The MP’s biggest fan, Mouthpiece for corruption none other than the great anonymous Drew Tyler lol!

Awe if its not our little lost friend Drew Tyler the spokesman for all our Elected jokers. What, can’t call ones employer no more and cry like a little baby cause the only issues you have are CONspiracies lol!

Whats the MP followers think about this anonymous pusillanimous who can’t put their words where their mouth is. I can only guess they’re more than likely drunk?


 Richland County Common Law Study Group—-What a Joke – Craigslist link

I recently watched a YouTube video of this half ass group of people sitting in this large room (and when I say group I mean about 5 lol) at a hotel trying to convince themselves that they are some type of “justice oversight” group and that they are going to make some big difference. The truth is, it is just an offshoot of the MansfieldersPerspective Website which rarely contains any new or exciting information. Essentially the site just posts what we already read in the paper with the site admin, Ole Philly, adding his take on things. What does his “take” on things mean, not a damn thing. He has been babbling on and on for years about his “group” doing some good and making changes and in fact, has done absolutely NOTHING. It makes my gut hurt to laugh so hard when I read his stupid comments and his “take” on things. Just goes to show you that when you are a convicted criminal and end up slinging washing machines for a living, it is easy to wish you could be something else, but in the end, all you have are you meager commission checks and welfare to get you by and in the meantime, you have accomplished not a damn thing. This leaves me ROTFLMAO over and over and over again.
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Drew Tyler likes speaking to him/herself in anonymity cause they be skeered to visit the MP page to FACE THE REALITY of now 1,100 strong group members ready to refute their crap – lol!

My Employer has NOT threatened my job, and your cry for boycott has not worked either, STILL top of the heap and nobody but you to thank for it – You are a keeper, Huh Farmer John?

re: Richland County Common Law Study Group—-What a Joke – craigslist link – lol!

Awww, did I hurt your feelings yet again, ole Philly? I know we have all heard that you have promised your employer (under threat of being fired) that you would no longer post on Craigslist, but we all know that you HAVE posted on here in the past (after your promise was made) and I know you still stalk this page. Only difference now is that you post on your jokesite and challenge people to respond on there. Only problem there is you have blocked those that have opposed your self-serving views and rants and when they don’t respond, you like to take some kind of victory from that. It’s ok though Philly, because that is simply the cowards way out. You claim on your jokepage that your father is your biggest “hero” and one can only wonder how he would feel knowing that you are such a coward. You really want to “refute” what people say, do it in a forum where everyone has access and where you don’t or can’t block them because their views and opinions differ from yours. Anyone who has ever read your posts know you have no balls, so perhaps you can find a pair and let everyone be involved.
Everyone wants to leave behind some kind of “legacy” and you have done that for sure. Your legacy will be that of a wife beating criminal, who slings washing machines for a living and who has created a cut and paste website claiming to be making a difference, when in fact, you have done nothing for society or the people of Mansfield or Richland County except give them a good laugh. That is why you leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. Now that your done reading this and your blood is boiling, set down with your ole lady, have a few more drinks and think of what your going to post on your jokesite then get your loser ass back to slinging them washing machines.

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30 Responses to The MP’s biggest fan, Mouthpiece for corruption none other than the great anonymous Drew Tyler lol!

  1. gonna getya soon says:

    Drew Tyler is a long time pussy who will never come out from him/her keyboard.

    Back to your old shot again I see. 3rd person identities lol!

  2. mike says:

    Pussilanimous? Some sort of dinosaur? I mean someone has got to stop trying to use such big words in attempt to look smart. It’s just as easy to call this Peter puffer a pussy, or cocksucker. Surely the best part of him slipped between his mother’s legs and ended up on the sheets.

    • Phil says:

      Not trying to look smart cause I am smart.
      I refrain from language not necessary to get point across. How ever I do like your perspective.
      Pusillanimous is a coward by the way

  3. Philly Boys secret friend says:

    Oh Phillip, I hope you know we still laugh at you endlessly. We turned the
    doctors at med central and several private doctors office nurses onto your
    sad page of five followers. You’re a laughingstock in Mansfield.
    Yes, We all know this town is corrupt. But the fact that you think your page of misfit losers is making a difference is so funny. We’re all laughing at you Phyllis. The whole town is.

    • Dead Central? says:

      I am sure you do know about the corruption and part of it too. I like how Med Central allows so called specialists into patients rooms to sign up for Medicaid on the premise we will take good care of you? Has me ROTFLMAO!

    • Phil says:

      Long time no see Drew, where ya been buddy?
      I see you’re still in hiding, why you no longer using facebook account?
      How did you like my video of your friend Timmy?

      • Drew Tyler says:

        I’ve been right here all along ole Philly boy. Yeah I know, it broke your heart when the former Prosecutor killed himself because all along you thought I was him…and his brother…and someone from your stupid cut and paste website…well guess again dumbass lol. I don’t know any Timmy so not sure what video your talking about. But then again, any video or post that you have or share is probably stolen just like all your cut and paste articles were. Loved how the newspaper lawyer turned you into the bitch everyone knew you were.

    • Phil says:

      The WHOLE town that hides behind a keyboard that is, right farmer John?

    • Dr. Bob says:

      Hi Larry. You delivered us a load of bio hazard disposal
      bags yesterday. Larry, when you show people a site online with the explicit intention of ridicule, wouldn’t you expect those people to look at it? We did. And my friend, after reading your apprehensible, and after researching the issue little, outright baseless, slanderous lie against Phil Sydnor, we have decided to terminate out contract with your company. I’ve already talked to your boss and tomorrow you’re going to have some tough choices to make. As for everyone laughs at this site, try again. You see, I happen to know for a fact that the only laughing that is directed at this site and a few of it’s members is nervous laughter coming directly from downtown. Anyways, Have a great day tomorrow, I heart it’s supposed to be sunny out for your walk to the unemployment line. … did I fail to mention that your boss Tim is my cousins husband? He said he told you the internet would bite you in the butt. It has.

      Phil Sydnor, Connie Garber, even Randy Sheppard, nobody is laughing at you. Quite the opposite actually.

  4. I want to meet drew lol says:

    The idiot that wrote it proved they are an idiot by saying at a hotel, and about only 5 people present, be part of the problem or part of the solution! Get your facts straight Drew!

  5. Drew Tyler is A Douche says:

    Whoever wrote that seems to be oblivious to the fact
    that everyone in Mansfield knows it’s corrupt.
    They are just mostly afraid to speak. The only one getting laughed at is
    The poster who is obviously Drew Tyler

    • Phil says:

      Yes, Drew Tyler is a douche, a pusillanimous one at that lol!

    • Drew Tyler says:

      At least this guy got it right…he knows I’m Drew Tyler. Yeah Philly boy douche is a word you know well because for years that is what everyone who works with you has been calling you. Oh well, I’m sure your used to it. By the way, is your ole lady still on the wagon or has she fell off again???

      • Larry says:

        He probably beat her a$$ again. He has a bad habit of
        abusing his wife. Why do you think they live at Lake Maria
        on Vanderbilt road? But what whose can you expect from a lying woman beater? Just ask Judy Ketzel Bradey. She’s
        a prostitute phil uses when his wife is too battered to perform.

        • Phil says:

          You got something you want to get off your chest pusillanimous you know where I live?

        • Drew Tyler says:

          Larry, seems like you hit another nerve with ole Philly. The one thing I noticed in his half-assed response is that he didn’t deny being a wife beater nor did he deny using prostitutes. Can we then assume, just as he does with all his stupid ass posts, that what you have said is correct? Yep, I’m going to be your right.

          • Phil says:

            Well Drew you seem to forget a little something, one that I have denied everything you said, and two you are yet to prove it. Now that’s ROTFLMAO again and again.
            I don’t think we will be hearing from your pal Larry, Dr Bob set him straight I believe?

            • Drew Tyler says:

              First my response was to Larry’s post and you didn’t deny anything he said. All you said was that if he had something to say to come to where you live. Your criminal convictions in the past are proof enough for anyone who cares to have a gander at them. Yeah yeah yeah we all know your claim that you were framed, your lawyer sucked, the court railroaded you but truth is, you got arrested for beating on a woman regardless of what your charge was reduced to. Some kinda man you are. As far as my “friend” Larry, sorry don’t know him either and I don’t know Dr. Bob either. So whatever dealings the two of them have is really a moot point. Easter is coming and I wonder how many “public” Easter egg hunts your gonna attend to try and get enough food to feed your family for the month of April since we all know you didn’t make shit last month slinging them ole washing machines. If you want I can set up some donation jars around town and see if we can’t get enough people to donate? I’m doubting you will collect much though because the Ole Pilly Fund just isn’t worth the trouble or money. That’s OK though Philly hang in there. One of these days you will make enough money to pull yourself out of yet another trailer park and maybe even get a house. Leaves me forever ROTFLMFAO over and over and over and over again.

              • Fred Bear says:

                Well its the infamous Drew Tyler mouthpiece for Mansfield still chirping nonsense.When you gonna come clean and tell folks who you really are? If you’re afraid of Phil then maybe there’s more to it than you are eluding? There’s a reason you have to lie we just haven’t figured it out yet?

          • Phil says:

            Drew Tyler aka Thom Mock

            You are starting to get sloppy…


            • Drew Tyler says:

              Is this yet another person you want to claim I am? First is was the Mayer dude who got fired, then I was his brother the prosecutor, then I was someone in the courthouse, then I was someone who worked for MPD or RCSO. Now I am this Tom Mock? Face is stupid, you have been wrong on every account, my name is Drew Tyler. Yep I don’t have a criminal record like you so searching that database won’t find me. I’m right here douche bag. And guess what…other than blocking me again there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Now…get your ass back to slinging them washing machines so you got enough spare change to buy your ole lady her booze.

              • Phil says:

                Struck a nerve did we? If you’re so gung ho on this one personality and not those you want folks to perceive then why don’t like you say…prove it? lol! you can’t cause you want folks to believe your scared because of some made up record or non sense you can’t prove either. none of which is true or can be proven, just like how you can’t prove you are Drew Tyler. People are laughing, at the fact you are the biggest behind the keyboard pusillanimous ever. Now that’s ROTFLMAO again and again you say?

                • Drew Tyler says:

                  Sorry ole Philly, I only have one personality, unlike you and that is who I am. I am not the one who has to post using a second or third person facade for fear of losing my job lol. You claim your criminal record was “made up” however it was you who was defending your actions when you got arrested for wife beating by claiming your wife was drunk and you did what you did to her for the benefit of her daughter. Then you plead guilty to a reducted charge of disorderly conduct because according to you, your “lawyer forced you to.” None of that takes from the fact you hit a woman and in my eyes, that makes you a punk bitch. Now, be the good bitch we all have come to know you are and get your lanky, bald ass back to slinging washing machines. Thanks for the laugh, leaves me always ROTFFLMFAO again and again.

                  • Phil says:

                    As you say…PROVE any of which you say rainbow & unicorn man, or is that woman being you hide behind the facade name Drew Tyler, none of which has been proven to be more than a metaphor for a backroom monkey spanking deal maker who got his start defending the FIRED APA SUPERVISOR.

                    Sorry it took so long to reply to what has become insignificant now that you RAN AWAY from facebook after losing all credibility. Now you CONtinue to poke from behind a keyboard knowing I have beat your ass enough and could hardly bare the REAL DEAL. Being you are above my profession there’s still good reason you hide being your fake alias aka Drew Tyler – It’s hilarious how this all makes you mad yet NOT A DAMN thing you can do being who you are, A PHONY!!!!

  6. Phil says:

    You can post anonymously again Drew, I took Facebook connection off. You like?

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