Weiner King in Mansfield Tells it like it really is…

MANSFIELD — The Wiener King on Lexington Avenue has been a Mansfield landmark for the past 40 years, serving hot dogs, French fries, homemade chili and milkshakes in a back-to-basics setting that’s barely changed since it opened in 1976.

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Wiener King chuckles at mafia rumors

Fair Use media sharing for scrutiny purposes.

What they were saying on Facebook in typical Mansfield style!


Tanya Jisa

Thanks for telling the story of this Mansfield treasure / icon / mystery!!
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Dave Schoenman

When I Lived In Mansfield I Ate There 2 Or 3 Times A Week Great Food!!! Keep Up The Good Work Jimmy

Phil Sydnor

Thanks for exposing the myth! I have been a longtime resident and this has always been the case as long as I can remember, the mob lol! Its just as crazy as believing the myth Rotten to the core. There’s only a few things rotten to the core in Mansfield, and that is we will never know?
Maybe now that there’s a media outlet, or two soon we will find out? Tick tick tick, may more truths be coming!?!?
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Steve Hopkins

I lived through the Rotten to the Core days. I knew enough before the release of the book to not be surprised and to wonder why it was not more common knowledge while it was happening. Definitely not a myth.
Interesting story on Weiner King. They must have loyal customers and low overhead. I don’t go past it often but have never seen a customer in the parking lot. Maybe I need to see what I have been missing
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Lisa Fleming Hicks

Rotten to the Core is defiantly no Myth..unless you lived through it then I guess you believe what you want. I iived close to most of it and seen it first hand. Yes they even came to my house. There was not one piece of honesty in any of them, accept the book exposing it. I often wonder today if we are not getting right back to that period. Citizens have no rights anymore you can talk to the Captain with every ounce of honesty but you are basically called a liar. They can walk in your house without invitation and then lie. Nothing you say will help….so go about your bad selves cause it will fall back on you too one day.
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Phil Sydnor

Lisa Fleming Hicks Not saying its a myth, just saying folks have been trying to prove for years that nothing has changed. The same families and friends controlling local politics. Hopefully not for long being it appears people like yourselves are getting quite sick of it. Hopefully like Easter reminds us, there will one day be that person who will lead us out of this mess?
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Paul Hutchison

Great place to stop and eat. Good service and good food plus friendly courteous folks. Thanks for keepin it going Jimmy.

Lelia S Hurrell

I Remember Living In Crestline and Going To Mansfield Just So We Could Go To Weiner King …
Looks Like I Need To Make A Trip To Ohio When I Want A Great FootLong

Brian Meyers

We need these nostalgic places to stay open. There are not many around anymore. People need to halt the hustle and bustle of crazy everyday life and make more time with a sit down meal in rare establishments like this.

Nathan Young

It’s fire food forsure I’d deff keep it old school inside

Maryjane Gemzer

Don’t change a thing. The tower still standing.

Kevin Babcock

Have stopped in this store many times over the yrs from work, doctors appts ect…. never had a complaint had to wait sometimes but that’s OK you wait every where else but when the food is good I know where I like to spend my money.

Vanessa Ingold-McKenna

We love Weiner King! We support out local business, and so should everyone else! The owner Jimmy is a great guy, and so is Christ (& so was his mother). The food is great, please go try it!

Diane Stuckey Molyet

Thanks for this great article, Steve!

Jeff Carpenter

Been going there since the early 80’s food has and always will be good. I recommend the peanut butter shake to wash down a kraut dog

Steve Hopkins

Peanut butter shake? Sounds good
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Amy Roop

My Husband and i love weiner King ..The best ….Hi Jimmy …. Don”t change a thing….Good service good food.!!!!

Melody Pitts

I’ve lived here all of my life . The food is great but a little rumor I’ve heard multiple times throughout the years is that in the men’s bathroom there is. A secret door that led to a gambling room complete with bookies. I chuckle every time I hear it. It definitely has not changed regarding the food or decor but the food is really good and reasonably priced. If they move to the ONTARIO strip of restaurants he would certainly give them a run for the money.

Dave Heston

Christ is a good man, ran a Frito’s route for him in the 70’s. Enjoyed working for him.

Vince Mccourt

Best coneys in the area by far !!!!!
Don’t change Jimmy !!!

Sandi Reed

I worked there 36 years ago. Lol

Robert Crider

Glad to see they are still doing good after all these years. Really good food in a nice retro atmosphere.

Heather Klinkert

I need to try the food out. I know my son goes there with his Grandpa Ed. On bike night sometimes and loves it! Thank you for giving many memories for them!

Bryan Groff

It is kind of funny how we are drawn to quirky stories about Mansfield. Sharon is in Columbus visiting, and we made a run yesterday for a Leaning Tower sub and a large bag of Jones chips.

Byron E Yambrisak

Weiner King is a big supporter of the J Steve Sheldon campaign. A Sheldon sign was prominently displayed at the business and Jimmy Smardjeff has even gone so far as to post online comments smearing the Botdorf campaign. If your as Sheldon supporter by all means go enjoy a boiled cheap hot dog you can buy at the grocery store for a few cents. Since Mr Smardjeff has rubbed his political preferences in my face and even used his business as a vehicle to do this I will be taking my business else where and will never spend a penny at Weiner King again.

Tammy Barker Warner

Bye Felicia
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Tammy Barker Warner

Great food! Stop in for the best Philly cheese steak and peanut butter milkshake!!

Timothy Kash

That’s exactly the story I would expect to here from a mafia front.

Gavin Dininger

Love me a good ole Weiner King Special!

Russ Wilkinson

I remember when they opened up. I had an awesome childhood living on Blanche street. Right between Leaning Tower and all those other establishments. The 70’s was a great time to be near lower Lexington Ave.

Seth Andrzejewski

If I were the Smardjeff’s, I’d milk this rumor for all it’s worth. Have a mafia day at Wiener King. You could go old school like Goodfellas or Godfather and have Cadillacs parked in the lot & slot machines in the bathroom. People would come from up and down the state to take part in that kind of authenticity.

Weikel Mansfield

The “mafia rumors” like exist because people wonder how a business with so few customers can remain open. The fact the building was paid for during better times 20 or so years ago, the fact the food served is of the lowest cost and the fact the owner is willing to work for wages that an hourly employee would bring in pretty much explains how this business can remain open.

Noah Thompson

Yeah they got good food I live close and eat there a lot. It’s also nice in the summer you’ll see nice old trucks and cars over there on weekends and there’s always good service and good people as well

Vicki Snow-Lawhun

I remember going as a kid because another they was a first at was the Ohio lottery in Mansfield! I don’t think my husband has ever been here maybe take him on a date; ) I have always heard the mafia stories then I had heard that he made his $$ from frito lay stock.

Bonnie Smith

use to stop in there when I had more accounts on that side of town ; always they stayed afloat buy selling lottery tickets LOL

Jeffery Gerger

I can remember going there in the 78 an the dogs were GOOD then. I also heard that same rumor then

Cameron Haring

I was in the mafia camp but I’m going in for lunch this week. Love it:)

Sherry Branham

I love the hotdogs at Weiner King and the fried cauliflower is a rare find! Wishing Jimmy much success and let’s all go for a slaw dog this week!
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Stopped by Thursday with my wife when friend John Karsick reminded me about this gem when dropping the car off for repairs. He took this photo as we discussed memories of old around Mansfield which included a story where this open carry restaurant owner was attempted to be robbed, when owner Jimmy Smarjeff deterred the culprit who was later caught and apparently met a little street justice by near by MPD.   Enjoyed our Footlong Coney Special & Fried Apple Pie Ice Cream. Will certainly stop by again, Jimmy seemed to be a stand up citizen that would make any Mansfielder new or old proud.

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