Warning to Richland County residents, you are not safe, and he’s the reason why!

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That’s right!, IF they can post MY personal picture on craigslist I can post their buddy on my website depicting WHY they can get away with it!

That’s right! – This man thinks he can get away with anything because his brother James Mayer II is our fair elected Prosecutor of Richland County.

He has gotten away with sexual harassment, driving while intoxicated, stalking & menacing of his ex-wife and others, and phone tapping. The list goes on and on and on all because he has what some call powerful friends here in Ohio. Not anymore, time for this regime to end and a NEW chapter to begin. They know who I am for they have shared ONLY what they want you to know about me and the things that surround my life. Well, they are in for a rude awakening for they have messed with one who don’t take these things lightly, ask any bullies I have came across in my life. They get what they deserve, some call it karma, I call it pay back! Some say let God take care of this, I say when they believe they’re God you must fight back!

I hope they start their crap again, I am preparing this for the next time they use my photo illegally for this will force them to do something about themselves. They want to investigate and only share their findings about me, then maybe it’s time folks start finding out about them, shall we?

There is NO LAW that stops Americans from calling out those who work for us, lets get that straight! Now, you want to mess with a Private citizen?, GAME ON!


Want to find out?, run your mouth about things that are not true again and “the people” WILL find the truth about you – PERIOD!

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