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  • Mike Goble

    No the cop did not do his job if he would have done his job right he would have found out that he was in unarmed and a young man would still be alive today…
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  • Gayle Hines ·  Top Commenter · Cedarville

    The police were called in…. the police just didn’t show up out there and start shooting, He was being violent or the Mother and the wife would not have called the police. and my guess is the 911 call was frantic, because they (the mother and wife) were FRANTIC help us, hurry, So naturally the police are going to think this man is going nuts, he is going to hurt someone. The police office was doing his job and now he is paying a dear price he has taken a life and that is something only he can deal with, but he was doing his job, that sounds like and intense situation and yes the anxiety level was high or they wouldn’t have called the police in. things escalate pretty quick when you have a person who is on a drug of any kind. People keep saying how bad the cop was, but I think he was doing his job, he didn’t know if the man had a gun or not, he was in danger, because the whole situation was dangerous for all involved.
  • Rick Rush ·  Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

    All in All Domestic Violence is a serious Problem in this country and a high number of Law enforcement officers are killed every year do to Domestic Violence ! this is a tragedy for Law enforcement as well as the victims involved ! First of all I support our Local Law enforcement agencies and i realize how big of a LOSS the Garber family is feeling right now ! There only child was killed and the Hurt and Pain they are suffering is so UNBEARABLE ! here is a family who summoned The Richland County Sheriff’s department for HELP to what put there son in a Hospital where he can be treated for the Mental anguish he has been going through since the death of his Daughter and now there son , Husband , Father is Dead ! It is a very tragic thing for a family to handle ! Now you have 4 Deputies suspended and 16 casings found where Mr. Garber was shot to death ! Honestly what does anyone expect the citizens of this community to think ? we intrust our sheriff who is a Honorable man and his department that he is over and I can see if there were 2 shell casings but 16 is this not a bit of a over kill ? there are a lot of questions the community will want answered and the out come will be watched by the entire community my prayers to the Garber family and the Richland county Sheriff and his Deputies !
    • Philip Williams ·  Top Commenter

      16 is not overkill. Basically, when a person shoots, they are taught to empty the clip. because if you are shooting, you are doing it to save your own life, or the life of others. You don’t shoot ‘warning shots’, you don’t shoot one shot, stop and look to see if he’s down yet. You shoot to make the imminent danger go away.
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      Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

      Philip Williams Yes, this is what you do when the family is SAFE and the perp is sitting alone on his mothers bed, you shoot in fear for your life or in anger that you are tired of being called, problem solved right? I believe this is what you said in another post, correct me if I’m wrong!
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    • Rick Rush ·  Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

      Philip Williams wow the state teaches you the two shot method ! And if you look at any murder case if a person was shot 16 times what do you think a jury or judge would do to that person when found guilty ! My heart goes out to the Garber family as well as the Deputies involved because it is going to be a Big case !
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    • Jeff Brewer ·  Top Commenter

      someone points at me and its the entire magazine.
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  • Byron E Yambrisak ·  Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

    In the recent past the RCSO has had 7 or so civil law suits which stemmed from a few of the following incidents listed below.1. Operation Turnaround where 7 innocent people were arrested and charged and sent to prison based in
    large part on the perjury of Chuck Metcalf. Steve Sheldon said later Metcalf’s perjury “wasn’t a
    career ender”2.The shooting death of Jacob Rush which happened when RCSO stormed the house unannounced while
    executing a search warrant for shoplifting! Eric Bosko later “investigated” the murder.

    3.The suspension of Mike Viars by Eric Bosko, the Sheriff later did a complete 180* and reinstated him
    saying he will make a good deputy.

    4.The Deputy who struck and killed a pedestrian on the 4 lanes of Lexington Avenue because he was
    rushing t…See More

  • Allen Vandayburg ·  Top Commenter · Mansfield Senior High (The Red and White one)

    Just like any other jurisdiction in the Country Law enforcement is not obligated to comment on any open investigation, especially one they don’t have the lead on. There is a need to know and a right to know, and until this is investigation is completed you have neither….
  • Dale Rhoads ·  Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

    LOL! Stop it News Journal, you’re killing me here, I’m laughing so hard! LOL!
    • Byron E Yambrisak ·  Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

      I am glad a former Sheriffs Deputy Dale Rhoads finds it so funny that the News Journal is finally standing up to his department after his cronies murdered a man!
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    • Dale Rhoads ·  Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

      Lol!! Drama queen much Byron? Or whatever your name is this week. Lol.
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    • Robert L. Eichof · Follow ·  Top Commenter

      Dale Rhoads making fun of someone being a Drama Queen…………….now THAT’S funny!
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    • Ciara Holmes · North Central State College

      Dale Rhoads you being in law enforcement you would think you would have a more understanding approach to someones opinion instead of attacking them…
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      Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

      Ciara Holmes Dale Rhoads is in Texas for a REASON, I wonder why they is???
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    • Daniel Campbell ·  Top Commenter · Lexington Sr. High

      And it took the News Journal to uncover the wrong doings of Wiekle and his crony deputies. Remember “Rotten To The Core” Dale?
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    • Rick Rush ·  Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

      Listen to those of you who don’t know Dale , He was a Lieutenant at the Richland county Sheriffs Department and was actually a Level Headed Good Supervisor who never ever stirred anything up and he was a fair man ! We all remember rotten to the core and remember where the Sheriff’s department had come from ! Under Sheriff Shetler he brought Professionalism and put the citizens first ! Under Sheriff Stierhoff he continued to put the citizens first ! And under Sheriff Sheldon he has done alot with the Department and has advanced it and up dated it ! And I think he will stand for what is right in this situation , like Sheriff Sheldon once told me his employees can’t just do what they want to and NOT expect to be Disciplined ! The Sheriff is more than fair under the circumstances I would not want to be in the Deputies shoes with this Investigation going on and my prayers are with them. This is a very tough thing they are going through as well ! And My Prayers are with them and there families but believe me if there was any wrong doing Sheriff Sheldon and Especially Major Joe Masi wont allow for it to be ! Like Sheriff H. Dale Shetler told me he can help with anything except a death because he can not bring a Dead person back to life ! The Sheriff is a very Powerful man but one thing he can’t do , well not just yet, is bring the Dead back although he may wish he could….
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      • Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

        Rick Rush We ALL know the Sheriffs discipline if they are found guilty! He will see that they get away without due process, moved to another County or State like Dale, or paid for the rest of their life on disability like Metcalf. You DUMB ASSES in Mansfield need to get a clue!
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    • Rick Rush ·  Top Commenter · Works at Ohio DRC

      the very worst thing a Sheriffs department employee could hear are ” You maybe on you’r Own ” I heard these words come out of Sheriff Shetlers mouth when I was sitting in his office getting ready to be investigated for a theft that occured. I was only 19 and a supervisor on 2nd shift in the jail and i was the only one on my shift authorized to do Bonds after Hours ! It is right there page 85 in Rotten to the core ! I had taken a Bond and in trusted another Officer to place it in the Jail safe until Monday when the clerk of courts opened up ! well the Bond was for I believe $270 or $280 dollars and all the paper work was there but…the money was gone and was there HELL to pay ! I wont tell you of the Lie detector test i had to take the Sheriff staring me down when I came to work I about cracked under the pressure ! LOl but finally the real culprit after several lie detector tests had admitted what he had done ! But just KNOWING the fact the The Sheriff Himself said ” You maybe on your Own ” was enough for me ! I can tell you this under Sheriff Shetlers watch the PUBLIC was first and he believed He served the public and if a Deputy or any other employee crossed the Line with the Public they had the Sheriff to Deal with !
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      Here’s the link to the site that CENSORS???

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