What do you think about the latest emergency sales tax increase in Richland County, Ohio?

I personally think it’s hilarious that the voters just passed an extension on a 1997 TEMPORARY EMERGENCY Sales tax last election, and NOW they need more?.

What the hell is going on, and what do you think?

I would also like to know if anyone is working on getting the 4,000 signatures needed to get this on the fall ballot?. I personally do not think businesses should have to pay for bad behavior!. Most of us know these increases stem from all the lawsuits that stem from either infighting between bureaucrats, rights violations, and defending those with immunity and professional courtesy.

Enough is Enough, we have seen enough jobs outsourced and we don’t need to take more from private citizens when we now have lotteries and gambling that should be enough to pick up the slack?. Am I wrong when every .25% equates to $6 Million taken out of the economy by their own estimates. The ONLY busineeses thriving outside of the public sector are resturants, and that’s probably because they are now taking the Ohio Directions card?, another abused entitlement that stems from jobs lost from over taxing. Come on People, wake up!

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