Well, well, well…Another fine post by my craigslist hater of the MP site.

To bad authorities don’t want to do anything about this, but would love to see my public scrutiny go away? Sorry my little friend, just as you can get away with your crap because NOBODY knows who’s jurisdiction this belongs to, I will continue to post my displeasure with you friends.

Surely you have something to do with Gannett and know there’s ABSOLUTELY nothing you can do about what I do except making posts like this one anonymously.

Now, like you have said yourself a few times before – ROTFLMAO! 

Let’s see how long they keep this up, I’m not going to flag it in honor of – I can take it!, can you?

(Sticks & Stones baby!)


Reply to: bmm4m-4103925584@pers.craigslist.org


Posted: 2013-10-01, 10:23PM EDT

And this is what a Hero is?

image 1
This guy should be ashamed of himself for having kids…especially the one he has that has his own little webpage that he steals articles from the News Journal for…well he did until he was told he must stop.

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