Tod Mills “Tells it like it is” since I can’t comment there, here’s my take!

FitzGerald: Heroin deaths should be treated like crime scenes

Now we know who's grooming this Idiot! Time to put an end to career politics. No more LAWS, enforce what you have!

Now we know who’s grooming this Idiot!
Time to put an end to career politics. No more LAWS, enforce what you have!

  • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

    Prohibition doesn’t work. Never has, never will. The only accomplishments of the War on Drugs are the growth of government, the Police State, and the massive Prison Industrial Complex, and the transfer of wealth from everyday Americans to the few in position to profit (including drug dealers) and violence.
    Is heroin a serious problem? Obviously. Are our politicians (D or R) offering actual solutions? Obviously not.
    There is a saying, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” How about decriminalizing the stuff and instead focus on education and treatment, with voluntarily donated, decentralized free-market programs rather than immoral tax-funded government programs?
    Phil Sydnor
    If we are going to treat Heroin deaths as crime scenes, then we should hold .gov accountable as well when they’re found on Welfare and Social Security Disability – right?
    FitzGerald, it’s time BIG GOVERNMENT starts allowing mother nature cleanse human nature. Our fair Judge DeWeese says…”There’s choices, and there’s consequences” – Are there really ANY consequences for .gov when they provide the assistance of aiding and abetting these people? Drug tests work for for Private society, why not yours?????
    You bleeding hearts never cease to amaze me! – NOBODY’s holding a gun to these idiots heads, let them die if they’re that stupid!
    My guess is you also back those who can’t learn who are suing the schools – ROTFL!

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