Very disturbed person posting his hate towards the MP on craigslist, lets see if everyone else can figure it out who he/she is?

Hard to tell exactly who the poster is, but from a few tell tale sentences I believe it don’t take much to figure it out. Here is the post on craigslist, and the content following IF they try to make it go away! You know, the reason I have copied many articles from the so-called local news because we know how it changes to reflect the truth we point out here.


Nice rant STALKER BOY!
Do you guys really think this will be the last we hear from this goon?, in his/her own words I don’t think do. Here’s the first sentence, then the last. Now that’s ROTFL!

***”I have been randomly following the posts here and over the past couple of years as they pertain to this site and I have to admit my boredom and curiosity finally got the best of me and I took a few minutes to look at it.”

***”While I must say it did kill some of my down time and boredome reading some of the posts I will say that I won’t be going back again.”

Stalkers and hard core porn watchers don’t just quit, both of which this man is – FACT! He’s Obsessed over regaining his power just as I am at assuring he don’t. This man has serious issues, and just as the State figured him out maybe most of you reading this have too! Just think, one of his many brothers and relatives STILL work for us. That is the reasoning behind how and why he gets away with posting crap like this on craigslist knowing I will not spend one penny or waste one minute reporting. People like this will eventually get caught up to, I just pray they get him before he snaps like the all so many he and his system have done to others who have found themselves caught by their stupidity in a revolving door oppression system. I am not that stupid as you have seen, I have complete control over this moron as you see here he/she has admitted. They have been randomly following posts aka stalking, something he and others in the system hereĀ are known for, quite scary if you think about it! We can only hope this time he/she will not be coming back, after all they have randomly followed the posts for two years????, another scary thought for someone who says the news shared here is only a repeat of what they already know. Hmmm? – I would say this poster is cookoo for coco puffs, you know something they have proclaimed the webmaster here as being, why they selectively left my name out – lol! That’s why I selectively left theirs out with enough that most intelligent readers can see through, sure enough will know who I’m talking about without names as well.

I do what I do because I get enjoyment out of communicating with new people who have the same ideas I do about this corrupt justice we have around here. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good hard working men out there who do the right thing, this site is just a transparent way to assure it stays that way!

Those who don’t like public scrutiny, like this anonymous poster who must have something to hide by their “OWN” admittance here has been follow aka stalking this group for two years! – SOMETHING TO MAKE YOU SAY HMMM?

Mansfielders Perspective Website (ABC Warehouse)

I have been randomly following the posts here and over the past couple of years as they pertain to this site and I have to admit my boredom and curiosity finally got the best of me and I took a few minutes to look at it. I did see a couple of things that were of interest to me, however none of the articles were of any interest. The first was the articles themselves that are on this site. They are not origianal articles of the webmaster they are from news which everyone has already read and they have added commentary, I am assuming from the webmaster as well. It was on a rare occasion did I see anyone else posting to these articles. I would think this website was bringing out some new unfounded information that would benefit the public, however, it is simply the unfounded, accusations of one person with no merit behind them. It also appears that most of the postings are of a “personal” nature which leads me to wonder if the webmaster, who I understand is employed at ABC Warehouse, does not have his own personal issues with certain people in the criminal justice system. Secondly I viewed the site statistics and one of the things which caught my attention was the average amount of time visitors remained on the site. It is nomially about 45 seconds which in reality barely gives anyone time to read an article let alone look at the website itself. I took some considerable time looking at it, and I can honestly say I was not impressed. Another was the sponsor area and it only has one place which sponsors it. And I am wondering what form of sponsorship Act all nautral drink really has invested in sponsoring this because if you check the upper left corner, the webmaster of this “sponsor” is also a distributor. Perhaps a phone call to the company who owns Act would provide the answer if a distributor is permitted to use the company product for outside promotional activities without the company’s permission. Either way, the Act company isn’t sponsoring this website, it is the webmaster. Another interesting thing I looked at was the survey on the homepage. The survey has ended however, the number of people the webmaster claims visits his site and the number of survey takers is pretty interesting. Only 10 people took the survey out of the how many claimed visit the site. I can only wonder how many times a day the webmaster goes to his site and I am certain that each visit counts as a visitor. I guess for me it is pretty fair to say that I was not impressed by anything I read on that site (and I did look at all of the pages) nor was I impressed by anything that would lead someone to believe that this webpage is not completely censured by the webmaster if someone tries to post in opposition to what he feels. While I must say it did kill some of my down time and boredome reading some of the posts I will say that I won’t be going back again.

  • Location: ABC Warehouse
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Posting ID: 4113963715

Posted: 2013-10-06, 9:41PM EDT

Just like one lie you have been hanging on for more than 2 years, this too will catch up to you! The odds of this man ever meeting his dream of becoming Mayor of Mansfield is over, I will assure him of that.

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