What visiting Judge Reinbold tells the family of Mike Skidmore is dispicable!

Yes, Mike Skidmore is a Semper Fi Marine. How ever this week Judge Reinbold at sentencing tells Mr Skidmore’s family he is a disgrace to the marines and that he was just a martyr.

Who in the hell gives him that right?

From what I have seen, read, and heard this retired Judge from Canton is a disgrace to the bench to believe so many bold face lies of injustice, many of which I am hopeful are brought up in a NEW trial. Was this man guilty of defense, yes! Was this man protecting others when Norris who resigned from his post after reaching for, and drawing his weapon fired it in a room nearing shooting a child , yes! Was it a lie that Mike was told to leave, yes!

These are all things this less than honorable Judge knew yet wants to call a man who served his Country a disgrace and a martyr?

Are you kidding me?????

The Mike Skidmore I knew along with everyone else will surely agree this Judge in Mikes right to remain silent, cant logically come to this CONclusion without first being colluded and clouded in judgement to say this!

Talk about a disgrace, this Judge takes the cake! Never mind the one he replaced in which it was said also that Mr Skidmore defied orders from? I find this interesting as a citizen who can certainly read a docket, no orders I have seen on the record, so just how can one defy what dont really exist?

Interesting case closed?

The Oath Mike was honoring on July 9th in my humble opinion if far from being a disgrace sir, get it right!

The Mike Skidmore we knew was funny, a great listener, and most of all…All about family yet this Judge says this to his family? One can only hope he dreams at night that martyrs do exist, and they are a group of Semper Fi Marines making them nightmares.

Yes, THEY want you to believe Mike was mugging when really he was looking at the media saying way to go, one sifed again????


The funny Mike we knew, NO, they wont cover this side of Mike, they have a villan to expose who was doing what the media should be doing, but NO, cant do that either in fear the same might happen to them that happened to Martin Yant? Rotten to the core lives?



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