Welcome to Ontario misleading?

The Dumbest thing I have ever heard, ever!

What misleading is businesses in Ontario with Mansfield zipcodes!

Who’s paying them for the business they lose when folks see that? Now you know how stupid these opinions are?

Welcome to Ontario’ sign in Mansfield? Nah

Jefferson said the sign could mislead motorists.

“Once I see a sign, that’s when I think I’m in that city,” he said.

Law Director John Spon agreed he had concerns with the sign.

“t’s a little unusual, and I guess there’s nothing in your proposal that generates any revenue for the City of Mansfield,” he said. “One concern is it kind of misrepresents what is part of Ontario and what is part of Mansfield.”

 ***The Law Director had concerns with this sign, yet has no concerns about this one?

 One would think with this downtown Mansfield there would be an advantage to hiring an Attorney here because of having a Law Director Spon and a Judge Spon.

Could be CONsidered here????

109:4-3-03 Bait advertising/unavailability of goods.

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  1. Phil says:

    Drew Tyler claims “Fair Use” does not apply? Sorry fella, we have a gentlemans agreement on how we share articles we want to refute. Perfectly legal as only using what shall be refuted with links to the original article being they agreed to not make the references to refute disappear.

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