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RE; You’re right

Date: 2012-08-03, 9:18AM EDT
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Be careful on your speculation and putting a business’ name out there with ill intent. This could get you in BIG TROUBLE when you’re not factual.
Liberal spin is losing its steam now that the truth is coming out. Chik-fil-a is getting the business, and knowing the guy you’re speaking about is funny to me!
Where my friend works hit their que, and once again he was the TOP WRITER in July – Thanks to those who put his name, where he works, and even with the slander that depicted he was a criminal that caused a few to complain. He’s not losing his job as you hoped, and one thing I guarantee is…The AG will love you and your contribution when you are sued if you start again, the game is over!. This business has the right to hire who they want, just as you have a right to not use him as your salesman when your there. So quit with your Liberal spin, as you have seen what happens when leaders ostracize, “the people” speak, or in this case spend!. Thank you once again, this business is alive and well, regardless if you shop there or not, they don’t have shareholders – lol! (Is this what upsets you?) I’m willing to bet the one(s) putting this business out there are disgruntled FIRED employees because they couldn’t sell!. This is what happens when you spend too much time getting high rather than getting your hands on product knowledge. Ask the competition, they hate this guy because he’s TAKING EVERY DEAL – LOL!. Good people in this area deserve a break, and they’re not getting it from the share holder owned company’s or the leaders my friend exposes!

Yes, the truth on his website is a conspiracy and what is shared is false – that’s why John lost his job, and is not getting it back! – The conspiracy is those trying to silence him, but need a law made up that’s currently not in place to do it. In this Country you are free to speak, just make sure you share the truth…especially when you aim @ private citizens and where they work. Dumb@zz liberal progressives???????

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  1. buckeyesyd says:

    This is what was responded to;

    You are right!

    Date: 2012-08-02, 9:47AM EDT
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    Definitely the jerk off from ABC WAREHOUSE promoting his conspiracy
    theory website.

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