The Tale of the “Witness” from one news agency to the next in the case of Deputy Jeff Frazier’s alleged attack!

I can’t wait to see how Law Director John Spon reacts to the tale of what defines a witness when really there was NO WITNESS at all?

Todays story in the MNJ –

This story says, and I quote “The allegation itself remains shaky after witness Larry Metz told the News Journal he never saw Frazier throw a punch.”

and this story on Fox 8 shows why! – A witness “advised he could not see into the garage due to the windows being covered over.”

You have to love how the MNJ minces words to make it seem the so-called “Witness” saw everything, when IF they would have explained the readers would know why.

Interesting fact! – Since there was NO REAL WITNESS like I said, this becomes a he said she said and who do you think the Law Director will side with? That’s right, the one who has sworn to uphold and protect the law.

Knowing for a FACT that those in Law Enforcement will lie under oath to save their job, why would we be led to think otherwise?

My money is on the fact this 24 year old screwed up when he came out of the house and went to the garage WITHOUT a witness. All Mr Metz did was get his name used as one when in reality, he WASN’T!

This reminds me of the case with Deputy Chuck Metcalf where he was a witness who saw a drug deal go down 2 blocks away with buildings in between. Funny how these things change when you can’t remember your lie.

Here the MNJ is not lying, just not giving you facts to understand WHY the so-called witness did not see Jeff throw any punches.

This other quote from Fox “The witness told authorities he did not hear a fight, nor “did he hear Mr. Ball yell and is very sure Frazier did not assault Mr. Ball,” according to the report.” would have been more credible in Jeff’s defense.

Maybe Spon will read this? I have ALL the answers – lol!

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