The Richland County area now has a REAL News Source worthy of reading!

RICHLAND SOURCE is a relatively NEW information source that looks like is focusing on the good in OUR County, unlike that News Agency that Oppresses the TRUTH with it’s one sided articles.

Since the other so-called want to be news source finds itself being above all who limits comments on their site to those who believe everything they read you will find I am not really scared of their threats of a lawsuit over copyright infringement, but rather will refrain from giving them the un-warranted attention they so think they deserve with their poppycock stories. Most of which today are stories that do not reflect that of a REAL news agency that does due diligence leaving most readers to only speculate and come back for more because they don’t do their jobs, giving us the news that is. Many know if you ant the news you fair better by reading the goings on when they happen on facebook, surely they must love their reporters on facebook who give us the blow by blow prior to it ever getting printed. IF anyone is killing their sales, they do it themselves. Surely IF they were to ever sue over copyright infringement they will have to PROVE first that it’s not already public and free to all, in which it is. Their site is no more copyright protected than they are protected from one who reads their crap every day for FREE! My guess why they are so upset is people are no longer sponsoring their news and/or oppressive news style.

See, I don’t have to mention their name and many know already who I’m talking about. If you know who I’m talking about, let them know what you think here!

Have a great day, still getting plenty of views here (smile).

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