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Trust the government? I can’t do it anymore

Jun. 20, 2013   |

Last week we found out that people who are obese, smoke, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol will be paying higher fees for Obamacare. They talked about doing away with pre-existing conditions, but they are still there.

The IRS with its Lois “Slow” Learner saying she did nothing wrong and then took the fifth, but now we know better.

Then there was the IRS commissioner, Douglas Shulman, who visited the White House 157 times, but could only remember being there once for the Easter egg roll.

James Clapper who denied that the NSA was gathering data on American citizens in March of 2013 has now been proven a liar.

Kathleen Sebelius, head of HHS, is pressuring companies for funds to get Obamacare enacted. This is strictly against the law.

The FBI that went to three Federal judges before finding one who would bring charges up on a Fox News reporter who they said was aiding the enemy and committing a crime.

Eric Holder who lied to Congress and said he did not bring charges against the news reporter, but his signature was on the subpoena.

Today the EPA has released the names of 8,000 farmers to a radical environmental group. The EPA’s fix for that was to ask that group to send the names back. Duh!

Why should we trust the NSA when they said they needed to monitor all our phone calls, purchases and emails to stop terrorist attacks? This same program did not catch the New York City Times Square bomber, the Detroit underwear bomber, the two Boston Marathon bombing brothers and the Fort Hood shooter that had been emailing the terrorist in Yemen. In the words of Dr. Phil “How is that working for ya?”

I would say these departments aren’t working. I can see where they might want to know who and where people are buying pressure cookers.

All I can see with all these scandals is a pattern of bad behavior. They should all be impeached.

With all the things listed above I can no longer trust my government, can you?

Merle Margot


  • Joe Dinger · Top Commenter · The Ohio State University

    Smoking is not a preexisting condition, it is a bad making a poor choice. The same for most obesity, which is caused by overeating, another poor choice. Since it is know that people who smoke and people who are obese have more health problems so they should have to pay more. The public is not responsible for the poor choices that others make. As for the rest of your article, show me the documentation. Bet you can’t.
    • Phil Sydnor · Works at N.Y.F.B

      Hey Joe Dinger, here’s your sign! – Maybe then we should be ok when they ban alcohol, the LARGEST LEADING cause of most health problems today. Are and will you be ok with this if it is banned?, I sure will! Seen enough damage done by this wicked crap!, but surely it will not be banned for government at all levels make too much from it, and it’s a choice. I hate stupid people!, you pick on one, you pick on us all, oppressors can’t pick and choose who they pick on. Man cannot perfect the World, unless of coarse he is drunk in how he thinks, maybe you should drink another one?
      Reply · Like · 4 minutes ago
  • Ned Oxman · Top Commenter · Malabar High School

    u never trusted the government i do

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