‘THIS COUNTRY WAS BUILT ON THE WORKING MAN’ – Yes it was, then it was OUTSOURCED by the greedy man!



Too bad Mansfield don’t believe it!, UNLESS you believe those having to work now on Labor Day are the NEW Working man? The NEW working man you say?, YES…those who now work on Labor Day for all the greedy outlets selling everything outsourced with the premise of being American Made. One HUGE façade, take a good look at the politics on the float about “right to work” all the while people are fighting against unions for fast food.

This CRAP cracks me up! We are NOW living in a first of the month economy, you know…where those fighting over the crumbs can get them some.

My favorite quote from this article came from the Mayor;

Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker rode in the back of the white Camaro.

“This day allows laborers who work so hard all year to take a day off to celebrate,” he said. “It’s important to those people. It’s important to the economy and it’s important to Mansfield.

Nothing but a dog and pony show, Mansfield knows very little about labor. Now, if you said crime I would say you hit the nail on the head. Mansfield is now the epitome of it!

I think this is why they sent regulators to the Gold Rush to shut down 2 little girls lemonade stand, so they would have a few more in attendance here. I wonder how well that worked out for them? Since there’s not many pictures I would say the Gold Rush won!

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