We kill humans daily, and so there is no humanity left – There has to be more than just these 2 comments on this?

Letter to the Editor – Mansfield News Journal

Eighty million people have registered guns in the USA.

Should Americans walk in fear because it became a law Jan. 22, 1973, to kill humans? As long as we undermine the value of human life, the mass murders will continue.

We decided 40 years ago to dismember babies, scald their bodies with injected saline solution, poke a hole in their heads and suck out their brains to collapse the head in order to get the body through the birth canal.

Our country has no humanity left. There is no moral code to live by. It is normal to kill. It is your choice — right?

In the end, we become the victims because we refuse to obey the natural law of God.

Culture of death has no limits. Gee. We can all be zombies for Halloween now. Was Hitler smarter? He made lamp shades out of dead bodies. Is the “Soylent Green” movie becoming true? I say, “Yes, it is.” Bon Appetit.

Jean Mauler


David Spain · Top Commenter · Mansfield, Ohio

Good letter! – Now we see why David resigned from Madison TWP Trustee????

Ron Dillon · Top Commenter · University of Parris Island

Our children and grandchildren grow up seeing violence every day!  We as parents and grandparents allow them to see it on TV and on their video games!  We took prayer out of school and spanking away from the parents and school administrators!  How many mass murders are being committed by the so called baby-boomers?  little to none, why, because we got our butts beat, restricted, no TV and when we were good we were made to go outside and play!  So we as a society are to blame for allowing this complete 360 to happen in the first place! – Ron got it right!

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