Who is the great invincible Drew Tyler who hides like a terrorist who opposes the MP?, we shall see when the BCI gets a load of this?.

Drew is a fictitional character I believe, they do not reveal who they are with malicious intent. They are here to intimidate and to stop the bleeding on our fair City, County, and State…Let’s see how they like us now.
The BCI will have this for their records, let the investigation begin so we can see if what Mr Tyler and others believe is true, that THEY will do nothing?. I’m certainly going NO WHERE and continue what I do, sharing “Perspectives” that NOBODY ELSE WILL until there’s a LAW against it. – It’s OUR Constitutional Right I am willing to defend. To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men – Abe Lincoln.

Drew Tyler our successful non-convicted wife killer, he thinks just because
he’s NEVER been caught that he’s not a criminal. Keep up the good work you domy friends, the day is coming when this career criminal is caught up in his/her owns lies and deception. I am looking forward to them pulling the plug again on their account long enough to clean their tracks then to arise again. Drew says I am in control of what’s allowed here, and they are right! – But, for one second do you believe I have anything to hide?. Those who know me, know I hide notta, and Drews intimidation and exposure means nothing, maybe they’ll resort to threatening my employer and associates?. No, that’s already been done, so what can they be plotting now?. Only a criminal mind knows, so tell us Drew…what’s next on your agenda?. Would you like to kick my ass?, it sounds like it, but the truth is…this is why you hide like a little terrorist, your not big enough, and your super powers because of this site has been taken away!. The GREAT EQUALIZER?, the TRUTH!. Looking forward to another long winded twist – lol!

Reference – https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/

Sean A. Vincent Idiots are what makes the world interesting, isn’t that true
phil? I had a business owner in Crestline call my my boss up (when I worked for
the phone company) and complain I was part of an informational picket in front
of her business in Crestline (she was on the school board) and I was using my
company vehicle to block the street… the only problem was that I was in my
bosses office in Willard when he took the call… What a buffoon! It’s a good
thing your employer supports their employees 1st amendment rights, many do

Phil Sydnor What?, no long winded twist of deception from our hide behind
the keyboard terrorist?. I can’t believe this moron didn’t have anything to say
today while I was away. Maybe someone who knows him/her should go check on
them, maybe in all their anger they had a stroke?.
Time Sup might have went back to his apartment complex in galion
Phil Sydnor Maybe planning a massacre since they know they can’t win here,
this is not the MNJ – LOL!
Phil Sydnor After hearing this kid who killed many innocent people yesterday
was an honor student maybe we should be concerned with the Drew Tyler of the
world, they think they are above the law and we are just their peons. Have to
ever heard this persons message, or read their comments?, they think we are
stupid, poke fun at those who don’t have what they have, and we wonder what
motivates nuts like this?. Watch your backs my friends, after this latest
massacre we need to be careful with people like Drew, he knows who we are and
where we work, you never know when someone like this hides their identity, a
fake FB and a gender that can’t be validated is reason for alarm. This person
repeats where I work a lot, so they can be the ONLY one or one from another
group that don’t like the awareness we are creating here the reason for calling
in threats. Can’t believe this moron would say I called in the threat when I
was standing in the box when one of the calls were made. Too bad the O.P.D.
said they couldn’t trace or my employer have the e-mails and phone calls on
their end traced, and we wonder why these people are not caught before they
perform their heinous acts?.
Time Sup oh no that means i have to start locking up my box does anyone
have any duct tape lol lol.
Drew Tyler Wow Phillip, you sure do get your dander in a twist over little
things don’t you lmao. Unlike you, I have a life, friends and things to do
besides play “god” behind a screen all day. It will take more than a
loser like you who slings washing machines all day for a living to get rid of
me. See, you can block me from your facebook page and you can delete my blogs
from your stupid website, but you have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over my personal
email, and I know that just kills you but hey, what don’t kill us makes us
stronger right Phillip?
Drew Tyler ahhhhhhhhhhhh bwahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
Phil Sydnor Words of a true terrorist, believe me….I come from the days
where sticks and stones are all that hurt you, your name calling and ridicule
will not get a response like the loser kid who killed innocent people this
week, as you will find…I am not a victim of your system from anything I’ve
done, you my friend will have control of nothing, including this group. You are
an idiot my friend, and every time you speak, you prove everything I say. Until
the day you are BIG ENOUGH to say anything to our face or come out to prove you
are anything you will continue to be the pusillanimous we coined you as.
Nobody’s getting uptight about anything you say, see…it’s people like you who
think you are something who eventually snaps, truth be known. You say or think
you have no motives that will lead you to trouble, keep taunting the lion and
eventually you will get bitten. We see this every day, it’s not those who strap
on their boots every day that are doing the killing in this Country, it’s those
like you who are so high on power and control who thinks everyone is beneath
them who do, we are getting you are close and watching our backs. If you had
ANY friends, with as much as you are here one would think they would be here
with you when you say you have so many, are they just watching?. I did hear
your only friend John Mayer is getting ready to snap, friends and family are
concerned that you guys can no longer take the abuse you get here, karma has a
funny way of getting you back!. Being that you two are fallen hero’s I am
hopeful you two can move on with your lives before someone gets hurt if and
when you do act out your anger on those who share the truth here. Have a great
day my friend, off to work to “slinging washing machines” like you say, that
hurts me so much – lol!. Actually I love my job getting those who need a deal
while standing there when I meet the likes of a Drew Tyler who demands it,
those days are over and I for one are happy you don’t come in because of me,
miss the deals?.  I believe folks are seeing the truth in Drew Tyler, because there is NONE!. You say I get angry,
over what? – you making a tool of yourself?. People can see you are a welcome
guest here as a member and why you hide cowardly behind a fake facebook account
along with your comments being saved, not deleted on the blog site. If you had
ANY proof of this, like me and others here you so dislike, we can and have
shared the proof. Funny today after the deaths of innocent children they are
saying this is a result of a mental disorder where folks make fake facebooks
and live fantasy lives, did you know this?, and is this why since we share true
stories and use real accounts you think you can intimidate and scare?.
Commenting from your e-mail because you are blocked – lol.
Drew Tyler Wow Phillip calm down before you pop a gasket lol. You know, you
get so emotional when you are called to the front of the class for the real
loser that you are. You compare me to some nut job who kills kids, and yet lets
take a look at some in history who are like you. David Koresch, John Lundgren,
and Jim Jones. These people all thought they were “leaders” and
actally had other people thinking like they did. Their rants and raves,
irrational thinking and behavior, paranoia, self-centeredness, all led others
who had no mind capacity to think for themselves, just like you try to do. You
want everyone to think you have all the answers with your cut and paste website
and when anyone disagrees with you, you block them. As I stated before, you
might have blocked me from facebook, cried to the MNJ so posts can’t be left
there, but this is coming from my personal email and you CAN’T DO SHIT ABOUT
IT!! Your life has been that of a non-existent person, probably got
beat up quite a bit in school, probably was made to dress like a girl in the secret
confines of your childhood home, and the way you relate to sex offenders, hmmmm
one could surmise that perhaps you were a victim of abuse as well. All of this
has contributed to your overwhelming desire to be someone when you were all
grown up, but that didn’t happen did it Phillip lol. You got kicked out of your
trailer in Lexington when you got arrested for Domestic Violence, you lost your
house in Galion because you weren’t man enought to take care of your business
and the bank took it back, and now you are a washing machine salesman barely
making ends meet and getting government assistance. So….on a brighter side
lmao…you create a cut and past website…control what is posted on it and who
can post on it…and claim you are making a difference. Again, I ask you to
name just five things you have accomplished with your cut and paste website that has made
a difference in Richland County or Mansfield…the place you claim you love and
call home. Remember Phillip these things have to the be the result of something
your website or you did that was not actually done by someone who knew what
they were doing. I’ve asked time and time again and yet you have produced
exactly what one can expect from Phillip Sydnor, nothing.
Time Sup i still need duct tape for my box and my lot rent is do would
anyone like to donate 50 cents it dont take much for a box trying to stick
around long enough for chicken…i mean drew to come visit.i know who he is so
does 6 others.
Time Sup hahahahahaha
Phil Sydnor I know this is Mansfielders Perspective, but yours Drew is a
little far fetched. Kind of like your friend John Mayer the FIRED APA
SUPERVISOR who kept telling his friends he was getting his job back, that
didn’t work out either, the difference is…I have made a comeback without ANY
assistance what so ever!. Like I said, even though you TRIED to scare folks
from coming out to the store with your continued poppycock and threats to the
store, I am still the man. I love how you get your panties in a wad, and the
only thing or things you can revert to are those you know nothing about. I don’t
know why you keep giving me the title leader of something when I am simply the
administrator of a facebook group where “free thinkers” get together to share
their perspectives, in layman’s terms just for you (a view). This group shares
REAL stories and issues, but you keep coming here with the same crap people
read in what you think is a news paper, some of us disagree. Here again you are
giving me too much credit, many of us like yourself have been blocked on their
site and why we came here. We accept your perspective, but just like I said
during the inception of this group, unlike the MNJ you won’t be censored, but
you can expect to be refuted. I have NO REASON to block you, but to correct
you, IF I wanted, I could. Like I said before, this is a PRIVATE group and
first you have to be a member, which you are…Just look my simple friend, you
are there, not blocked. I want as many people as possible to see the great Drew
and his MNJ style writing, you still have not given us one iota of proof to the
things you say have happened to me. Here are the facts; I sold my mobile home
in 2005, bought a home in Galion, Plant closed in 2007, then I filed bankruptcy
protection against the bank when they would not work with save the dream ohio,
now currently in litigation with AG who is currently looking into bank fraud
for government handout. Funny how you think you’re quite the investigator when
you don’t know the facts, the fact is the bank didn’t take my home, I gave it
up after finding disclosures not made during my sale, now if your such a super
sleuth, you will find there’s another suit by the current owner on those who
bought it from the bank, now they are trying to foreclose on her, nice racket
don’t you think?. You can laugh my little friend, but those who laugh last,
laugh the loudest…I hope since you “think” you know so much, that you are
involved in this racket and get your due. Like I said time and time again, the
TRUTH prevails…Something you share little of, that’s why I find it hard to
believe you would come here to pick on little ‘ole me and others when you know
nobody on these pages – lol!, IF that were true, you wouldn’t be telling so
many lies, or shall we call them fact less stories you just simply repeat from
those who think they know me?. Maybe you need to pick your friends more
wisely?, it sounds like you are getting this from folks who are simply jealous
because you or they don’t have the stones to put a REAL NAME or FACE to what
you say?. Why is that?, that’s what the readers who frequent these pages should
be asking. None of what I say can be SILENCED, for I share the facts. You and
your friends (all crooks) wish you could do something to silence these facts,
but you can’t. You keep asking for five things I have changed, and here we go
again (redundant), I do not change things…What I have changed is “people”,
people who are corrupt who think they are in the paper once and forgotten, not
here…they live on as a reminder to what will eventually change in the end. What
you wish is…I was a criminal like you try and portray, we all know what happens
then, NO INTERNET, NO TRUTH to get out. You and your wanna be super hero
friends will ever silence me, that will take the 9mm bullet you promised my
employer for hiring me. Too bad my sick friend, I am not one of those leaders
you mentioned, nor do I wanna be, I’m starting to think you’re in with some
very bad people trying to lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Too bad I
don’t trust Law Enforcement, or I would subject you to them to be investigated,
you sound so creepy with your sad analogies of who you think I am. Maybe I
should report you before it’s too late?, it sounds like you’re close to the
deep end, yes…like the young man who slaughtered so many innocent people. What
I am thankful for since you’re such a poor super sleuth is…you lost track of me
since Galion, 3 years since I dumped that place and you still haven’t mentioned
where I am now, more than likely since you have been STALKING me, I have not
mentioned that. You can keep hiding behind your keyboard, but that will change
soon, I believe there’s enough here to warrant a search on who you are by
authorities, then we’ll see who the BIG MAN is when they catch up to you. I can
see the headlines now, Drew Tyler friends of the Richland County justice system
goes to jail, or kills many before blowing his brains out – which will it be
Drew?, after all…you are the one in control, right?. Your day of reckoning is
coming my little stalker friend. Peace out!.
Phil Sydnor Watch Drew disappear again…Not because I blocked him, because
he will hide once he hears that knock on the door. Save his profile friends,
this may be the last time we hear anything from this loon?.
Drew Tyler Phillip, take it easy boy….your ramblings have gotten
worse and worse. Before long you will be tipping that bottle again or reaching
for the straw. I didn’t give you the title of anything, and quite frankly I
don’t think even you have given yourself a title, except for administrator,
however, it is very clear that your position is one sided, and those who oppose
what you say are blocked, or accused of things they didn’t do. I love how you
have accused so many different people of calling your store lmao. First is was
me, then it was the two women who defected from your little group because they
finally saw how you were, then now its back to me again, but hey that’s ok. In
your feeble little mind you can think whatever you want. You claim you have
made a comeback and feel this need to defend youself about your bankruptcy,
foreclosure and everything else, wonder why that is? And yet, you still have
not given any examples of anything good you have accomplished with your cut and past website. That
I’m still waiting for but I will probably be long gone before that ever
happens. In fact, that will most likely never happen. You keep talking about
how John Mayer is my friend, and in fact he must have a lot of them, because
anyone who disagrees with your perspective must be a friend of his, or Judge
DeWeese, or someone in a positon of power in Mansfield/Richland County. Perhaps
your just jealous of this man and your issues are more personal than anything
else? That would be my guess, but then again, I don’t quite frankly care. As
always, your angry, long-winded replies leave me ROFLMFAO.
PhilSydnor I will be finding out who you are today, first I will call our fair Sheriff Sheldon, then if I get no real answers there, I will call Mike DeWine. Your spin is getting
quite tiring and frankly I am getting tired of responding to your crap. You are
here because you know NOBODY who works in the public eye that we oppose, but
you continue to defend them?. These claims you make about blocking and
censoring are untrue, this is what happens on the MNJ, maybe you have a
connection to this since you are claiming I am like them knowing censorship is
what angers those who came here in the first place. You ask me for proof, all
in which I have shared redundantly. If you and your buddies think I am doing
anything wrong, we’ll find out today when the rubber meets the road, this is
not a threat, just a warning to your ever stalking this group to a point nobody
wants to comment. That will end today!.
PhilSydnor No answer today, tomorrow it will be http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine – Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Office focuses on Ohio law
enforcement, legal, consumer, family, victim, nonprofit and business issues.
Phil Sydnor Drew Tyler just like we have proven public perception gets decieved in the
MNJ, we will prove Drew as doing the same with his/her own poppycock. The MNJ
is hurting because of this, now I guess Drew wants it as well?. Lets see how
our GREAT PROTECTORS see this, we are TAXPAYERS too!
Phil Sydnor Once and for all!, lets find out who Drew Tyler is…I am willing to bet my LIFE he is part
of what’s WRONG in Richland County. There’s NO TOLERANCE for those who torment,
sounds like an ex-probation officer to me simply by the way he/she thinks they
can control us here. Well, today starts the END.
Phil Sydnor Have you
noticed how quiet Drew was after his friends got immunity in the first case,
and now he’s reared his ugly head again after the CAC suit was filed?. Tell me
he’s not involved some how. He knows me?, now it’s time we meet our accuser who
paints with a broad brush, shall we?.
Phil Sydnor We will soon
find out IF there’s ANY honest Law Enforcers willing to change the publics
perception, you gotta love how the great Drew makes it sound like if anything
happens it’s because of my following – lol!.
Phil Sydnor Drew, we will
FOCUS on the here and now, while you keep digging in the PAST. What needs
changed is happening now, but for some reason all you can come up with is a
river that will NEVER be stepped in again. I will pray for you my athiest
friend – peace be with you when they come for you today!.
TimeSup you wont get
the sherriffs to do anything .you are better off calling the state patrol they
will do something i got them after stuff already.
Phil Sydnor Hmmm, Drew
must have had visitors today?. Not sure because I didn’t get a response on the
above Sheriffs page, definately no Buford Pusser here?.
Phil Sydnor Going straight to the top today, calling the BCI to have his account investigated, enough is
enough with this clown. This group is for those with an opposing
view on local politics that we cannot speak out on otherwise. We will soon find
out what this so-called private citizens issues are with that, and why they are
so hell bent on making me and others sound like we are some kind of loon. Loons
don’t play in the open, they hide behind a made up fictitious screen name like Drew Tyler.
Drew Tyler OOOOOhhhhhh
I’m shaking in my boots lmao. And you think they are going to do that why? They
are responsible for investigating criminal activity and guess what, unlike you,
I haven’t committed any crime so make your call and let us all know what they
tell you.
Drew Tyler wow, your
panties really are in a wad today lmao
Drew Tyler and what did
they tell you Phillip
Drew Tyler Thats because,
like me they are roflmfao
Drew Tyler a smart man never bets on something he can’t win….perhaps you should rethink your bet and
what your gambling Phillip. Maybe I should consider this a threat?
Drew Tyler Sorry Phillip, your the one who jumps up and yells, “SEE I TOLD YOU SO” lmao. As if
you already predicted what was going to happen.
Drew Tyler So basically, what your admitting to
is that since your FB page and webpage has been created and all the names you
used on the MNJ pages that were eventually blocked, you have accomplished
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Its ok to be a man and step up and admit it…everyone
already knows it. Everyone being those on your no friends list, or those imaginary demons in your head that think you’ll get away with this?. I am yet to see your following, hmmmm?
Drew Tyler Sure you do.
Are you aware, and you are obviously not, that the State Highway Patrol only
investigates crimes committed on State Property such as prisons, colleges, etc.
So unless you moved your cardboard box onto a state highway, in the parking lot
of OSU or NC State or the prison, the State Patrol isn’t investigating anything
for you. Another lie you tell lmao.
Phil Sydnor Sorry freak, the BCI works for the Attorney General, YOU my hide behind a screen name
terrorist will be getting looked into – TODAY!. Your GAME is over, unless of
coarse EVERYONE is right who ever told me, THEY will do nothing. I have to find
out for myself, your crap here is done, one way or the other!
Phil Sydnor I heard there’s been a host of poor investigations going on again that involve our fair
Sheriffs dept., time for another book?, or in our case, WEBSITE that speaks out
against it just for a hobby.
Phil Sydnor Talked to an
old friend today, interesting conversation on the death of his son and a
beating he got prior to his death. He also advised the MNJ got his story wrong
too – AMAZING how different his story was than what was written in the paper.
The MNJ should be ashamed of themselves!.
Time Sup I herd the
same thing and some deputies being watched.I seen a deputy being followed from
a distance by a trooper two days ago .The deputy was going at a very high rate
of speed going north of rout 39 on trimble at 2;47 PM .It was a new charger .
Time Sup just like they
did my friend over his house and his false arest
Time Sup Ican get you a
copy of the article
Time Sup they slandered
him real bad
Phil Sydnor Deposition has been made, let the investigation begin – let’s see how the almighty (know all)
Drew disappears once his friends in law enforcement hear they are looking for
him. His or shall I say her better have their tracks cleaned up, we have a
special friend watching.
Phil Sydnor They can get away with slander because they have professional courtesy, how ever
intimidation, ingannation, and defamation will be their demise. I am told
there’s a case of it here!.
Phil Sydnor Before I go, Drew has been warned!. Let’s see what he/she says after a few beers this time,
shall we?.
yea we warned him
Drew Tyler And the BCI investigates criminal activity, hence the title B = Bureau C=Criminal
I=Investigation. I’m not playing games Phillip, but is sure is funny to watch
you get your panties in a wad because things don’t go your way. Let me
make a prediction …when the BCI, Attorney General, Sheriff’s Department, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny
and whoever else you cry to tells you that since no crime has been committed
that your on your own, you will say something to this effect, “I knew he
had connections thats why nobody will do anyting” Might not be those exact
words but to make yourself look good, you will sure say something like that.
What do you mean by “one way or another” Phillip? Am I to take that
as a threat lmao. My posting in my email is my business, you posting it on your
cut and past website is yours. If you don’t want to read it, don’t post it duh
Sorry my friend, you of ALL people cannot play the stupid card, you know damn well how facebook integration works. These are your words, and yes…your e-mail will make it easier to prove. (Busted).
Drew Tyler The US Marshals have no direction over the
State Highway Patrol. Perhaps you can go to the library, you do know what that
is right? It is usually a big building that has books. You know what book are
right? They are usually hard cover or paperback and
have many pages inbetween them that are paper. Anyway, if you can find a
library look in this great little book called the Ohio Revised Code and look up
the State Highway Patrol and it will explain their duties. If you don’t
understand what you have read, perhaps the little kid you might set next to at
the library can draw you stick figures
Drew Tyler Ohhhh so you
admit you are intimidated? I thought the great Phil Sydnor could not be
intimidated? Isn’t that what you preach? Yep lets see you trip over that one.
Do you even know what ingannation is lmao and defamation is not a crime Phillip
Drew Tyler bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Phil Sydnor Who needs a library? – 45-8-212. Criminal
(1) Defamatory matter is anything that exposes a person or a group,
class, or association to hatred, contempt, ridicule, degradation, or disgrace
in society or injury to the person’s or its business
or occupation.
(2) Whoever, with knowledge of its defamatory character, orally, in writing, or by
any other means, including by electronic communication, as defined in 45-8-213,
communicates any defamatory matter to a third person without the consent of the
person defamed commits the offense of criminal defamation and may be sentenced
to imprisonment for not more than 6 months in the county jail or a fine of not
more than $500, or both.
(3) Violation of subsection (2) is justified if:
(a) the defamatory matter is true; Which in Drews case is not.
(b) the communication is absolutely privileged;
(c) the communication consists of fair comment made in good faith with respect to
persons participating in matters of public concern;
(d) the communication consists of a fair and true report or a fair summary of any
judicial, legislative, or other public or official proceedings; or
(e) the communication is between persons each having an interest or duty with
respect to the subject matter of the communication and is made with the purpose
to further the interest or duty.
(4) A person may not be convicted on the basis of an oral communication of
defamatory matter except upon the testimony of at least two other persons that
they heard and understood the oral statement as defamatory or upon a plea of
guilty or nolo contendere
Phil Sydnor You have done
this, people have lobbied my place of employment with threats and concerns on
the crap you have put out there, none of which is TRUE, public record, or of
which “I” put out there like you will say. YOUR problem is…YOU said
it, it’s WELL documented and now you will have to answer
for it. Please be ready as I am sure you think you are, you have clearly
depicted your reasoning you are safe doing what you do for what ever cause it
may be. Surely YOU THINK I will do nothing, because you think I am a criminal.
See, I know criminals have NO VOICE because I have seen their torment by law
enforcement and wanna be law enforcement like yourself to the point folks get
hurt. That is why I created this group, a place to expose this. Your grand
problem is…you can’t stop my open forum that will soon change the game you
play. I hope you are or have a good Attorney, because you are gonna need them
my friend. Surely you know this, and why you hide behind your keyboard and
spout off supposedly about things that do not matter to you. Your problem with
me and this FREE exposure (my hobby) is you cannot do shit since I LOVE TO DO
IT, and I do it for free!. There’s a word you were notorious for using during
your early inception here “schadenfreude”, just letting you know, I’m
gonna enjoy seeing you in the paper again so we can give you 4 more years of
pain and suffering like you have others, it’s called “instant karma”.
Phil Sydnor Didn’t say I was intimidated, figure of speech of YOUR intent. If I’m reading you correctly,
you believe with the organization you are in or involved with that you are safe
from any wrong doing, hmmm? – must believe “professional courtesy”
& “immunity” is what you’ll be promised too?. We shall
see, and if not…I will not cry, just keep doing what I do, because I know
after 4 years of doing it, THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO EITHER! – who wins?, I do.
The Devils Advocate / Public Scrutiny / No2Probation lives on – lol!.
Phil Sydnor Just a small
piece of info to share with the BCI (YOUR WORDS) – are you ready to be
questioned – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/?p=236
Phil Sydnor Just an FYI in this forward to the BCI, Yes you may be corresponding via e-mail as
we see, but with “electronic integration” with facebook it is you my
friend none the less making your e-mail public here. I am in NO WAY copying
your e-mails here! – GUILTY!!!!!, as the above code depicts….Be gone my fairy
friend! – I just BLEW YOU UP, “LEGALLY” via “SOCIAL MEDIA.
This my friend WILL NOT work for YOU!. As far as we are concerned you are just a fictitional character for you have NOT proven who you are!. MANY in Mansfield have proven who I am since they have came to where I work just to see the one who’s been exposing you and your friends.
P.S. Thank you, now we’ll see IF our fair justice system will serve up a job well done by us!

Their job should be EASY from here – Peace!

This should eleviate anymore concerns that the great Drew Tyler has planted in the minds of people afraid to shop where I work.       The Game is over my friend, I am serious this time!

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  1. ROTFLMAO says:

    Phil said his wife can beat your ass, that’s why you hide anonymously here and won’t tell it like it is to their face. What a pussy

  2. phil sydnor says:

    Phil sydnor beats his wife and rapes children.

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