What local Mansfield ranter and ravers don’t want you to know, or read! – Why do you think they want to take away your Constitutional right of freedom of speech to speak out against tyrants, you know…those people who work for us?

Here is the latest on rants and raves Mansfield that was flagged, why is what we should be asking?

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Posted:2013-09-25, 8:02AM EDT

To OUR hide behind keyboard friend (uncensored response)

I wonder why the guy who created the one sided website feels it necessary to include a link to his site in every post? – TO SHOW THE WORLD WHAT WE HAVE LURKING AMONG US!

I also wonder why he is the only one to ever make comments on his site? PEOPLE ARE SCARED, OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU – NOT I!

Nodoby else seems to be doing it but him, yet he keeps referring to “us” “we” “our”. YOU HAVE SEEN THEIR VOICES, IF YOU LOOK, YOU WILL SEE WE ARE NOT ALONE.

He won’t admit he got scared when he got the letter from the MNJ Lawyer telling him to stop so he changed his format. SO YOU ADMIT HE’S PRETTY BRILLIANT!, EVEN THOUGH YOU “DO KNOW” NOTHING YOU CAN DO ANYWAYS (SMILE).

He said he wasn’t intimidated, yet he did exactly what they told him to do. DID YOU READ THE E-MAIL, I BEG TO DIFFER – ROTFLMAO!

He says he has sued people for what they say about him or his website and his lawyer will sue for free…I doubt that too. YOU SHOULD DOUBT IT, BECAUSE HE HAS “NEVER” SUED ANYONE, EVEN YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT?

All in all, I’d say that this guy is some self-riteous little infidel who thinks he is making changes and doing some good. Perhaps he is to his own ego but that’s about it. MUST BE DOING SOMETHING OR YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE CHIRPING WITH NO AVAIL.



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Posting ID: 4089814624Posted:2013-09-25, 8:02AM EDTUpdated:2013-09-25, 2:16PM EDTThen you have the following posts that do not appear on craigslist that have not been flagged? Take a look at the dates they were posted and try to find them without using these links. Go to Mansfield rant and raves and try to find them by the date posted, you will see they are not showing or allowing these to be viewed by the public, the SAME very thing the MNJ was doing on their site before they completely banned me and others for posting on their site, hmmmm?



Then we have a second reply to “their” crap flagged, are you not curious to WHO don’t want you to hear the TRUTH? Cracks me up that they can dish it out, but can’t take the responses to their 100% junk. I CHALLENGE them to a LIVE debate, anywhere, anytime!

This posting has been flagged for removal. [?]
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Posted:2013-09-23, 8:08AM EDT

re:Cease and Desist Order (Mansfield) (Those who never learn)

Keep digging your hole, your day of reckoning is not far off!
Keep chirping, the more they oppress the more we press!
Surely they will be hitting the flag button once they see this, can’t have the truth out there you know?


Well…well..well it looks as though the Mansfield News Journal finally got tired of the Mansfielders Perspective website copying and pasting and then adding his own comments to their articles. They pay their reporters to gather the information and then pay to have it printed and published and for more than a year, the creator of this cut and paste website has been taking their articles, slapping them on his webpage and they must have gotten tired of it. He claims that he was doing it legally, and apparently he wasn’t. Perhaps if the creator of this website wasn’t such a pompous ass thinking he is so self-righteous and above everyone else, he would have thought to make a phone call first and find out if what he is doing is legal. Bet he has now. In fact, I’m sure he has called everyone he could think of, in the legal profession, to try and help him..free of course…and yet he blasts attorneys every chance he gets. Maybe once and for all he will realize that he isn’t the “king” as he likes to think he is. He said they should have come to his work and given him the order to stop, but why would they waste their time doing that when they accomplished their mission just by hitting the “send” button. I think they should run a headline article about their copywright infringement and a copy of their letter. He claims that they don’t own the internet and he pays for the articles he reads and then cut and pastes, yet he apparently hasn’t grasped what the term “copywright infringement” really means. I think it’s great that the News Journal finally got tired of his crap and his one-sided censored website and now that he can’t cut and paste wonder what his website will consist of now…lets see. I can say it will be comical at best.
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Posted: 2013-09-21, 10:01AM EDT

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Posted:2013-09-23, 8:08AM EDT

Updated:2013-09-23, 10:22PM EDT

Maybe time for those of you who read my stuff to start posting what you think, they are thinking even though we have an average 30,000 readers a month that you are not listening. Time to once and for all speak out against local terrorists!

You know, the ones who call us infidels and “self” righteous – now that’s ROTFL, they are giving me too much power, I don’t even own a pair of sandals (smile).


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