U.S. attorney touts collaboration at annual METRICH meeting By Mark Caudill, hmmm?

U.S. attorney touts collaboration at annual METRICH meeting

 U.S. Attorney Steve Dettelbach said law enforcement has to collaborate to be effective.

Sorry Steve, but you have to do MORE than that! First you have to get rid of the birds that flock together protect each other mentality! The ONLY way you are going to damage the drug trade is to get the publics involvement – PERIOD!

If I were you, I would start with those who hate Mansfielders with a Perpspective of corruption that’s been going on here for years! First and foremost if you want to stop the drug trade even the public knows you have to starve them first! EVERYONE who has a job first has to pass a drug test, why don’t those who receive welfare & SSI?

“The work that we do together is no longer something that’s optional,” Dettelbach said. “If we don’t do it, we are failing at our jobs.” – This is a TRUE statement which should INCLUDE those who assist the before mentioned get benefits for their illnesses that cause them to need assistance along with listening to the public when they advise who’s doing what? But NO, instead there are some in law enforcement who protect these people because they have more rights than those of us who follow the law! Mansfield sadly enough is a fine as you go system that does NOTHING to drug dealers to deter them from doing it again. Then there’s the FACT there are NO programs here locally to help people other than to put them on SSI so bureaucrats can babysit and get paid for it!

You want to STOP the drug trade like heroin, then you need to stop it at the borders, EVERYONE knows the U.S. does not grow heroin and that it’s a WELL PROTECTED plant in Afghanistan, so IF you want collaboration, you have to start with those who have professional courtesy & immunity. Maybe it’s time to start looking at our foreign diplomats????, after all they have diplomatic immunity.

You heard it here first, my daughter and friends will not fall victim to this blind eye! You want to FIX this problem, first and foremost you know as well as anyone else, it starts with JOBS!

Idle hands are the Devils Workshop!

Was this Federal Prosecutor involved in the Mansfield drug case that saw the likes of the Deputy who perjured himself that wound up retiring on disability?


Surely Mr. Dettelbach knows if they are going to be EFFECTIVE this can’t happen again!

If the DOJ wants to nip the Mansfield areas drug problem?, maybe looking at those who oppose this blog and group on facebook first?

You can learn a lot from the oppressed!

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