Twitter updates by Mark Caudill, Jury has the case! – The question remains, who planned this?

The very first thing we heard, Mike Skidmore was told to leave? What did we learn?, that was a lie!

The second ludicrous thing we heard was Mike Skidmore planned this event? The truth…he planned on bringing other citizens to this public meeting so they could see how the public is not welcome at their own meeting, he did not disappoint! I witnessed it with my own eyes, yet several who also witnessed this fiasco were not called to the stand? This being 4 other citizens, the 3 Commissioners, and the minion that went after security, why is that? I may also add where was Al Lawrence who religiously covers everyone of these meetings? Yes, there is somekind of strange plan going on thats for sure, how ever it was not Mike unless he left us all out of it? His fear going into this meeting is he did not want to go alone, so at another meeting where folks meet to study common law with Scott Tyler who was also there that we all go, so we did. Several folks had grievances they wanted their officials to hear particularity Connie Garber and Randy Shepherd who has a State order for the Sheriff to fulfill. Randy is the Grey haired fella that remained with Mike in the room you seen in the video, yet was not called to the stand even though he had the best view after the girls closest moved during the fracas, interesting why he wasnt called? If you watch when the Sheriff comes in Randy tries to give him the Court order from the Supreme Court they refuse to look at, he says clearly on the tape “not now Randy”. I find all of this compelling to this trial but for some reason the defense ignored these relevant facts that would prove who may have planned this? I also found the Prosecution bringing up Mikes prior encounter a month earlier as a bit strange, thaws the reason he wanted us there because for some reason he feared they were protecting something, particularity this being a simple records request for Randy Shepherds case against a Law firm and this County?

I am hopeful Mike is not sent to Prison for what appears to be a setup to silence his Independent reports the public was so enjoying! It appears the local media don’t like folks who are getting more attention on what the people want to know, like politics and community efforts? Could explain WHY Drew Tyler their fictitious Facebook account is the only one who refutes or comments on the Perspectives I share here?

Now, here we are – Tick Tick Tick, waiting for the verdict on who’s next when it comes to the search for TRUTH?


Come on Prosecutor, PROVE IT?


He pummeled him? Now that’s rotflmao!


It stopped him, I thought Mike was shot when I left the room. If I had known the gun jammed I would have stuck around in the room where no guns are allowed. I ran yes! Because we panicked thinking we were under attack by a mad man?




Granted I assume?


Freedom of Speech = Truth, better than pleading the Fifth?



You can with Executive Branch Take over & Conspiracy!


Yes, nearly shot an elected official and a 15yr old boy!


No kidding?


Tick Tick Tick – As Drew Tyler awaits their fate – Its time to expose these bums!!! – I am holding out hope that Mike will be vindicated in this fiasco that nearly cost someone their life! Its time Richland County puts Rotten to the Core and all the conspiracy theories to rest so the community can move on!


Last, but not least…I am curious how on this building we entered has a sign to make us believe we are safe from terrorists both foreign & domestic, yet one seemed to get into a public meeting where folks gathered in peaceful protest of an agenda that suddenly changed when we showed up?

I can’t believe the defense did not mention what started all of the hostility? Instead let the prosecution focus on a touching of the meeting recorder that was actually a moot point? The truth is the Commissioners lost control of this meeting with perpetrating a lie “executive session” that was not on the agenda we received. They thought their time was more important than those who took the time off to attend what is really the public’s meeting, not the commissioners?

Here is the email agenda we had when we showed up July 9th


Here is what they changed it to when they saw us all waiting to come in?


Once again not sure if this was entered into evidence or if the defense focused on this or not? I would have cause this is really what angered folks, especially when Randy Shepherd explained how executive sessions are called. This is when Commissioners looked dumb founded & Marylin John rolled her eyes, priceless! This is when she called for security when Mike was clearly sitting down saying since THEY broke the rules we would like to proceed with OUR “the public’s” regularly scheduled meeting since the executive session was pure BS!

Look back in THEIR minutes folks IF you don’t believe me? There is NOTHING stating they were starting July 9th with executive session as the proclaimed stemmed from a prior meeting? I found NO MINUTES to substantiate their claim making this a bold face lie and why they wanted Mike silenced, he finally caught them on the record. That’s WHY they wanted his camera, it was proof they are liars, and not a weapon as the guard so proclaimed on the stand?




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