Why all the SECRET’s in Richland County Ohio? – Drew Tyler should love this!!!!

First we have SECRET PUBLIC MEETINGS which caused the event on July 9th in which THEY SAY was planned, but how can we find them believable now that the UNEDITED 47 MINUTE VIDEO has went viral, over 1 million views in total between Photograhy’s Not a Crime and World Star Hip Hop, links below!

The we have SECRET MEETINGS on July 10th and July 13th that even Judges have issue with, what about the people who believe THEY can’t have secret meetings with OUR ELECTED JUDGES, can any of the people speak to a Judge Privately? – This answer is NO!, so how can we have ALL ELECTED BRANCHES IN ONE MEETING INCLUDING THE SEPARATION OF POWERS, THE CLERK WHO IS THE DIVISION OF POWERS? These are ALL questions that still need to be answered.

Then we have a SECRET special grand jury session just for this Independent reporter.

Now we find out they have selected Special Prosecutors for this case, along with a RETIRED JUDGE? Ironically it is said these prosecutors and this Judge are a road show that hears most cases like this, my guess is to suppress the truth because we can’t get to them like our officials can access the powers to be in a secret meeting, WHY many are not asking WHY is beyond me? No, I don’t claim to have the answers – I just have questions like others THEY WILL NOT ANSWER, on the record anyways, any other time its the misleading answers like “we don’t think that’s how it is”, or “we will get back to you” – THIS NEVER HAPPENS, that’s why I believe THEY PLANNED this event to further their agenda of SECRECY! I don’t know, neither does anyone else, WHY? – Because they won’t go on the record to answer! – If we REALLY WANT TO MEND MANSFIELD don’t you think the people deserve it?

Now I digress and wait like everyone else – will we hear the TRUTH for once, or will there be a DEAL for Mikes illegal actions for THEIRS? None the less we may not get answers now, but we will get them when its over, that’s IF we too are not banned from speaking on the record in the future.



Hang in there people, let the distractions go! As far as I am concerned they have lost all credibility once they perpetrated a lie on our great nation as my interview on Fox News explains. Not sure why they are placing the blame once again on the Mansfielders Perspective? They did this before when their infamous mental midget killed himself when he said he had enough!

Speaking of odd and suicide – wasn’t the retired Judge for this case from Stark County where their Prosecutor killed himself as well? This strikes me as odd, and poses more questions of collusion that need answered. IF I were Mikes council I would be looking to have a WHOLE OTHER group of special secret everything to look at this case! Maybe the Sheriff can re-establish an Independent Grand Jury for this case, he has the POWER you know to do this, ALL he needs is the people to back him in this endeavor. You want to RETORE JUSTICE in your community? THEN GET RID OF ALL THE SECRETS!!!!

Drew Tyler their fictitious mouthpiece is at it again and I am not entertaining giving this loon anymore attention than needed. Just as OUR Prosecutor perpetrated a lie that has since been PROVEN I can hear Drews excuses now. This clown says I said they are many people?, well he is…how can that be? When you’re a metaphor who speaks for the corrupt you will take on many faces as this narcissistic sociopath does. I assure YOU if we were to EVER find out who Drew Tyler really is you would be surprised at the CONnection.

Check out some of this loons latest posts and you will see why there’s only one you can believe, ME! I am as real as coming to where I work like my stalker claims they have done many times, kind of scary not knowing this person is free to roam, harass, intimidate, yet as they say LAW ENFORCEMENT will do nothing? IF not now then when, when he puts a bullet in my back as promised? He called my work in 2012, and OPD said they had no way to track the call, now he has come to my group with many phony aliases to make this group of truth look bad. IF you are curious then check out the latest comments here on my blog site, the only place they will comment now because its anonymous and I am uncertain IF their ip addresses used are masked as well?

Here is the latest from this goon, one of them I might add – find Drew Tyler and you end corruption once and for all!

I have also INCLUDED the ip addresses these posts were made under, maybe IF they are ever checked out we may find our fictitious metaphoric speaker of lies?


Drew Tyler

Drew Tyler


Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer


Drew Tyler


Drew Tyleer


Drew Tyler

Drew Tyleer


Drew Tyleer

You want to see the HISTORY of this clown you can find much much more that proves the elected heads metaphor is their SECRET spinner of truth here – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?s=drew+tyler

Surely this dud will be speaking on this as well, the issue becomes…who do you believe? One who is a metaphor, or one that you know is very real who can be easily found. I hide from nobody even when people say I should, what does that mean?

Answer these questions my friends, and you will have found the truth!

Please comment, each and every perspective is greatly appreciated – except Drew Tyler of coarse the anonymous speaker who can’t back one thing they say without SECRECY – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Drew will surely be pissed when he/she see’s this they will once again RUN FOR THE HILLS – Just like when the MP group exposed his/her fake facebook account – https://www.facebook.com/drew.tyler.54?fref=ts

Let the metaphor speak, THEY are proving one voter at a time who needs to go!

Funny! – this guy wants to run for Sheriff? – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heHMPA3WWsI

I thought the old wives tale was the apple don’t fall far from the tree? They say dad had a mental illness that caused James to shoot himself? Then this Sheriff wanna be’s brother was fired by the State, then hired by our hand picked Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page as a SECRET SERVICE PRIVATE EYE? – There’s that secret crap again, and people think I’m crazy???? – WOW!!! – This blog has the link to this BS, UNBELIEVABLE!!!! – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/is-the-mnj-serious-about-hiring-john-mayer-as-an-investigator/


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12 Responses to Why all the SECRET’s in Richland County Ohio? – Drew Tyler should love this!!!!

  1. Phil says:

    Come on Drew baby, stick to one blog. Just like usual, living in the past and all over the place once again. You say a lot but make no sense no matter where you post. Your idiocracy is why you hide behind the fraud name. That is funny, better yet when you lose your cool knowing now all the people are onto you.
    I can’t wait to be a witness if this goes to trial, after all I was there. Tell some more lies fraud, that’s all you are, a lying fraud.

    One thing I can assure your followers is…I can surely put you where you belong if you ever feel froggy

  2. Phil says:

    Join this group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/

    It may not be undisputed, but funny how it can’t be REFUTED, at least by a real character other than the invincible basement poster Drew Tyler who speaks for Mob rule or other fake accounts. WE KEEP IT REAL, the best THEY can do is comment in SECRECY – Now that’s ROTFLMAO


  3. Phil says:

    Now that you were banned for the second time, and once again resort to craigslist where you say you found my group MP, can it be said I know who you are, or what group you really associate with? Now I know why you were compelled to respond to the narcissist sociopath comments, hmmm?


    • Drew Tyleer says:

      Banned from what Philly? And again you say you know who I am or I am associated with some group. Who am I today and what group am I associated with now. You just don’t seem to get it ole boy. Yeah again I ROTFLMFAO at you over and over again.

  4. Phil says:

    That’s right, go back to your hole on craigslist. That’s where COWARDS post anonymously their lies, the TRUTH I told you will prevail, and yes it’s STILL on it’s way!

    Luke 8:17
    For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

    Your garbage here will eventually expose you – http://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/5191903512.html

    The response was GREAT!!!! – http://mansfield.craigslist.org/rnr/5194409645.html

    • Drew Tyler says:

      LMAO, wow Philly, anyone who reads that can tell it was you who posted it and since you posted it anonymously, that makes you not only a coward but a hypocrite as well. You keep saying the truth will prevail, so my question to you is when are you gonna start telling the truth??? Now, why ain’t your worthless ass over at them washing machines trying to make your $10 commission. As always, you and your jokesite leave me ROTFLMFAO

  5. Drew Tyleer says:

    Geeze Philly, take a breath or a drink before you have a stroke lol. You sure do get all twisted over things, but then again, when you aren’t in complete control, you seem to get really irritated. You stated your 2001 conviction was for disorderly conduct when in fact the arrest was for domestic violence against your wife. She wasn’t your wife at the time and you claimed she made marks on herself to get you arrested. In fact, even then you claimed you were being a “hero” and saving her little girl. Bottom line is you plead to a lesser charge but the original charge of beating a woman speaks a lot to your character, or in fact, lack of character. You love to blab on an on about how you have been threatened and are in fear of your life when in fact, nobody has threatened you. Rumor is abound that the alleged threat made at your job was orchestrated by you to gain more attention. That doesn’t surprise me one bit as you just love to play the “victim.” You still seem to think that people are paying attention to you but even you have been told you are a non-credible witness to the Skidmore incident. In fact, you ran from that room faster than the bullet came out of that gun. Yet you want everyone to think that you know everything that happened in that room that day? People who listen to you, which aren’t many as we can tell, think you are nuts. Even the guy who leads the RCCLSG thinks you are a worthless backstabbing coward. And I have to agree. Now get back to them washing machines loser, they aren’t gonna sell themselves. Had to take a sip of coffee because I was ROTFLMFAO over and over again.

    • Phil says:

      Poor fictitious stalker boy appears to be on repeat again, don’t you have any NEW material? This mularky is getting redundant and not worth the response.

      Where is your German Warplane friends? They left better comebacks than this!

      Come on baby you can do better

  6. Phil says:

    One of Drew Tylers latest posts
    Submitted on 2015/08/26 at 7:41 am
    You said if we want examples then ask here, ok I’m asking and please don’t bore us again with the Mayer, Skidmore or Garber thing. You have beat those topics into the ground and quite frankly your opinion isn’t going to keep Mayer from his job, Skidmore is more than likely going to prison (but we will have to wait for the trial if there is one to know for sure) and Garber isn’t coming back. So lets have some new alleged information shall we.

    ***I digress to answer here on another post filled full of Drew Tyler deception – Yes Drew MY posts are more relevant than your bringing up a 2001 Disorderly conviction of mine that has NO BEARING on the public I serve. How ever my sad reminders are what CONtinues here. See, there’s a difference in your references and mine. Mine have a valid point of what we continue to allow, people we can’t trust in positions of trust. Funny how you make my hard working menial pay retail job a CONcern while not looking at the big picture. See, these people I share are relevant to what’s wrong with local politics and quite honestly STILL relevant today, my little deal over a decade ago is a done deal, a bridge we will never cross again, or a river we will step in. How ever those I speak of are alive and well still in positions where they can deceive the public with just like how you are doing now. Maybe that you have been scolded publicly again I should watch my back? After all one of your friends before they too were called out and left the group said that’s exactly what was going to happen, I was gonna get shot in the back? Sounds like a coward to me, quite frankly sounds like you? Hmmm, could this mis-spelling deceiver be you as well? Come on, tell us how I think Drew Tyler is the metaphor for all corruption in this County – I love it when you ROTFLMAO!

    I will leave you with this current piece, running for Sheriff in 2016 is current, Mike Skidmore is current, John Mayer SECRET SERVICE PI is current – Phil Sydnor, charged with Domestic Violence ends in Disorderly Conduct – HISTORY! – 😉

    • Drew Tyler says:

      Lets see, Mike Skidmore is heading to prison. You have already thrown him under the bus and when it is all said and done you will abandon him just like you did ole Byron. John Mayer Secret Service PI, again there is NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT HIS JOB or where he works. You like to think that your blabbering on this joke site will change anything, when in fact, all is does is make you much more publicly appear the nutcase you really are. Yep as always, I am ROTFLMFAO

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