Visit to the Clerks office nets issue over camera?

5 13 15 Records Audit By Big Mike 101202 (Richland County Clerks Office)

Part One – Summary Why they were there

Part Two – Head of Security Dave Leitenberger flexes muscle

Part Three – I talked to the Prosecutor, but won’t tell you who?

Got NEWS for YOU people – Photography IS NOT A CRIME! – PINAC


Just curious, do you treat all your guests with camera’s this way? – It appears to be ok when YOUR people come to where we work and record, one actually was advised showing pictures of this site owner where he works, do you have a problem with that? You also had an intoxicated Deputy show his ass as well at his work, any problems now? You people and your DOUBLE standards crack me up! 

I can’t believe YOUR intimidation is ok, yet people bring camera’s as a form of protection from this intimidation and WOW, you actually give the audience a show and YOU wonder why people feel uncomfortable around you in their OWN buildings. Who do you people think you are? Not one polite action, attack is all you people do. Now YOU SEE? – People have had enough!

Official Record of harassment and intimidation and the people want to #mendmansfield? – Well folks you must start here, lighten up! – NO FEAR, especially when there are camera’s around.

This is YOUR Official Notice to decease and desist your attacks on the truth. Don’t like it, QUIT hiding behind anonymous of who you think you are. It’s a travesty that we are seeing an executive branch take over of our offices.

I encourage others to take their camera’s to film the every day frauds that are committed upon the people. The Clerks Office is suppose to be OUR only separation of powers yet we see here it is protected by who knows what we call these people? Looking at this depicts to me they have something to hide? Maybe the fact so many have access to the clerks office where records are safely kept, maybe WHY during this request records were found missing?

Some examples of fraud can be found here.


Two months ago their mouthpiece Drew Tyler was ROTFLMAO – Not so funny now huh? Don’t see you laughing now – read their comments here, anonymously of coarse – that’s how they roll.

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5 Responses to Visit to the Clerks office nets issue over camera?

  1. Phil says:

    One question? – When the minion spoke in part 3 and spoke for the Commissioners, did he speak for all three, was this a quorum, or was this just one of the 3 Commissioners? You know as well as the rest of the informed citizens if they all 3 don’t agree they MUST go into an executive session, and NO the Prosecutor can’t call for executive session. Just to clarify how the Prosecutors office mis-spoke 5 days before James Mayers death. Can’t refute that since the MNJ did print it happened that way, it must be true?

  2. Phil says:

    Funny how our minions don’t like it when we pay them a visit during social hour. Quit worrying about the camera and get back to work I would have told them!

    Randy Shepherd for CLERK OF COURTS – Position available 2016! – Time to CLEAN this place up.

  3. Phil says:

    Drew Tyler their mouthpiece will say…you cut out the part where you scared people with your camera – now that’s ROTFLMAO!

  4. Oh Mike edited the film. The real scary part I did not see on this clip. As we all see our clerks office (the people) is not secure for executive branch personell. Please note the door has a lock but anybody seems to have access to the records and the clock?? Tick tick Tick. During our wait (justifiable as these were old records) the MansField City Law Director walked right in the office. John Spon is the subject matter of the records requested. he oir his cronies at Calhoun Kademenos Childress Heikle and Spon removed and distroyed damming evidence from the case file? The evidence so removed would indict him and his henchmen (30+) attorneys from mansfield on multiple counts of telecommunications fraud and bait advertizing unavailability of goods or services both COMMON LAW crimes. However as officers in the executive branch they have tried on the crimes admitted to them but never prosecuted. So the public is forced to live wiht thses white collar crimminals in our fair city.
    Just look at the sign on the Square (Spon Law firm) the is the twins law firm and ojne would expect that to enter this building/office one could hiore Judge Ron Spon or law director John Spon. However they are gainfully employes full time as public servants?? The Judge cannot farm himself out and neither can the law director. We the people have well established and published rules to prevent this type of fraud but they still get away with it?? Why?? Because we have not law enforcers. Just goons harassing killing and demoralizing our community. Wake up people this is the real.

  5. Phil says:

    Not so funny now huh Drew Tyler?

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