“Two women victimized in drug deal gone bad”, so the MNJ says…

“A man took a woman’s wallet and other items Saturday at the Lennox Avenue Car Wash, spraying her right eye with pepper spray in an alleged drug deal gone bad, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.” – Of coarse it’s according to; these are more than likely their own dealers being used to setup these dummies…

Can’t wait to hear the other side of what will be “he said, she said”. If he’s a smart little junkie when he tells his story he will say he did it in defense that the 2 were conspiring against him when he said he had no money for the drugs they just did.

I’m curious IF the Police saw any indications that they were users or if they would submit to a drug test to prove they were as innocent as this story would lead you to believe? Usually they don’t do this if they are setting someone up, things that make you say hmmmm?

Read this crazy story here, then come back and comment here for all to see what you think!

Two women victimized in drug deal gone bad

I always love how this rag of a paper always sides with so-called victims when they don’t know BOTH sides of the story! Remember we just had another woman victim during a traffic stop last week that led to 4 men facing charges while she got a pass. Something’s not jiving with the news of late, do we need to question these facts? – sure we do!, women make great sociopaths in today’s society! Am I starting to see another alarming trend????

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