Unaffordable Healthcare is STILL Unaffordable – I encourage you to check it out!

Here is the link to “Their” site – www.healthcare.gov

Here is what I found, mind you it’s MUCH WORSE than I explain here because the NEW rate on their site does not include our daughter because they say Ohio has a FREE program for Children under 19 who live with you due to income. Just for verification purposes you can use MY INCOME of $25,000/yr., the WORKING POOR!

 I encourage EVERYONE to hit the www.healthcare.gov website to see for yourselves what a fleecing we have before us. Healthcare is not affordable before or after.

I was NOT expecting rates that were DOUBLE that of what I am paying now ($77/wk. or $333/mo. to keep numbers comparable), and IF you look for yourself you will see this! My current rate, by the way that is going up @ the first of the year with this NEW Healthcare Bill will be ($119/wk. or 515/Mo.), their website says $1127/mo. for the EXACT SAME INSURANCE thru BCBS – STILL scratching my head? If you are going into a much larger pool than you are currently in, how can this be?

Now, here comes the part they call good? Based on my income I get a $730/mo. tax credit to put towards this INFLATED number which leaves me paying $397/mo. – basically MORE than what I am paying NOW? – wth???? YES, with the Affordable Care Act I will be saving $115, but you have to keep in mind…Since they are NOT including my daughter because THEY SAY she gets free Healthcare from Ohio is why she’s not included makes this NEW savings hard to compare!

Here is a screenshot of my NEW lower healthcare – ROTF!  My .gov Healthcare Plan

Now we must ask…How again will this pay down the deficit unless the numbers they are sharing are BOGUS? My guess is…since this is a business the $6k/yr everyone at a minimum will be paying will be more than enough to pick up the slack for those who will pay nothing!

Sadly enough the oppressed like myself who work 40 plus hours will STILL be paying more for healthcare than we do for food!, and we wonder why people are getting sick, or quite frankly can’t afford to?

I am NOW bound by law to choose healthcare over food, which is OPPRESSION on the GRANDEST SCALE!

I hope you assholes who voted for this get what you DESERVE!, this makes me SICK having to pay for this while my family still needs necessities like clothes, food, and gas to get to work!

FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! – http://www.freedomworks.org/


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