There’s a NEW Website in Mansfield called “Is Mansfield Safe”???

I think competition is good, I wonder when LOCAL MEDIA will get involved? It seems all they ever do is ENDORSE the same people who hire and rehire these people.

People get CONfused over what’s out there. Here are a few links to what I have started, like Donald Trumps campaigns, they too want this shut down! How ever, you can’t shut down the TRUTH!!! 8 years worth.

take back america





The Official Website

The Official WordPress Blog Site where local news is archived

and of course the group where the local news generates!


You have a right to remain silent, or choose to speak!

I choose the 1st Amendment, and IF my home is attacked by the likes of a Drew Tyler I will certainly defend it with the 2nd Amendment.

The local corruption mouthpiece has been WARNED!!!!

This hide behind keyboard punks last message…

Drew Tyler

Awwwww, did I hurt your pussy again Philly Dilly? When I say we I am referring to anyone who reads your bullshit and that would include the little old ladies and ole men who hang around the barber shops and beauty salons making fun of you and talking about what a real loser you are. You yourself admitted that you were the talk of this little group of folks which I think is hilarious. As far as law enforcement protecting me, I never made that claim you did so again you have been proven to be a liar. I am the one who states that law enforcement laugh their asses off at you when you go whining and crying to them because you get your pussy hurt with my postings. I am sure they are still laughing at you and that probably will never change. Your association with criminal elements like yourself is well documented so you can deny that all you want too just like you can deny your own criminal past. Birds of a feather flock together. And as far as your drunk ole lady, illegitimate child and coward pappy, those are all true as well and nobody runs and hides from you because there is nothing to run from. Who in the hell would run from a washing machine slinger? You keep saying tick tick tick but I think your clock will run out long before mine does. I love it when I am ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. Now, your master speaks when I tell you to get your worthless ass back to them washing machines…loser boy

Saturday at 8:59pm ยท Sent from Web

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