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Sheriff officers return to duty Tuesday

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  • Patricia Weaver

    I’m sorry Tod, my comment was intended for JOEY……
  • Patricia Weaver

    Tod, cause I know. And you don’t, is that a sad feeling Tod? Don’t quit your day job and if you do good luck finding employment since you lack the simple ability to research or even read a news paper article and see plain facts. Good luck with your pathetic thrills…no more comments to you cause YOU unlike everyone else…only YOU, have all the answers. WTGT
  • Byron E Yambrisak ·  Top Commenter · Self-employed at Small Business Owner/ Real Estate Investment

    Jeff Frazier is back on duty with his gun. Jeff Frazier was the only deputy who surrendered his shirt along with his firearm. Jeff Frazier has been disciplined multiply times for excessive use of force and has used his weapon before in the course of his duties.  Surely has a DEATH WISH! Never had ANY real training either, just another punk allowed to join the force because of his fantasies of busting down doors like Rambo. We all know that’s the same for Sylvester who was a draft dodger. Maybe someone needs to look into the background of his daughter and check into the relationship she had with the wife of this dead man? Maybe there’s more than just drugs for Bipolar diagnoses the investigators need to look into?
    • John Hess ·  Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

      We don’t know yet ..but I believe most people..that follow the news, would have guessed …which officer.. probably enter and fired first..the last time this officer was given time off ….lot people were calling him a ticking time bomb…
  • John Hess ·  Top Commenter · Crestline, Ohio

    First time I have read the deputies said they were confronted with a gun… makes a world of difference on how anyone would act .If they were confronted with a gun there would be more of an understanding to the killing …everything else said he was not armed. How can they have been confronted by a gun that did not exist? (smh)
    • Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      That no firearm was listed in the evidence collected is much more trustworthy than a deputy claiming to have seen a firearm. I wonder if these Deputy’s were tested for drunkenness or drugs? That’s right, the Coroner wasn’t called until the next morning, hmmm?
  • Melvin Melton · Follow ·  Top Commenter · None at None of yo damn business

    They like kill people just for hell of it.  Sure seems that way! Last murder was justified because they were en route to a fight between a cop and teachers at a golf coarse. Justified because the man they killed was a known town drunk???? 
  • Patricia Weaver

    To answer your question, What would I have done differently. Evacuate the house, secure area, call him on cell phone or any kind of contact other than direct. It’s called a ”STAND OFF” To serve and protect, to do so with the least amount of bloodshed or loss of human life. You can’t have a stand off when you march up stairs and start shooting at an un-armed man. Seems like these guys have a bad case of PUSILLANIMOUS!
    • Tod Mills ·  Top Commenter · University of Michigan

      Now THAT is the proper approach, imo. Instead, the mentality appears to be along the lines of this story, where “Impatient Cops Allegedly Shoot Mentally Ill NC Teen: ‘We Don’t Have Time For This’ ” http://crooksandliars.com/2014/01/impatient-cops-allegedly-shoot-mentally
    • Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College

      NOT!!! How do you know he had a cell phone?? There was a deputy “securing” the perimeter!!! A stand off??? FAIL again!!! Wait for him to start shooting his family as he threatened?? Shoot the deputies??? Don’t quit your “day” job!!! A “stand off” is for a “planned” situation, not a “frantic” situation where his own mom called the police saying he was hitting her, the wife said he had choked her, the father said he saw a gun, and THE DECEASED sent a death threat!!! How do you know they didn’t try to call his cell phone?? how do you know if they even knew he was in the room he was found in??? Maybe they were just checking the house to see if he had fled AGAIN, as he had already done!!! How do you know whether he tried to shoot, hit or grab the deputies weapon??? Your answers as I expected are shallow and unrealistic, and uninformed epic fail!!! I hope you are not a law enforcement officer, you would likely cause people to get hurt!!! Including your self!!! You are a part of what is wrong with society, do you kn ow that in the past week Three law enforcement officers have been shot and killed, two by “suspicious” subjects?? And that TWO law enforcement dogs have been shot??? Lastly, do you own a gun?? I hope you don”t, because it sounds like you don’t know when it is needed! And if you have an intruder that could be armed in your house, are you going to be mad if a police officer uses his weapon and kills him on your property??? Get a scanner, listen to 911 and respond without ballistics vest and a gun and “secure’ the perimeter”, and see how that works for you!!! Maybe you could send your condolences to the slain officers instead of finding fault and coming up with television police tactics. I have had issues with law enforcement like I have ordinary citizens, and whether some are good, bad or terrible isn’t the issue, the issue is mental health people are not less “dangerous” because they are diagnosed, and violence against your own mother and wife in the form of physical attacks, showing a gun, and sending death threats All end in a bad way, PERIOD!!!
    • Phil Sydnor · Major Sales at ABC Warehouse Ontario, Ohio

      Joey Shaver , you seem to have some anger issues there bro! Maybe why you didn’t answer my message? There’s details I do know, that you don’t. If I were you, I would get my money back from a FAILED!!!!! Education you received at CSCC, quite the imagination there my friend, maybe why thugs are lining up to join this team, are you in line? I certainly hope NOT!
  • Joey Shaver · Columbus State Community College

    What I have seen is many readers calling names, misquoting other people and the alleged facts, and in general talking about this situation without having been involved in every aspect of it. I started my very first response with the statement that I hoped ALL who were involved would heal to the best of their ability, and I was called names and attacked! Again I say, let’s wait for the investigation. And I have not seen a single solution or answer to the question, What would You have done differently??? I am not insensitive, but I don’t take the name calling personal, I do however find it disturbing that the very same people saying these thing to strangers place themselves in the very same category as the people they are criticizing!!!! Meaning, you attack the police verbally, criticize them, “pull the trigger” verbally, and yet I don’t read where a single volunteer runs into a house where a man has reportedly been violent over and over with his family, has been reported by the family to have a gun, waiting in a dark room(outside deputy statement)??? Better yet, if any of you own guns and an intruder comes into your home, are you going to “use the gun?? And lastly, what about the masses who couldn’t wait to get a “concealed carry” permit?? Are you going to use it, or is it just a “power’ issue?? Just a way to show off?? Read how many police officers have died in the line of duty, because they didn’t have a chance to “use” their gun. Anybody can be a bad person, but how do we define “bad” in a split second life or death situation??? Let the investigation take its course, and let all involved heal.
    I believe everyone who receives their education at this Community College needs their freakin heads examined. You should hear yourself dude, you are something SPECIAL (wink)
    • Daren Nezrick ·  Top Commenter · Works at Mansfield Plumbing Products

      dead men cant talk so all we will hear is what the cops came up with. Its my understanding the officers confronted him in a bedroom, correct? All 4 officers where in the room, how did that happen? 4 people cant run through my door at the same time and shoot without shooting each other in the process. No matter how this ends, the officers will come out clean and the department will sweep this away like nothing. They are always justified in a shooting because there life was endanger by there opinion, If I shot someone because I thought my life was endanger, I would still be sitting in jail trying to prove it was justified.
  • John King · Nigt Watch Commander at Richland County Sheriff’s Department

    This article is kind of misleading. The news paper does not say what caliber casings was found .If there was more than one caliber more than one weapon was fired.

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