What’s NEW in the murder of Brian Garber?

Come on BCI, it’s doesn’t take this long to interview those who posted on the Mansfield News Journal who were backing Deputy Zehner saying this man deserved to die and saying…he “had a gun”, and “problem solved”????? The GOOD people of Richland County want to know, so what’s up? Can’t run the normal SMEAR campaign knowing there are many friends of the Garbers who can refute any bullshit that you put out there. There is and was NO EXCUSE!, do your F’N JOBS and PROSECUTE these murder for hires. It’s ironic this same Deputy who shot this man purchased a NEW home for $225,000 in this economy? – what is he a high rising RENTER?, everyone knows you don’t really own a home if you mortgage for 30 years! – This fella must be a real idiot?

Things that make you say hmmmm?

Things that make you say hmmmm?

Zehner, Donald – search for yourself, it’s public record, link below!

Check for yourself here!¬†– Purchased NEW home after what appears to be murder for hire, while the ex-wife doesn’t sue because her want for a divorce is said…”Problem Solved”???

Just like he bragged in a bar depicting his victim had a gun while the BCI says none was found they are NOW saying the young man lunged at them while they thought he had one.  Even though the mother says they NEVER even tried to call him out before simply going up the stairs guns a blazing. Now this narcissistic sociopath is showing off his NEW home and woman on his public page on facebook????



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