Who if anyone remembers Drew Tyler? – he/she was kind of unforgettable. They are back!

Drew Tyler aka the person ranting again!!!!! on craigslist is somebody who needs an evaluation, that’s if we can get this mental midget to come from behind their keyboard.

This person don’t like how we expose their lies and personal attacks; remember these?

Drew Tyler commented on a link.
I heard that a certain person at ABC Warehouse is going to take part of his weekly commission checks and send them to his buddy Byron so that he can keep his commissary funds full. His friend promised some kind of HUGE surprise at sentencing but apparently the only surprise ole Byron got was locked the hell up lol. You can read his claim of something huge for yourself (although he doesn’t elaborate what it is) in his own words at his webside mansfieldersperspective.com.
Byron not only got out of Prison, which he was sent to illegally will NOW cost the taxpayers of Mansfield, Richland County, and more than likely the State when he sues because the Supreme Court has made it’s ruling and quite frankly did it with authority on his appeal! They DEMANDED Judge DeWeese to let this man go and asked what this Judge and Court what they were thinking. Once again Drew Tylers Court has FAILED and his/her articulate writings are PROVEN ROTFLOL that it’s good reason they remain anonymous, why? Because they have ties to the Courts and are probably someone who represents you as a public official or an Attorney that could potentially botch YOUR case, that’s why they don’t want exposure, they would be run on a rail out of town and would not be in business if they were exposed for the piece of trash they are!
As many of you have seen he/she has reared their head again on craigslist using their defamation and character assassination tactics to persuade my readers into thinking I have issues, which I am admitting now! – I have issues with perverted Constitutional law, corrupt Judges, corrupt Prosecutors, and the ones who help them make it happen, corrupt Attorney’s. All they need is one person who will perjure themselves in THEIR court of law. You wonder how they do this when it’s very easy if you have ever followed a case, especially all the ones they win that go to trial where the Judge blocks EVIDENCE through the assistance of both the Prosecutors and court appointed Attorney’s in way of getting paid. How do they get away with this?, many of those they represent are pretty stupid and/or fear the law and threats of what happens if you don’t heed their warnings of “what could happen”. I had a customer yesterday for example that for some reason or another got on to the subject where they have a protection order against them where they are going through EXTREME measures to prove where they are at ALL times in fear they will get arrested if they can’t prove where they are. That’s ridiculous I told them, but none the less they are scared of what could happen since the one with the protection order is claiming they are circling around their home in which they said was untrue. This is just another one of many cases that happen every day in the Mansfield area and it needs to stop! This guy was seriously concerned with the allegations of harassment to the point he fears he could get RAILROADED into jail like so many others are around here simply based on ones word. Well, there’s what I and anyone else used to know that there’s a burden of proof that needs to be established, ESPECIALLY MANSFIELD where many are running around that need medication for paranoia. I advised this fella to join our group on facebook instead of buying a camera that will prove where he’s at all the time as a way to protect himself. Maybe here he can learn from someone else who has had a similar issue of what I believe to be harassment spin that can help him with his issue without wasting money on something he don’t really need.
Another post made on this punks page made over a year ago PROVES he/she is not just a fan, but a stalker who should have been investigated by now, but isn’t because THEY have friends in the system who love what they do?
Here’s the post just in case they take it down once they read my blog that allows me to educate my readers on the attacker who hides behind his/her keyboard.
Drew Tyler commented on a link.
Hmmmm, I wonder who the first person was to post on the rant and rave section of Craigslist? I am guessing that it was you throwing your bullshit into another media outlet hoping to generate some more hits for your joke of a website. I have to admit I did try and find some of your blubbering, but it was gone. When I came here to this jokesite, I did read a few of them and it seems that as of late, your getting your tit in a wringer. It appears that even your fellow employees are tired of your bullshit and you have been told to stop using your work in your posts. I wonder if your bosses took the time to read your stupid posts and perhaps are now thinking a mental evaluation might be in order for you. You claim that Mr. Mayer has his friends calling your job, is there anything that goes on in life that you don’t blame him or other people for? Have you ever once accepted responsibility for anything you have done? And you have a poll on who should leave Craigslist? And do you honestly think you have the stamina or the “pull of power” that you could get anyone off of any website you wanted? Wow, is there no end to you ego. By the way, before I left, you claimed that your boytoy Byron would be out in a couple of weeks, and that was a few weeks ago. Hmmm, guess that was another prediction you had that went where you head usually is, down the toilet. So what other wonderful, breaking news have you uncovered for the world to end corruption? Do you ever get news of your own to post or do you just like copying and pasting the MNJ news and then leaving your own twisted comments. And your boyfriend TimeSup, he is probably one of the stupidest jokes ever. Does he really think anyone takes him any more serious than they do you. I bet he don’t even have room in his trailer for a copy machine he claims the AG is bringing. How bout he takes a couple of pictures of these people in his trailer to prove what he says? My guess, he is just like you, full of shit. Well, as usual, your posts and whining like a bitch leave me roflmfao. Have a nice day at your soon to end job.    by https://www.facebook.com/drew.tyler.54 – Notice the 54, maybe the TRUE indicator of their age since they did elude to their age again in their latest rant I am not afraid to share, why? Because it will be proof if I ever catch this punk who shares inaccurate information that can and will be used against them in a REAL Court if ever caught.
Here’s their latest on craigslist


 re: Let the TRUTH be known, I don’t play on craigslist

Again, Phil rears his head talking in the “third person” trying to make people believe he actually has someone else supporting him. You say more and more people are being driven “to the perspective” to join the fight against the real crimes…perhaps you can elaborate a bit on that. If you mean one more person then maybe…but I think your stretching it, as you always do, when you say people. Again, all anyone has to do is read one page of your website and they will see who all these people really are…they are but on person, perhaps 2, who makes posts there. And that is because they are the only two people you haven’t kicked off because everyone disagrees with you or realizes you are a nutjob. The one post about everything you say being credible is hilarious. Nothing you say is credible because it comes from a convicted criminal, who is a sociopath, and self-absorbed into thinking he is really making a change. As far as it being your 50th birthday…whoopee doo. Maybe your wife will spare some of her booze and make you a nice cake with it to celebrate. It is pretty obvious why she would drink. It must really piss you off that being the self proclaimed “top salesman” at ABC Warehouse that there are people there less than half your age who are making more money than you, who don’t have foodstamps, who haven’t been evicted or had a home foreclosed on, who have never been arrested and are in relationships that one, or both, members aren’t alcoholics. I saw in the paper today was the last day to sign up for the toy program, did you make sure and get your name in again this year? Maybe someday you will realize that you were a pussy punk in high school, your dad wasn’t captured he surrendered to avoid coming home to a gay son, and in your adult life, you are a loser. You can’t even take care of your family and depend on the government do provide for you. I reached 50 three years ago, and spent it with family and friends, not trying to make money for an employer. But hey, when you don’t have friends, and your family is ashamed of you, I guess work is the best option. If someone should bring you a cake, I hope you choke to death on it.             Posting ID: 4206668329               Posted: 
I have the others saved in their entirety, and yes…I won’t wait for karma, I AM KARMA!
What’s your thoughts on this, time to get out of living in fear my friends. United we Stand, THEY will be DEFEATED!     Second to last paragraph you can see my stalker buddy admits his/her age. Hard to believe I would have 2 stalkers with the SAME age? Then again it is possible since there are a few birds who do flock together downtown who are roughly the same age. None the less we do need to find out who this or they are IF we are to get this area back on track to Justice for ALL!
If you have evidence that could lead to the capture or exposure of the Mansfielders Perspective hater and would like to see them spend a little time behind bars for their harassment of those in this group let alone my family they by all means contact me through this group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/ or contact me personally @ buckeyesyd@gmail.com
We are getting close, THEY are turning on one another not knowing who they can trust! They are running out of hush money and imploding. Can’t wait to see these thugs get what they DESERVE!, a little jail time of their own here on Earth before Judgement day comes. Either THEY REPENT as their great leader in the Courts proclaims, OR Prepare for their wrath on Earth that is coming if they don’t change their ways!
We are educating people one at a time, we will not go down without a fight!

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