Who’s Drew Tyler T-Shirts should give this Narcissistic Sociopath the Attention they are so looking for?

Yes, the first Design for Who’s Drew Tyler are coming!

To order yours you can purchase at cost here…


What you will get in this first edition design…



More coming soon, stay tuned for more personal attacks against the truth! – The fact here being Drew Tyler is surely a made up account to refute those who refute local media and politics for the admin (aka Philly) knows no Drew Tyler’s?

This characters sole job is to deceive, divide & conquer as we all know is the same purpose of media & politics.

Our purpose here is to Unite, you know…

United We Stand, Divided We Fall?

My goal is…YOU / WE EXPOSE DREW TYLER, we expose the roots of Rotten to the Core – How about that for a myth busted???

You say??? – Drew Tyler will say nothing for Facebook hate is turned off on this blog. That means poor Drew will have to resort to the ONLY OUTLETS I allow them to speak in…Craigslist & Facebook Messenger. Now that’s ROTFL!

See what Drew Tyler Hates, the TRUTH HERE!!!


Don’t forget to visit the Who’s Drew Tyler page to get an idea who this ass is. 👍

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3 Responses to Who’s Drew Tyler T-Shirts should give this Narcissistic Sociopath the Attention they are so looking for?

  1. Phil says:

    Drew Tyler commenting thru Facebook messenger cause he/she is in control of Philly, now that’s funny!

    woooooowww boy did I ever set you off AGAIN bwhahahahahahah. You sure do love to hear yourself talk don’t you? I see you blocked me AGAIN from your jokesite from commenting because you have finally had enough of me proving over and over and over what a liar and fraud you really are. Maybe it was the reference to your crackhead whore wife and illegitimate child (who will grow up to be just like her mammy) or your cowardly father. But guess what, nobody still reads your jokesite bwhahahhaha. I am here, and your claims to make me go away will never happen. I love it that you are soooooo angry now back to work fucktard and sling them substandard products loserboy as I ROTFLMFAO getting ready to enjoy a beautiful weekend while you are stuck slinging washing machines. Ahhhh living the good life…some day you might get to try it…but i will decide when.

    Yep, just moving the American made merchandise the hide behind keyboard idiot calls substandard?
    Speaks volumes of why their eagles head is down, how embarrassed they are being American.

  2. Phil says:

    Awwww, poor Drew Tyler can’t comment without their fake Facebook account. Now who’s in CONtrol again???

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