There’s going to be plenty of speculation, lets start with the illegal calling of executive session shall we?

There will be a video of this incident surfacing soon that shows start to finish how the day started off peaceful to the point where a security guard walks right up to Mr Skidmore not saying a word, yet going DIRECTLY for his gopro which captured this crime.

Here is the PDF of the agenda even the media got for this meeting, NOTHING was mentioned about an executive session. They said the executive session was a result of a meeting over jobs from 2 weeks ago? I did not see this on the minutes of either June 23 or June 30 minutes if this is the two weeks they are referencing. You can look at these too, they are PUBLIC RECORDS, even though NOT SIGNED this is ALL we have??? You can check THEIR minutes yourself, do you see where they were DELAYING executive session for this day?

I did how ever NOTICE under the cloak of this “executive session” THEY GAVE OUT RAISES when they were suppose to make cuts to get this sales tax increase!!! – Who’s laughing now????

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3 Responses to There’s going to be plenty of speculation, lets start with the illegal calling of executive session shall we?

  1. Devils Advocate says:

    Its gonna come down to the head of security touched him first??

    He said you will not do this again!!!!

    I suspect the 30yr retired prison guard wasnt playing, and they brought the Marine out of him

  2. Phil says:

    Let them say what they want Randy, we WITNESSED this fiasco. When the video comes out the people WILL SEE what we saw, which was a blatant attack on a concerned citizens and their poppycock lies.

    Sovereign citizen group my ass!!!! – Hey Drew Tyler – PROVE IT!

  3. Attend a public meeting get mugged by the gestapo?? Who wants to go?? Thye my shoot somone in our court house, who wants to be next?? Don’t take a camera cause “they” say they need no recordings no law no rules no jusitce. However it is an adrenilin rush, who wants to go its is public and it is free. Gary Utt says so. Oh you may never never ask a question You will never never get an answer. The Sheriif will not be put on the agendy to protect the public from Nazi invasion. I asked that the Sheriff attend this meeting as well as the prosecutor. One for law the other for protection. One will not prosecute and the ther will not enforce the law and Stacey Crall knows all law and all rules she makes up sovereign clerk of the squatters.

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