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Hey Obama!!! (Downtown)

Date: 2012-08-01, 7:22AM EDT
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Can you ask our leaders why when you want to lower taxes for the middle class why our local leaders are RAISING them?.

On one end they are TAXING US MORE ON EVERYTHING WE BUY, and in NOVEMBER they will have on the ballot to TAX OUR INCOME MORE!

Are you gonna bail out Mansfield when their claim is….SERVICES WILL NEED CUT?.

Please tell our local asshole leaders, looking out for themselves is enough!, in the REAL World consumers have a choice in what they are willing to pay for and since there’s NO COMPETITION (THEY) our leaders don’t seem to get this!.

Put an end to the UNIONS, and let the FREE MARKET succeed! – this should FIX any budget problems, I want SERVICES FOR LESS, just like in the REAL WORLD!


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