The Richland County Sheriffs race is heating up, you say?

Facebook pages have popped up telling us, we the people what the candidates are all about, or do they?

Incumbent Steve Sheldon


Republican Challenger Jerry Botdorf


Democratic Challenger Matt Mayer


Who is Matt Mayer you say? Back just before the July 9th attack at a public meeting on Mike Skidmore nobody knew! How ever we have later found here this man told Mike Skidmore if he brings his camera back into this building he could be charged with disorderly conduct or worse? The Sheriff hopeful speaks for the Prosecutor’s office, yet would not say which one? Is this a man we want in office, one who can’t be a straight shooter or tell us who he is, what’s the secret(s) they are trying to hide from the public?

It appears only their mouthpiece aka MP puppet master Drew Tyler knows, or is that the legal mastermind who is the one behind all the deception and spin here in Richland County!

***Please comment via Facebook or register through WordPress and comment anonymously below, you might as well being that’s what the fake account Drew Tyler will do! Yes they will say they are real because they can post, how funny! ha ha…

As the MP Admin on Facebook I believe this is a 2 man race that will be settled in the Primary, cause the one getting a free pass here after seeing this Youtube shows us what he’s about, deception. Still shaking my head!


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