Trial stemming from commissioner melee starts Monday, REALLY???

Trial stemming from commissioner melee starts Monday.

That’s odd, I thought this stemmed from an attack by a security guard over a camera recording displeasure over a change in the agenda that was a feeble attempt to block citizens from their own meeting? The story is fairly accurate, but there’s a lot more to the story that will surely come out in this trial, like where the Prosecutors office declared publicly that Mike Skidmore was told to leave? I was there, that didn’t happen!

More can be found on the MP site below, feel free to comment, my self proclaimed puppet master Drew Tyler will? Leave them a question if you will?

Drew Tyler says cease & desist, I say what? – Fair Use bubba!


It appears there was a little CONfusion on the agenda today? Is was said the trial was to begin today when really the Jury was just getting selected. There was also a small problem with subpoenas not all getting served? It appears not all on the list were contacted in time for today’s trial start. How ever there was one particularly served that was given to a 15 yr old child without the adult parent present on Sunday requiring a Monday 1pm presence. Is this a normal protocol to serve a child and none the less one day before they are required to be there? Also it should be noted being this trial had plenty of time to prepare WHY subpoenas would be delivered in such short notice, is this reasonable?


***The list appears accurate with who I remember was there that witnessed this attack, how ever I notice what appears to be an error. Charles Kochis is listed twice while Randy Shepherd a Vietnam Veteran who was there not listed? I guess we wait – tick tick tick?

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