What do the folks in Richland County think about Benavide’s reinstatement?

The second question is… Do we really need another Chuck Metcalf on the force? Allowing this liar back on the force leaves good reason for folks to carry & record ALL conversations with Law Enforcement. Credibility is GONE in my book!

You know what they say about when you lose the Publics Trust, don’t you? This man in my book has lost all credibility, UNLESS they are saying those who witnessed this lie, were lying and this was just a railroad job to get rid of him?

Maybe the public would not mind him coming back IF he were to publically admit he is greedy and $44k is not enough to serve the great people of Richland County?

Below (Red) Quoted from – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/article/20130829/NEWS01/308290027/Sheriff-hopes-overturn-deputy-s-reinstatement

Despite admitting that Benavides has abused sick time multiple times, attorney/arbitrator Robert Lustig, of Cleveland, ruled in Benavides’ favor, citing “there is no due process where Grievant is found guilty of offenses which were not included in the Notice of Pre-Disciplinary Conference.”

Recently, the sheriff’s office filed a request to overturn the decision.

“We believe their decision was illegal and wrong,” Maj. Dale Fortney said.

According to court document, “the arbitrator unlawfully added new terms to the collective bargaining agreement and is in violation of the well-established Ohio Public Policy against reinstating dishonest officers.”

There are choices, and there are consequences; I guess in today’s society lying is condoned by Arbitrator Lustig, and THEY wonder why citizens are now recording EVERY WORD when pulled over?

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