Voting Obama out of office a moral duty!

This letter is addressed to anyone who believes in God and his precepts and moral rules.

This election is different than most elections when we go to the polls to vote for something. This election should be to go to the polls to vote against something.

If you are a true believer in God, whether you are a registered Democrat, Republican, black or white, you need to vote this person out of the presidency of the United States of America because by his own admission and actions he does not believe in any of God’s will or moral values. He endorses and embraces abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage — all things true believers in God believe are against God’s will.

Believers in God, it won’t be right to say you don’t like Romney, so you just won’t vote. That is not right. It is your duty as an American citizen and your moral duty to vote this person out of our White House.

He is a disgrace and embarrassment to the United States of America and a sickness in the sight on God.

Bob Schoenman



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