Tobacco stores in Ontario, Galion raided?


Taxman Cometh


Read the story here – what I question is next!


“Basically, they’re offering customers an opportunity to buy loose tobacco and roll their own cigarettes and avoid the tax that is applied to legitimately bought cigarettes,” Ohio Department of Taxation spokesman Gary Gudmundson said.

METRICH Commander Lt. Keith Porch put it another way.

“It would be like a guy making his own liquor or moonshine,” he said.”

So, avoiding what we REALLY need to know is…If you buy make your own cigs they were not paying the “sales tax”?  

Now for Lt. Porch, how did you come to this conclusion? I’m not real smart, but would like to know how this is the same? I only assume they were paying for the tobacco, etc. which is perfectly legal, the issue is they were not paying the tax, right? What this comes down to is .gov wants their cut so they can fund raids like this? Your statement leaves me confused?, so what you’re saying is since it’s illegal to make moonshine, that if the moonshiners paid taxes on their illegal sales, it would be legal? I think we are do for some clarifications on the laws, maybe some of us are just too stupid to understand? Please, tell us more!

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  • Tod Mills · Top Commenter · University of Michigan

    Bunch of government thugs going around robbing people.

    If you get a chance, Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton’s documentary. Popcorn Sutton was an Appalachian moonshiner: “Marvin “Popcorn” Sutton (October 5, 1946 – March 16, 2009) was an American Appalachian moonshiner originally from Maggie Valley, North Carolina. He wrote a self-published autobiographical guide to moonshine production, and self-produced a home video depicting his moonshining activities, and he was later the subject of a documentary that won a Regional Emmy Award. He committed suicide in 2009 rather than report to Federal prison after being convicted of offenses related to moonshine production.”

    Full movie:
    More about Popcorn:

  • Peggy Goldberg · Top Commenter · Ships Captain at Maersk Line Shipping Company

    Maybe the state shouldn’t be some dam greedy in the taxes on cigarettes. Its utterly crazy what they tack on, all to line their pockets at the expense of others. At least for a while people got a break on the over taxed cigarettes. Hopefully someone else will pick up the idea. Heck theres folks that go south and buy stuff for customers here and they get a bargain, and ya can drive to the Indian Reservations in NY and buy cigarettes and theres no tax, just take cash in the event the state of new York is forcing the Indians to provide credit card customers info to ohio.
  • Jean VB · Top Commenter · Bellville, Ohio

    Seems they could have stopped along the way and picked up some bath salts and synthetic marijuana! Just to keep things interesting.
  • Chris Van Hesteren · Top Commenter

    I, for one, will sleep much better knowing those dangerous cigarette machines and all that loose tobacco has been captured……… Must be a slow day trying to catch the less serious drunk drivers, drug abusers, burglars, and what ever criminal d’ jour is running free out there.



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