The MP applauds MNJ, still seeking justice or change for Brian Garber & Community?

Tamir Rice investigation mirrors Garber results

“At the time, McGinty’s office conceded that in hindsight it is possible that the incident could have been handled differently by the Richland County Sheriff’s Office but said his office was charged with investigating the firing of weapons, not tactical decisions by police.”

Just for the record I am not in any way thinking this killing could not be justified, but to keep suggesting the mother and father are the culprits for reasoning depicting they said he had a gun was false! This is wrong! – then to drag the investigation on for “8 months” would suggest to the community there was something to hide?, and there was! – It was the fact one Deputy involved has a history of not handling situations the best. Hopefully with this attention, if anything we the community can feel safe that an incident of this magnitude will not be handled the same way. The young man was held up in a room, across the street where initial incident happened and surely did not need to be escalated as it was. Sure cops jobs are tough, many times like Tamir could have been handled differently! The public clearly is divided, why is the question that needs answered if we are to ever have peace? 

“It is significant that the Fourth Amendment does not require a law enforcement officer to be right when conducting a seizure,” Crawford said. In other words, Rice didn’t have to actually possess a firearm for the shooting to be justified.

If you think about this, everyone should be scared who may have a disability, etc. This to the average person would think all one has to do it make a call one has a gun, you fit the description, and your dead! Why do these cops put themselves in harms way when nobody is in danger is what should be considered “reasonable”, this is where differing perspectives rile a community! BOTH cases were similar on what’s CONsidered reasonable? Sorry, some of us came from the day “Serve & Protect” – even if it means protecting these people clearly not acting in the best demeanor for what ever reason? Here we have a child, not the brightest bulb in the package? Then we have another young man known to be off his meds, does that mean we open season on ignorance or a temporary lapse of reason, NO! So respectfully some of us disagree with Mr McGinty and what he thinks as reasonable as we have seen here our Prosecutor wasn’t reasonable when he decided to commit suicide for what ever reason? The point is not to keep kicking a dead horse, but to point out reasonable behavior or thought process by those in office, scary if you think about that too that we rely on one perspective instead of many? A JURY FOR INSTANCE?????

“Like Rice reaching down toward his waistband, when Garber allegedly made a sudden movement with his hands under his shirt and deputies heard a loud bang, deputies were “within the bounds of law to shoot first,” Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney James Gutierrez previously said.”

Interesting where this came from being since this was handled by a secret Grand Jury where it was found fact that “deputies” heard a loud bang when all we have as fact is rumors that only Frazier heard this bang while the rest reacted to his reaction, hmmm?

“Though prosecutors determined the loud bang officers heard was actually Frazier firing his weapon, Frazier maintained in his recorded interview the sound “came from Garber, it came from his direction. There’s no disputing that.”

Frazier said he fired in reaction to that sound and at the same time saw Garber lift his shirt and “protruded” what he believed to be a firearm. “He brought his entire hand out eventually,” Frazier said.

Nicholson and Knee told deputies they never saw Garber’s hands come from beneath his shirt, even after the shooting.

“The suspect slumped over, and we still could not see what the suspect was holding beneath his shirt,” Nicholson told BCI agents. “It was still under his shirt.”

Hence why the community is left with speculation and mistrust in the Sheriff’s Department or an objective view outside of law enforcement protecting the brotherhood. Many in this community don’t TRUST serve and protect, something that needs restored. The good news I believe we haven’t heard continued abuse is the community and social media sharing who to be alert in watching out for if ever confronted. We want to restore the public faith we must first and foremost focus on those who are still working who have committed crimes in the past, the Wall of Shame is a good measure in restoring this faith as we watch and hold those accountable if they ever lie cheat or abuse anyone again in our community!

I want to once again Thank Kaitlin for her story that we may NEVER FORGET these people, but can forgive IF they have learned a valuable lesson on life, liberty, and justice for all????

RIP BRIAN GARBER, may your uncalled for death be used as a tool to unite and not a continued divide of “US vs THEM” – Once citizen killed when they needed help is too much.

, Reporter6:32 p.m. EDT October 24, 2015

Brian Garber family


Kudos to Kaitlin Durbin for her persistence in not letting a dead dog lie. How ever like “Philly” she better watch out or the people will start talking that she too has gone off the deep end like they are suggesting now in local barber shop hair salons about my character. The people crack me up with their fact finding abilities and conspiracy theories, then lay those claims on those who are in search of the truth. The truth is these situations become what’s called in our community a conspiracy when our leaders and law enforcement hold secrets from us. Let it be known it was also said for 8 months Donald Zehner who was at this incident was the 1st shooter who unloaded his service weapon into this young man. Not once in those 8 months was this EVER refuted publicly by anyone in social media or the news with certainty, it was maintained that Zehner killed this man. So, why was the fact that Deputy Frazier was the primary shooter, was it because of his past and what would be dug up, was it the fact he was and more than likely still on anti depressants that have ill side effects that could have caused him to hear what others there did not? At this point ONLY GOD knows, and I pray for the truth as much as anyone else so the community can move on, but no – we will have yet another secret aka conspiracy for the divided community to speak of for years to come? If you keep talking about this, like myself you have to bare the community now joining in on turn the cheek and move on or be considered a loon or nutcase – really???? I hope and pray everyday the truth comes around for this community that lives in fear, which all stems around secrecy and protection of those who commit high crimes. Like we are and will see in the latest rash of BOMB THREATS, will the community ever have a right to know who they are? More than likely not until they strike again then THEY can say they had or have a history of violence, really? There is NOTHING more violent than protecting criminals than a Prosecutor that claims we will punish fullest extent of the law than a few days later after its found one would be damning to the community if we were to know. So guess what?, we will once again see a slap on the wrist as the community will not know who they are and let off on early release to their charges for good behavior? No, I don’t want these children punished for life, but they must learn a “lesson”, much of what we as a community are not seeing from our local law enforcers and the Courts, quite frankly “our” criminals think its a game and laugh once they pull off their deals. I personally believe we need a Judge who will expose these people, it seems the less who know them or their crimes the less chance(s) they will ever change or get the necessary help they need. It seems to many in this community they are just used as a driver for more funding and personal gain within our NO JUSTICE system where those who “think” they are doing good are living large while these kids and other criminals return to their system known to many on the public as a revolving door of crime.
Who will speak for our leaders who disagree with the public that speaks their perspectives? It appears all they have is a fact less wuss call Drew Tyler who ROTFLMAO about a community divided? Who will step up and DRIVE REAL CHANGE here?
As many know, I have a petition and will TRY! we need a leader who will step up and not be the same as it ever was, what a crazy concept, maybe why some are saying I am nuts?
Well my friends, when YOU start paying my bills you can label me all you want, as long as I am paying my own way along with others those people (Drew Tylers) I call them can stick it, for I am driven to learn as well as hoping others will too!
Thanks again for your persistence in bringing this community issue to the table so I could vent again Kaitlin, you have my respect as well as others in the so-called criminal group called Mansfielders Perspective on facebook, may one day we know who the FALSE WITNESS Drew Tyler really is?

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9 Responses to The MP applauds MNJ, still seeking justice or change for Brian Garber & Community?

  1. Phil says:

    Poor fictitious keyboard ranter Drew Tyler got his panties in a wad again. You don’t have control over anyone but your minions, and especially not your CFO wife who surely not getting anything out of you anymore than your fired buddy who asked the Deputy, have you ever been in love? Now that’s ROFL!

  2. Philly's Puppet Master says:

    Ok Philly, I can see you are on a rampage this morning lol. That rambling on and on really made my morning. I find it absolutely hilarious that people are even talking about how nutz you are in barber shops and beauty salons, when obviously with that cue ball head of yours, you don’t even frequent them. But it would appear that the word is finally getting out about Ole Philly Dilly and his joke site. I wonder how many of those people are on your alleged friends page or members of your joke site??
    When I read the article yesterday I just knew you would be adding your spin to it. What makes you any type of expert qualified to give any kind of opinion to a job that anyone in law enforcement does? Remember Philly, you are nothing more than a washing machine slinger. The fact that your “friends list” consists of convicted criminals does not count either. Have you ever taken one day of any type of law enforcement training? Have you ever taken one law class? I know the answer to these are no and yet somehow you feel you have the right to sit back and judge others who have. You get mad (and I love that part) when Grand Jury proceedings are secret because some how you feel you and others like you, have a right to know what goes on in those rooms. The law in Ohio and many other states, stipulates that Grand Jury proceedings are to be conducted without public access. If you think this is not right, call your law makers for a change. Trust me, your babbling on here will not make that happen.
    I really do love ROTFLMFAO at you because you “feel” you are entitled to answers to your questions, and in fact love making demands, but the truth is, you are just like the rest of us citizens and you are not “entitled” to anything. You want to whine and cry that it took 8 months for the investigation to be complete, yet if it had taken 2 weeks you would have said they rushed through it. For whatever reason, the Prosecutor’s Office asked another Prosecutor’s Office to investigate this case and if Richland County had handled it, you would have said they were all biased for the Sheriff’s Dept. The truth is, Ole Philly, nothing makes you happy unless it goes YOUR way and if you haven’t figured out yet, life is not about YOU, dumbass lol.
    When the hell are you going to update this joke site. It is so damn boring anymore. Nobody but you makes comments and they are all just your blabbering and boohooing. Now, as your master, I instruct you to get your worthless bald headed ass back to slinging them machines. Yeah you got it, I’m ROTFLMFAO at you still again and again.

    • Phil says:

      Hey puppet master, I had a birdie tell me they know this long winded style of writing and they told me to ask…

      How is your wife doing at the Jewelry store in Columbus, heard she had a new squeeze that works for a large law firm? Must be working on some free advice on how to divorce your sorry ass. Now that’s something new, unlike the past you are living in that is sure to cost you the love of your life. Now that’s rotflmao!

      Glad you liked this, actually wrote it yesterday while I was bored, happy to see once again I got a rise out of you. Next will be a blog on the Bellvile cop, then we should have some news once again on the deal making process for Mike Skidmore.

      I heard you clowns don’t think I can muster enough Republican signatures in time to get on the ballot? That may be true, that just means I have to try harder as an Independent. That I assure you will get me on. Have a nice day, the time of truth is coming and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Now get back to being successful like you tell us, cause you are real and here trapped in your own fantasy world where nobody can ever hurt you again? That is until your wife hands you those divorce papers like the first one you beat daily. Now if that’s not the truth prove it, cause you sure can’t prove anything else.

      • Bwahahahahah yeah again with “someone telling you something” lol. Perhaps you should find a new birdie because my wife is the CFO of my company and it, unfortunately, has nothing to do with jewlery.
        You heard and yes I told you myself, that your not going to win any kind of election. Any thoughts in your dilusional bald ass head that you are is hilarious. Nobody in their right mind would vote for such a loser like you. You have nothing to offer, except for your own twisted advice, and it isn’t worth a shit lol.
        Again you have me confused somehow with your past because remember my little slave, you are the one who was charged with wife beating, not me. The truth to that fact can be found by using your very own resources, which is the court history. However, we look in there for you and pooooofffffff, there is ole Philly Dilly arrested for Domestic Violence aka wife beating.
        I would have thought since you were bored, you would do something to update your jokesite. It is getting as stale as your wife’s snatch. Now, do as you are told and get your ass back to slinging them washing machines loser boy. I leave sipping my coffee and ROTFLMFAO over and over again.

        • Phil says:

          Domestic violence = wife beating, your little slave?

          You are a funny guy, or should I say gal? You are starting to sound more and more like a delusional stalker boy more than anything else. WOW!

          Maybe if I am a wife beater you are man enough to teach me a lesson to never hit women if that’s what you believe this DV charge was about? Come on tough guy, get ya some? Naaah, just like the little girl you are you will just bitch like a little keyboard cunt your momma raised you to be?

          Maybe hoping I would die I could hope like your prosecutor buddy you will just blow your head off? That would be cool huh?, sure better than getting your arse beat by a skinny bald headed washing machine slinger huh? My wife could beat your ass, probably my daughter could as well? Keep an eye on the wall of shame, a few more, maybe you being you use a fake alias will be added soon. Can’t wait, that’s what investigators I speak to say anyways. Tick tick tick, the truth is coming and not a damn thing you or anyone can do about it.

          • Phillys Masters of Masters? says:

            Can’t you see who this numb nuts is? He is that fucking Grey haired dumbass who sued child support in revenge for being a dead beat dad. CFO wife should have rang a bell dude. He is a known abuser of children and surely friends of the corruptors. Fuck him and show him the door. Turn this site back to Facebook comments its clear he she is faking their identity and IP address. Show this clown who is in control, nothing bur a pussy. Kicked his ass once already, one step from the grave, just look at his pitiful self.

  3. Phil says:

    Interesting read being we have a fact less blogger against the truth who’s been speaking for corruption since the 2008 firing of his friend, right Drew Tyler?

    Not one claim can be backed by facts, not even the fact you are a phony too!

    Now that’s rotflmao, puppet master, yeah right!

    Talk about nuts, deep end, and lost it? Anyone who believes your smack is just that.

    • LMFAO you kill me Ole Philly. I doubt that this article is an interesting read except to some loser like yourself. Your the one who claims I speak for corruption, but then again, all convicted criminals see corruption where it doesn’t exist…right wife beater???? Yep, you are nutz, have long since went off the deep end and nobody will throw you a life jacket and you lost it a long time ago just like you did your house in Galion. That shit just continuously leaves me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again.

      • Phillys Masters of Masters? says:

        Sounding more and more like that stone faced Grey haired dude in the video who was wearing the no justice no peace shirt. Talk about rotflmao, that guy was it! The Fox 8 team was also laughing at his dumbass. Dead beat dad is what he was. Tied up and beat his stepdaughter she said too, hmmm?
        I think in her tell all story she said they are all corrupt and he is a big part of their plan to swindle more money like old times using the Mike Skidmore case. Might be time to write another book as well? You dumb fucks make me laugh!

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