What’s your thoughts on a local Deputy sharing arrests on his smart phone?

Interesting to see a Deputy willing to share his cruiser dash cam videos from arrests he has made of late. Not sure how recent they were, none the less did I appreciate his smirk and smiles of enjoyment in what he does.

He shared a video of a truck where a man was drunk, passed out in it with the doors locked. Upon knocking on the door and awaking the so-called drunk he arose with a gun (Probably to protect himself, my guess). They then broke out his window, eventually pulled him from the truck, then tased his ass (his words). This is something I thought was wrong as he laughed and had that look of enjoyment as the man sounded as pleaing for his life!. After the video he explained how they especially like shooting offenders in the back with a taser because they raise straight up in the air on their toes and fall forward on their face! – road rash on the face in his words was the best.

This so-called officer also explained how he enjoys posting up on a major route that Cedar Point users travel, where he advised he enjoys stopping women, especially those just wearing their bikini’s.

Just for the record, I did not say anything knowing of professional courtesy and immunity they have and retribution usually immanent.

What do you think, knowing these guys get professional courtesy or immunity…Is it really a good idea to show your pleasure over what looks and sounds like crimes to us in public?.

and they wonder why Law Enforcement is losing respect.

Hopefully they will see this, and understand the stupidity?. In this case, it was a gross act of stupidity because he had his young impressionable son with him at the time. This is someone who is drunk with power, and we wonder why some kids grow up being who they are?.

Have a nice day friends, Your perspective is greatly appreciated.

Maybe the guy is looking to make the “Wall of Shame”????



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