 dollars yet we hire an outside Attorney, where’s OUR PROSECUTOR Bambi Couch Page? She is OUR COMMISSIONERS ATTORNEY, and we are already paying her and her staff, so why hire someone else? These are all questions the people wanted to ask July 9th and now that a citizen was attacked for asking or quite frankly as they put it being “disorderly” for pointing out the FACT we can’t be shut out of a scheduled meeting by executive session THEY cause alarm and make it look like we are terrorists, are the people around here this dumb? They are PLAYING THE MEDIA like a fiddle and nobody but a few are asking questions, don’t we deserve answers?

 Where does all this save us money when bickering about who CONtrols what? Yes the publics safety is important, but not on the premise of who does what, you people quite frankly ALL LOOK LIKE ASSES to the masses. Maybe IF you would get out of your holes and quit avoiding us you may see this? 

I hope you are ALL VOTED OUT for wasting our time and resources on the premise you are saving anything! You are a bunch of clowns and publicizing it is ALL THE PROOF you and your Drew Tyler need!

Now who’s ROTFLMAO now? Once again I am multi tasking, and I have a FULL TIME JOB you scrutinize as well? Screw off you bunch of bums, we the people are NOT your servants, we ARE your rightful masters and we are going to assure the people start to understand this.

IF you want to refute this perspective there’s an nice anonymous place for you to post just beneath this public call out. Please tell us almighty wizards, who are YOU PEOPLE trying to fool? It’s high time you answer to the people and not others who work for us pissing and moaning on who does what? My opinion you are ALL OVER PAID JERKS!

Can’t wait to see the TRUTH in the Mike Skidmore deal coming soon, we quite frankly need MORE like him willing to make a stand with camera’s in hand to show the people what your really up to.

CEASE AND DESIST THIS!!!! – “FAIR USE” – asking questions our reports are afraid to ask…WHERE’S THE SAVINGS?????, WHY ISN’T BAMBI COUCH PAGE doing her job? She is to represent YOU & THE PEOPLE – TO SEEK JUSTICE, but no we hire outside Attorney’s on the premise we save money by doing so? CORSA is not the County’s piggy bank to steal from and is not who should be picking up the tab either, WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!


Richland Source

Sheriff meets with fire chiefs for 911 change

Earlier this month, the County 911 planning committee and the county commissioners voted unanimously to shift control of the County 911 Dispatch Center from the County Commissioners to the Sheriff’s Office. Commissioners said the move would save the county approximately $80,000 through the elimination of a position – the County 911 Director position which was held by Lisa Burdine.

The commissioners said they would consult with an attorney who advises the county to see if the 911 contract can be amended by the planning committee, to allow the advisory committee to be added back into the written contract.

Mansfield News Journal

Sheriff meets with fire chiefs on 911

Commissioner Marilyn John said the move will save $80,000 a year with the elimination of the 911 director’s position. Former 911 Director Lisa Burdine, who worked for the county for almost 26 years, was notified of the change Sept. 14 after commissioners met in executive session.

By the end of the meeting, commissioners said they would take the matter to an unnamed attorney who advises the county to see if the contract can be amended by the planning committee, to put the technical assistance 911 committee back into the written contract.

WMFD – Appears not news to them?

New Commissioner speaks the loudest, bla bla bla! Where's the other 2?

New Commissioner speaks the loudest, bla bla bla! Where’s the other 2?

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2 Responses to Why does the Mansfield media report, yet not question the obvious?

  1. Bird says:

    Here we go again…
    executive session meeting with Kelly Christiansen… commissioners claim no violation of the Ohio Revised Code…& the county paying for an unnamed attorney for commissioner advisory that Richland County’s own attorney, Bambi Couch Page, should be advising on.
    Why is the county even paying Bambi’s salary?

    • Phil says:

      I agree! – THEY CLAIM getting rid of 911 boss they are saving money yet the local news is not challenging the FACTS that they are spending more elsewhere in the wake of covering up and protecting their frauds. Please say they hired John Mayer as the Prosecutors pet toy “Secret Service Private Eye” for free???

      Fire someone you hate, hire a friend, that’s what I see!

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