What the local media should be investigating but don’t regarding the Mike Skidmore incident?



Just over a year and this Security System already has INSIDE issues. Remember what they told the public? It would be run by retired Deputy’s?

First we found John Mayer the fired APA Supervisor who did the impossible, got fired by the State, now we have a hired gunman bringing a gun into a room where by law there should be none!

This Thursday after reviewing the video that’s gone viral I hope ALL who have perpetrated a lie get arrested for attacking this PATRIOT! – Yes, I said Patriot! He saved lives on this day as I have not noticed what Randy Shepherd told me from his sitting perspective. He advised over the weekend that Mr Skidmore fought off his non speaking assailant who tried to steal his camera in a public meeting, once he fended him off he noticed the so-called thug with a gun reaching for it so he went after him again before he could draw the weapon. None the less all who were there myself included all know what happens next. Security Kochis comes to his aid and a shot rings out nearly shooting Tim Wert and nearly hits a teenager video recording the event from the other side of the room.
This is when the lies began to ring out for it appears this was a staged or planned hit on Mr Skidmore for exposing top to bottom how awful Richland County is ran as you can see here with his recording of questionable video’s he has shared with the public here – http://www.mansfieldersperspective.com/BigMike101202.html


The MNJ reports on Mike Skidmore – let the normal COVER UP SPIN BEGIN!!!!

July 9th – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/story/news/local/2015/07/09/gun-fired-richland-courthouse/29906869/

July 12th


July 15th


July 16th


July 17th


July 22nd


The start of the planned attack on citizens coming to their public meeting began with the tale of two agenda’s as you will see here!

The first agenda is what the media received along with others who normally attend these meetings.

E-MAILED AGENDA  – Maybe you can ask those who get the agenda IF they got notice of the change?

CHANGED AGENDA – Ooops, you people will have to leave Stacy says – we are starting with Executive Session, basically saying we care less about your schedules and lives. The 1st PROBLEM!

Sorry, I have taken great interest in TRUTH IN REPORTING since the firing of John Mayer in 2008, as you will see here they don’t take to kindly to those who refute perpetrated lies. So much they used intimidation tactics, yet this MP group needs to change theirs?





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***Funny how one of my MAIN nemesis extending from the MNJ site still frequents periodically depicting ROTFLMAO for my copy and paste tactics of refuting this crap! – Drew Tyler, if it takes until the end of time – I WILL GET YOU – That’s when WE prove it – lol!


Now I am questioned for mentioning in the MP Group, regurgitated actually what I hear the public in general says that this paper is a rag. I want to believe they are not biased, how ever once again we are NOT SEEING Investigative reporting. Nobody, or shall I say non public employee has been asked about comments being reported by those who were not there, I assume they still believe we are co-conspirators in Mike Skidmore’s plan? – What plan???? – That’s BS!

Funny how it actually looks like “their” plan being their mastermind calls it a plan?

Mike Skidmore and his legal team need to take this to trial, THEY have done too much wrong to turn back now – time to end tyranny once and for all! Time to answer the questions these people have once and for all! I now have plenty of my own as I tried to help these people fight the media giant. Surely as the day is long if Mike gives up now those who have been trying to get answers may never get them as they will surely be harassed and intimidated like the many others who have already left the community in fear of this leadership. I still find it amazing how people say this is a good way to get killed! – I say what????

Sounds like a threat to me, a threat like the one we heard on October 16th meeting in which we were told you bring trouble to your own doorsteps????

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One Response to What the local media should be investigating but don’t regarding the Mike Skidmore incident?

  1. You arre correct on all counts and wiht factual information. I caution all folks about taking this ti trial??? Something very fishy about the docket we have seen?? The posted docket (latest version) has some anomalies tht are not fully explainable. I could go into detail from the daocket. however it ios more expidititious to focuse on the “J.E. Motion filed”?? I am sure something was filed. However motions and judgment entries are seapate filings. A motionif brought by one of the parties, it fundamentally moves the court (naumhoff) in a praticular direction of for specific purpose. That motion is to be determined by Naumhoff and adjudicated within 30 days. Within those 30 days, the opposing party is to file any answer and or objection to the motion and be heard by the court.. TICK TICK TICK. I see no answer to the motion I see no Judges entry J.E. after the motion was filed.
    What I do see is the heading is the case has changed, to a civil action, Sheriffs Dept, v Skidmore??? The case number is now some 400 cases later in sequence?
    With particularity to the case heading and it now being a civil case, I see no appearance on the docket of any lawyer for the Sheriffs department??? The city law director cannot represent the Sheriffs department?? Bambi has no standiong in the Municipal court. Steve Shelton speaks for his governemental Department, and has not appeared on the record.
    What I am saying is due course of law must be maintianed and this is certainly nothing to do with due course of law. So there may never be a trial and what ever is in that. Motion has not been defended by Steve Shelton or the sheriffs department. wiht that said and the need for expiditing justice prevails . Judge Ardis is well within his duty to fully dispose of the civil action tomorow. That would include all damages demanded by Mike, all sanctions on the plaintiff court costs and instructions to the clerk Judgment Entry civil rule 58??? Of course it just as easilay be a dispostional hearing for the crimminal case, which has a seaprate number and docket but no facts and nothing from the Bureau of Criomminal Investigation MIKE DEWINE…

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