Unlike Brian Garber these Deputy’s must have wanted this man alive?

Could it be Hector Hernandez is a friend of the RCSO, or are they showing in the end how this man will get a deal too by not killing him? – I wonder why Deputy’s names are withheld? 

Its interesting in this case like Garbers they have elected to call in the pros, a lot can and will be said in this case, especially in the end if the tax payers are burdened once again by the no justice system when a deal is made here too?

Here’s the story!-

Man charged with assaulting woman in hotel lot

Know how to play the game and you'll never lose?

Know how to play the game and you’ll never lose?







A man is behind bars Wednesday after he being accused of assaulting a woman and threatening to kill law enforcement officers.

Brian Garber didn’t threaten to kill LEO’s, just said he too now has a gun. Yet the outcome was much different than this?

Surely hindsight says…maybe these rookies learned from this grave incident? How ever we may never know being they are not sharing the names of Deputy’s who were smart enough to call ASORT to end without incident? Just goes to show you what can be accomplished when you don’t make a violent situation worse, ONLY IF they would have done this last March?

Brian Garber, did they learn from this?

Hector Hernandez, 44, was charged with felonious assault stemming from an incident Tuesday evening at a hotel on Koogle Road, according to the Richland County Sheriff Office.

Deputies had been called to the area by Levonda Meade, 36, who said a man believed to be staying in a room there assaulted her in her car around 7:40 p.m.

Meade said she was driving through the hotel’s parking lot when she stopped to let a man on foot, later identified as Hernandez, cross in front of her. When she waved him on, she said, he started yelling at her and waved for her to go first instead, a sheriff report said.

When she pulled forward, she said Hernandez began screaming at her and calling her names. She opened her driver’s side door to ask him what was wrong and said he grabbed the door, pulled a gun out of his waistband and struck her with the butt of the weapon in the face, head and chest.

She had redness and slight swelling to left eye and temple, the report said.

She said Hernandez told her he had her license plate number and would kill her if she called police, then he walked away, the report said.

Meade said she drove around the parking lot until she found a group of people standing outside, and asked them if they knew the man. One of the bystanders said the man was his brother and that he was staying in a room there.

Meade took the information to deputies.

Four deputies responded to the man’s hotel room, but when they knocked on his door they said a man inside the room yelled he had a gun and was going to shoot them.

Richland’s Allied Special Operation Response Team was called in to assist.

Jose Cidron, 30, who identified himself as Hernandez’s brother, told deputies Hernandez was dangerous and was not acting like himself. He said Hernandez was believed to be on drugs.

Earlier that day, he said Hernandez came to him and said “Look what I got,” then showed him a gun, the report said.

While deputies had the area secured, they said the door to Hernandez’s room opened and a woman tried to exit. She and Hernandez saw deputies and shut the door, the report said.

The woman later exited the room and ASORT was able to retrieve Hernandez without incident.

During a search of the room, deputies found a long barreled black paintball pistol underneath the bed’s mattress, a large meat cleaver knife found on top of the heater next to the door, and a box of .380 ammunition with 27 to 50 rounds remaining, according to the report.

The report is being forwarded to the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office for review of additional charges.



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Now lets watch and see how justice really prevails in a case like this. Just who will pay for this crime will be interesting to know????

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