The “TAXMAN” season is upon us once again, how will they fair with Obama care looming?

I wonder if our local leaders are worried about how the voters will respond to the already getting fleeced increases to their healthcare costs, mine personally are going up $182/mo. – You ask me about this? – NO MORE!  NO, NO, and more NO for any tax increases I have a chance to vote on. Unfortunately for those who go to work in Mansfield DON’T have that choice, it will be up to Mansfielders to decide whether or not those who come there to work will have to pay more in income tax. Just like Obama care, NO CHOICE?

City of Mansfield additional income tax
Additional 0.25 percent income tax for four years, earmarked for safety, parks, demolition and blight issues, and streetlights.  Why should those who come to Mansfield have to pay for this when they can’t vote?


Mansfield City School District additional levy
Additional 10.1-mill, five-year property tax levy for emergency requirements.  What are “emergency” requirements? Will this raise the report card from an “F” to an “A” ? – I doubt it! 


Now onto Richland County – Rich land no more County, the land of the oppressed!

Richland Co. Children Services replacement levy

1.0 mill, 10 year replacement property tax levy providing funds for the support of Children Services and the care, protection and placement of abused, neglected and dependent children.

— This levy replaces a 1-mill, 10-year levy first approved by voters in 1984. It has been renewed twice. This replacement brings the issue up to current property values. The agency has received no additional local money since 1999.
— It will cost the owner of a $100,000 home in Richland County just $35 per year, which is less than 10 cents per day. People don’t care if they sleep well which only costs about 10 cents per day, something they can’t do with being TAXED to death. 
— The local levy would generate $1.9 million annually — but would also allow the agency to leverage $1.3 million in federal dollars that otherwise would not come into this community. Those two dollar amounts added together represent about 25 percent of the agency’s annual operating budget.
— Collection on this levy at the replaced rate would not begin until January 2015.
— Richland County Children Services spends about $2.5 million within the county each year for local goods and services. Which of your cronies benefit from this?, maybe a list of who and where you spend your money with would make a good argument on who’s affected?  That does not include a payroll for local employees of $6.9 million and the per diem rate for foster parents, who also purchase local goods and services. Sounds like a threat?, but don’t you think the money people KEEP in their pockets would still go to local goods and services, of “the peoples” choice and not your cronies?
— RCCS has conducted almost 9,000 investigations of child abuse and neglect during the last three years. Most of which are BOGUS claims which waste valuable resources. 
— The agency received more than 7,500 calls during 2012 on its 24/7 child abuse hotline. Most of which more than likely came out of Mansfield where parents tried to get children to do their homework, you can tell by their report card.
— RCCS provides ongoing services to a monthly average of 600 local families, totaling 1,200 children.
— RCCS works with about 200 Kinship care providers, totaling about 300 children.
— RCCS provided $138,000 during 2012 in emergency financial assistance to families for things such as rent, utilities, food and clothing.
Bringing in JOBS would fix such a problem, don’t ya think?
— Local levy dollars are even more crucial in Ohio, which ranks 50th of the 50 states in the state share of funding that goes to child protection. What’s the old saying?, it takes a village to raise a child. Maybe a little more focus on this? Communities are getting torn apart by “we will take care of you” mentality that’s getting abused. Many who are now having a hard time taking care of themselves are quite frankly about to say enough is enough!
— RCCS has case workers able to respond to calls 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including all holidays.
— The roots of Richland County Children Services date back to 1883 when taxpayers in Richland County build the first Children’s Home. Just as we are seeing the oppressed having to work Holidays to pay for this!
Bla, bla, bla!
(Remarks provided by Richland Co. Children Services)
Response by ONE sick of it taxpayer! 
Richland Co. Health District renewal levy

0.5 mill, 10 year renewal of a tax levy which funds health department programs

Richland Co. Senior Citizen Services renewal levy

1.0 mill, 5 year renewal of a tax levy providing support of senior citizen services or facilities, through the Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging.  Don’t play that card, MANY of today’s Seniors are the REASON we are in a State of EMERGENCY. The next generation won’t know what retirement is who will be paying for the mess many have caused. Sorry, but we need to start thinking about the future, with GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE – Government is not GOD!, maybe folks need to start doing a better job picking who their friends are, Government is not a friend.

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