The Property Tax Harvest story, and disparity in property values in Richland County Ohio.

Property Tax, Ridiculous or depends who you are?

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Is the infamous PROPERTY TAX in Richland County stopping you from buying a property, or do you have friends like the “successful” Drew Tyler?

I have been searching for a steal after getting caught in the market at the WRONG TIME! What I have found is there are not much in the way of steals unless you have an anonymous friend like Drew Tyler who self proclaims holds ALL the strings associated with success in this area? Yes, I too bwahahahaha at the notion this idiot pull any strings with that name, NOBODY knows them lol!

Case in point on ridiculous disparities in property values. I found a steal of a deal, the PROBLEM is how its valued on the County site.

The property in question is valued at $113k, selling for $75k  how does one go about selling a property loan valued at $300/mo. when the taxes are $250/mo.?

Hopefully now that the executive branch has been turned on its head after Vero & Banks take office we can work on this issue! Surely there’s a way to fix this PROBLEM!!!! Nobody should be paying this much in TAXES, and we wonder why so many are LEAVING the Mansfield area?

The FIRST PROBLEM this economically area needs to address, TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!


I think so personally being MOST homes you look up are either BANK OWNED or in FORECLOSURE, this can’t be good, having a revolving door first of the month tax season economy?

Makes me want to MOVE too!, surely the successful Drew Tylers would love this? Nah, I will stay and fight to fix this!  WHO’s with the MP????

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