The mouthpiece for Mansfield speaks on craigslist again…

Poor Drew Tyler got his behind handed to him again, lets see who’s in control? To PROVE who’s in CONtrol, watch him respond here now that I left him all by himself on craigslist.

Drew Tyler

You want a good laugh…go to Mansfielders Perspective Joke Site

If you are ever bored and want a really good laugh, go to the Mansfielders Perspective joke site. The admin of this site, Ole Philly Dilly the washing machine slinger himself, loves to get on his site and post his “opinion” of things that happen in and around Mansfield and Richland County and all the while doing it under some assumption that he alone is changing the way things are done in this County.
He even has the balls to compare himself to God and his writing/investigative skills to that of Martin Yant yet in reality, he worships people like Jim Jones. He gets on his joke site and “demands” answers of public officials and yet none of them feel the need to respond and he just lets his demands fall to the wayside. He claims he produces documents and witnesses that nobody has every before seen, and yet, they never seem to appear. He defends sex offenders and other criminals because he himself is a criminal. Jim Jones had followers and ole Philly claims he does to, but anyone who reads his posts knows that every single follower he has is really just another voice in his head probably brought on by alcohol abuse.
He recently got to be interviewed by a TV reporter after the Skidmore incident at the courthouse and he now feels he is some type of public celebrity and that all he has to do is demand something and it will be forthcoming. I guess he has seen that most people who read his bullshit just sit back and do as I have done for years now and that is ROTFLMFAO over and over and over at him again.
He loves to repeat himself time and time again saying the same thing, yet never does he ever produce anything he “promises” will come from one of his investigations. If he was such a great investigator…perhaps he can explain why he slings washing machines for a living. I even challenged him to run for some type of public office which would enable him to bring about changes and guess what….he didn’t do that either. Why? Simple answer is that everyone knows he isn’t playing with a full deck, that his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, that he is a few bricks shy of a full load, that he is a couple of fries short of a happy mean…simple answer…he is nuts.
I know he is going to read this because ole Philly can’t help himself and he will respond anonymously under another one of his alcohol induced names. He already knows who I am…Drew Tyler. So Philly, after you get done reading this, get your ass back to slinging them washing machines. Christmas is coming and the hard working tax payers don’t want to have to support your ass again this year for the the holidays. As always, you leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over and over agian.
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Philly Response

re MP truther site hater (Downtown)

Lets keep it real our fictitious friend aka metaphor of corruption. There is no Drew Tyler, or as you say…prove it would have happened by now. You are just a sick minded loon who has nothing better to do with their life than lie behind a keyboard just as your friends like secret meetings so the public can be lied to by local media.Cease and Desist makes me ROTFLMAO!

Let the people decide who’s nuts shall we? For if you were half the expert I highly doubt you would be posting on of all places craigslist?

After all it will be the people aka voters who will be silencing your friends, remember they are not running unopposed next election and unlike you, we have control of their fate with the truth in reporting.

What makes you mad is your FAILED attempt to silence them once and for all with your lame planned courthouse attack, now that’s ROTFLMAO TOO!!!

Enjoy the above links, at least these people are real!

Sorry for this in advance my loyal rants and ravers, somebody must have gave this Drew Character a little extra time on the computer this week.

If anyone really knows Drew Tyler, please send them a wellness check.

Drew Tyler

And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Once again, I got the last laugh cause ole Philly Dilly just can’t resist the urge to visit Rants and Raves to see if I have mentioned him and his jokesite yet again. And guess what, I sure didn’t let him down. He loves to claim he is in control, yet it is I who controls him. He has yet to answer so many questions posed to him but keeps attempting to deflect to some other “fantasy” he has going on in his head. He feels he is owed an explanation to every question he asks, yet if he really was owed an answer, he would get one.
One can only imagine how pathetic his life really is. He has to stand over washing machines every day trying to convince someone to buy one just so he can get his little commission check to pay his apartment rent. Yep, it was easy to find out where you lived Ole Philly when you put me to that challenge. We know you don’t own a home because you got kicked out of the one in Galion for not paying your mortgage. One would figure with the credentials Ole Philly claims to have, he would be earning a steady income or employed in some high profile career yet here he is, slumped over washing machines just hoping someone will stop by and at least inquire about buying one. But then he goes out to his rusty ole van, disappointed that yet another day goes by with a big “no sale” next to him name.
Now he tries telling everyone that the incident at the courthouse was planned by the elected officials, but funny how his claim only came to light after investigators said it was planned by those in attendance. But then again, we all know that the promises Ole Philly makes never true because he has to face it, he has control over nothing and nobody. His “promises” are only predictions which are present in his sick, twisted, over-ego mind.
It is so enjoyable to get on here and his jokesite and keep beating his ass and sending him home crying like the little school-girl bitch he is. I am quite sure his blood is boiling, yet again, from reading this but hey…that is why I do it. Maybe one day we will all get lucky and he will have a massive stroke or heart attack and the next time we read his name it will be in the obits. But wait, if that happens what will happen to his jokesite? Maybe his boozer wife will pick up where he left off or one of the other imaginary friends he has will take up his cause. I doubt either will happen and that will make me sad because I so enjoy making him cry and having him feel like the loser he is.
So now that Ole Philly has again come to CL to read and I am positive he will respond, I’ll go back to ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again at him.

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Philly Response

re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Sorry, your friends at craigslist won’t let me respond so I will post my response on the blog page where people actually read what’s going on.Your friend Philly! – I see you are upset about the response – lol!

I will post soon my friend – 🙂

Drew Tyler

re: re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

ROTFLMFAO over and over and over again. It is pretty sad when even Craigslist knows ole Philly is so full of shit they won’t even let him respond, as he claims…..yet he was able to post his little reply. Again ole Philly Dilly, made a liar out of you. Bitch slapped again. Now get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines.

post id: 5245996386

Philly response

re re: re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Yes, its true! They will no longer allow even the words so I provide you with something you cannot – PROOF YOU ARE A LIAR – LOOK AT THE 2ND PIC, maybe you should try it my pusillanimous hide behind keyboard friend, or should I say Deputy? After all “philly” is the NEW lingo you and the boys are using, like the drunken one who visited my work in hope to getting me fired, now thats ROTFLMAO again and again. You have proven nothing with exception you have to resort to craigslist because your ip gets exposed every time you post in the Mansfielders Perspective blog site. My employer does read this stuff and has come to find YOU my friend have a few screws loose being you are afraid to sit down and discuss your grievances. Come on in and talk, we would love to take care of what ever your issue is being you are upset and adamant about defending local corruption yet say you are very real and your name is really Drew Tyler? Come on my delusional friend, PROVE IT as you say? NOBODY, I mean nobody knows who you are and certainly that bothers you that MANY do know who I am. Yes, I have done something, and yes people know exactly what I am capable of, that being EXPOSING people like you. So go right ahead and call my employer, they are NOT like all the others you believe you can CONtrol, they know a good employee when they have one, that’s why I am there and you are not without hiding and stalking, and the only reason I can work there is YOU and your CONS can’t control me either – I am not broke, debt free yes! Now you say that I made a deal with my employer to not talk to you on craigslist which is true, that was to leave their name out of it and I do. IF you believe in your little simple minded head that you anger me and I fear you call my employer to tattle that I am here please do it so they can ROTL at you with your anonymous self. You come in PERSONALLY and maybe for once somebody will take your loony ass serious, for now you just enjoy your little playground on the internet posting from your mommies basement while I continue to make waves with everything you say is not happening. As for running for office, that’s still not out of the picture for if folks were to write ol’ philly in I assure them the purse strings would be pulled and reality of overpaid minions would be a thing of the past, got it?Have a nice day, I have bigger fish to fry and poorer people than myself to take care of. Don’t worry about Christmas for my daughter, I do well enough where I work to more than take care of that. Please post my picture cause the only ones who should get handouts should be those willing to seek their maker, who which by the way is not the Government – CAPEESH?????

God will come before you can stop the MP, not Philly as you proclaim – I am in NO COMPARISON to what is coming, the truth and the way!

Once again I PROVED you are a liar who won’t stand before Philly let alone his maker, cause the Al Mighty Drew thinks he/she IS GOD????? EXPOSED IS THE FALSE WITNESS, JUST ASK MY WIFE who is the truth and the way, she too will never say it is Philly – do you realize how stupid you sound?

Sorry friends, you setup the place and YES I will finish this once and for all! Sorry you have to endure this dumb ass Drew Tyler anymore than I do – enjoy your day, I will!

Drew Tyler

re: re re: re And yet again…ole Philly spouts off

Bwahahahahahaha wow ole Philly, did you go off on a tangent. What’s the matter, did your poor little pussy get hurt again. That’s ok, becuase you should have already figured out, I don’t give a shit lol.
And now you say I am a deputy lol. Lets see, you have said I am the deceased Prosecutor Mayor, then I was his brother, then I was a courthouse employee and now I am a deputy. How many more guesses are you going to take? Unlike you, I don’t have all of these multiple personalities running around in my head…I am one person Drew Tyler.
You said I haven’t been posting on your jokesite well perhaps you want to read it again. I have posted all kinds of comments on there and yet no response from you. Why? Because everyone knows how full of shit you are and how much of a liar and fraud you really are. Nobody of any importance takes you seriously. You say people can write your name in for a candidate, now thats fucking funny. I am sure people would seriously give you any consideration at all if they read even one of your stupid ass posts on your jokesite. If you recall from way back when, it didn’t take me more than one post to realize how stupid and quite frankly, nuts you are. You are a little man, with big ideas and no balls to back them up.
I am not the only one who knows what you really are…a scared little bald headed boy who thinks he can change the world. I don’t see you leaping tall buildings in a single bound (not that falling on your dumb ass head would hurt you lol). You want to be a caped crusader for your alleged injustices…yet again you have done NOTHING!!! People realize who you are and how you are. Without someone to stand up for you, your nothing but a scared little boy. Haven’t seen any video’s of you alone confronting any public officials….why not? The answer is clear…your a coward. Yeah, you talk big, but no balls to back it up. Why don’t you stage a protest outside the courthouse? Do something to get someone’s attention? Again, a scared little coward with a big mouth.
Those IP addresses are still hilarious and you have yet to explain how they peg me posting in the middle of a field. But then again, you claim to have all the answers, yet no facts.
Nobody is worried about your “little girl” and quite frankly, I feel sorry for her for having such a POS like you to call “dad.” If she can even legitimately call you that. But then again, you rescued her from a drunk, abusive mother so why wouldn’t she.
Now, I think it is time you do as you are told…once again and get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines…..loser. Yep your right I am still ROTFLMFAO at you over and over and over again.

post id: 5247523755

Philly Response

WOW Drew Tyler, you ready to snap?

I told you the TRUTH was coming and YOU my friend are proving it! People now see why your loony ass hides behind a keyboard bragging nobody can or will ever stop you. I have destroyed any credibility you thought in your puny mind to have.You talk a lot of smack, but not once have you backed up one thing you have ever said yet once again you say you’re Drew Tyler and I ask one simple question and you explode into another BS rant and say I am mad. Quite frankly YOU are made being called out that you can’t prove who you are, what are YOU afraid of? You are sure afraid of the truth, that’s for sure!

Like I have said all along my metaphoric mouthpiece for corruption, you are nothing more than a phony like those who work for us having secret meetings. Come on out Drew, the truth is we have the best deals in town and that angers you. I am broke yes, but you are in denial – the WHOLE COUNTRY IS BROKE – Now that’s ROTFLMAO!!!!! – I laugh at FOOLS like you, now slam that keyboard on the TRUTH, it’s still coming and not a damn thing YOU or anyone else can do about it!

post id: 5248670029

Drew Tyler

re: WOW Drew Tyler, you ready to snap?

ROTFLMFAO at ole Philly Dilly first thing this morning. I get 2 messages from his alleged supporters. One is some fat ole crack whore and the other is his boyfriend. Those really made me laugh and then I read this and laugh even more. Ole Philly Dilly has never proven a thing he writes but instead copied and pasted news onto his jokesite, until the MNJ slapped his worthless ass with a Cease and Desist Order. One can only think if he is such a good investigator or reporter why he is stuck daily leaning over washing machines trying to con people into buying them?? What, ole Philly Dilly, have you done that has made a change besides as you put it, give your version of the truth? Let me tell ya, nothing….nothing….nothing. You couldn’t make me mad on the worst day of my life, because I ROTFLMFAO at you every time you post because it is I, not you, who is in control of you. Now, I have told you before, get your bald, worthless, loser ass back to slinging them washing machines.

post id: 5248782398

Anonymous tired of it too?

hey drew hey philly dilly (mansfield)


post id: 5249664350

Anonymous tells it like it is!

re hey drew hey philly dilly (mansfield)


Philly Response?

Lets face it, Drew Tyler is a pusillanimous

From my humble perspective this is nothing more than a political cunt who has came to divide those who read this crap! What is rants and raves anyways?Its a place where phonies can hide behind the only thing that gives them power, just like those we allow to have private meetings who make the rules the people disagree with. Its not important who I say I am here, you can find that out on Facebook’s MP group page how ever where real people discuss real issues. Call it a joke all you want, that’s why there’s places like this where you will never make a difference just like those who don’t attend public meetings to hold officials accountable.

Have a blessed day, for you truly are wasting time here with a community divider, anyone who sides with this Fictitious Drew character or responds to their nonsense really needs to get a life. Trust me, Philly provides a need to the community while this asshat tries to divide you all. Have fun in your fantasy world while others drive for a better place. By the way, I support the truth 👍 non of which Drew has provided yet.

Drew Tyler

Ole Philly Dilly is not only a pussy…he is a liar and woman beater

I see I am still in control of you Ole Philly. Yeah, you guessed it, I am still ROTFLMFAO at you because yet again, I have jerked your stings and you have responded.
You claim you provide the truth on your jokesite? It is only the truth as you see it. If anyone disagrees with you, they are wrong but you are always right. Perhaps in your twisted, alcohol induced mind, you are right and telling the truth, but again I ask you, what exactly have you done to make a difference? Let me answer for you because everyone knows….absolutely nothing. You never have and never will make a difference anywhere or for anyone.
As far as the other 2 posts you put on CL pretending to be someone else, as you have found out, you can’t make me go away no matter how much you try or who you cry to. I am here for as long as I want to be. What really makes you mad and your pussy hurt is because there isn’t anything you can do and I have all the control. Now, like you have been told before, get your worthless, bald headed ass back to them washing machines…..loser boy.

post id: 5251169864

Philly response

Drew Tyler caught in another lie lol!

Says he don’t have time for this yet is now back to posting daily, now who’s in control of who? Lights out buddy, time to let the other inmates have a little fun.Here Drew is tripping out on a lady from Marion Ohio who copied me on how she too pissed him off. I thought I would make it public just so we could keep Drew in his cave, can’t stand it that there are others like me who have awakened to the corrupt.

***Wow, that really was an interesting response lol. Did ole Philly put you up to sending this? That’s ok, just one more loser he knows lol. As far as Philly putting out the truth, it depends on what you consider the truth. He has proven nothing he says and he loves to hear himself talk. He likes to think he is a big man but in reality he is just a little boy trapped in a grown mans body. One can only imagine who you must be and what you must be like to be sticking up for him lol. As far as my ass being yours, my guess is that your ass is already too big and your probably some welfare broad who hasn’t worked a day in her life and like Ole Philly, is setting around collecting government benefits off of us hard working citizens. Are you one of his trailer park friends or do you live next to him in his apartment complex? I think the references you made regarding my mother are just hindsight to your real life because in fact, your mother was more than likely a prostitute and a junky of some kind. She probably got knocked up and decided that the welfare benefits were too great to give up so she decided to keep you instead of shoving a clothes hanger up her twat and doing the world a favor by pulling you out on the end of it. Your reply leaves me just as ole Philly does, ROTFLMFAO. Now get your fat, stinky, cottage cheese ass back out on that street corner.

Drew, I hope you get help before you snap and hurt yourself or someone else for you surely have be mistaken for a scared probationer who unlike yourself is allowed on the internet. We all know if I was a woman beater that would be a difficult feat with all the cops watching here. What a moron you are, bitch slapped again.

Typical narcissist drivel, now give yourself a little kiss in the mirror, you deserve it!

The bald headed fella who owns ya 👍

Drew Tyler

re: Drew Tyler caught in another lie lol!

Bwahahahahahahah ole Philly, I see your back yet again. That’s right, it is me your puppet master Drew Tyler. I enjoyed reading the email from your crack whore sister and my response must have really pissed her off, and you too. Yet I am wondering what in my response you considered a lie since it is obvious that you are the one who has been lying to everyone for so long with all of your far fetched promises and theories. Again, I ask and get no answer but exactly what have you done for anyone? Still waiting and please don’t bore me with the standard bullshit you spread “I give news and it is the truth because it is my truth”, because your truth equals lies and more bullshit.
So what if the cops are reading these posts, whoooopppppeeeee doooooooo. Is that supposed to frighten me? As you know from your wife beating days you have to commit a crime to get arrested.
Now, you and your fat, skanky, crackpipe smokin sister get back to bed. Don’t forget to make room for your wife in there. Oh wait, is your wife your sister too???? Yeah, I love it when I can piss you off every single day. So now, as your master tells you, get your bald headed, stupid lazy ass back to slinging them washing machines….loser boy. Yup, I am still ROTFLMFAO at you, and now your crazy sister.

post id: 5251613219

Philly response

Drew Tyler is a worried CON man, or is it woman?

Sounds like it to me!Always calling honest hard working people liars who do more for the community than their friends in office could ever dream of. These narcissists have raised your sales tax once again equaling 3 million in LOST local revenue for the people to share amongst the local economy and this crying bitch thinks they own us?

That’s funny there Drew the con man, the TRUTH is people are seeing this and the only place you have left is this little rant page that gets you no where. You and your friends can no longer call employers cause the proof is in doing. You know, actions in what you do and just like your friends you are doing nothing but making yourselves look like idiots. All I can say is on October 5th Mike Skidmores pre trial will be another delay tactic as you and all your friends hope the sheep soon forget how you all screwed with the wrong people. Yes, they have exposed your friends as the liars they are just like I have proven you as the narcissistic sociopath pusillanimous that you are here!

Come on my cowardly friend, prove that ANYONE knows who you are besides the wolf that you are, boy who cries wolf that is – wolf wolf, now that’s rotfl.
Here its Sunday so today I will say a little prayer you are repenting for Mon-Sat as you suicide to heaven Catholics believe.

Yes, I am still watching over the sheep!

Your friendly sheep dog 😄

Philly response

Hey Drew Tyler, anonymous liar!

You keep asking what I have done, and keep asking for one thing?I can assure you I have done a lot to keep you awake at night and ranting here to the point everyone is sick of you. The one thing I have done is apparent to anyone with half a brain. I have exposed you as a liar that NOBODY knows along with being the one in control here seeing how every time you respond you do it in hate with derogatory statements and words you can’t back up, now that’s what I love – the TRUTH is pissing you off. Go back to your private meetings with your friends “executive session” and let them know Mike Skimore is the least of their worries.

Voters are assembling and their end of days are near! No more running UNopposed I see for YOU can’t name one thing good they have done for the Community other than raise taxes on the premise to keep us safe. Now that’s ROTFLMAO!

Tell the people how I have controlled and exposed the liberal liars! While you want to know one thing I have done this is it while deflecting the TRUTH that all Mansfielders want are more handouts – Once again I share proof, what have you done besides make an ass out of yourself while hiding here?

Look, this is Mansfield with hands out to their messiah lol!

Please don’t respond to this, you are showing your true colors of denial that your messiahs are worthless. There is one God you will repent to, and no he hasn’t been here yet! As I said the truth and the way is coming, the day and the hour you do not know. With love, I hope and pray you get the help you need.

Ok my friends, I will let Drew Tyler I am done with him on craigslist – I had my fun 🙂

Once again Drew is left with nothing more than a fictitious hide behind the truth alias as a defender for corruption, now that’s what I call ROTFLMAO! Surely as I have called out their ip address publicly they will not show back up here. – Liberal suicide backing pansy!

Watch Drew make his craigslists posts go away and say I hammered on the keyboard to make them all go away, lol! That’s WHY I copied them here.

What a nimrod?????

The last post in love to my friend Drew on craigslist lol!

Facebook Comments

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10 Responses to The mouthpiece for Mansfield speaks on craigslist again…

  1. Drew Tyler says:

    By the way ole Philly, I am making my Christmas list…what do you want a Donald Trump hairpiece to cover that bald ass head or some suckers for that Kojak dome???

    • Phil says:

      I have a Christmas gift for you, by Dec 15th I have to turn in my 50 signatures, 150 max. Tell your bald headed friend I am coming for his job, then we can see who’s rotflmao or in control of this County. A blacklist won’t matter then will it?

      Sounds like investigators are desperate to find something for your friends who screwed up July 9th when they attacked Mr Skidmore. Not until their first pretrial they are checking Facebook for somekind of planned attack? Now that’s rotflmao!

      Facebook was subpoenaed to see what’s in a group anyone can join, even you. How ever you and your buds are grasping at straws on how bad you fd up. tick tick tick, I told you the truth was coming right along with your day of reckoning.

      Now all I have to do is sit at my leisure and laugh at you in desperation that soon the walls will close in on you. Bet you don’t realize they are on to you, now like Facebook you will once again vanish! RUN!!!! They are coming soon to take you away for a long long time. No record no Drew Tyler now that’s rotflmao when you can’t prove to anyone there’s a Drew? Yes, you are right here in your Easter Bunny World while the rest of us can be seen and heard while NOBODY even pays your looney ass no mind.

      • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

        Strike another nerve did I ole Philly. What are you going to do to get signatures….stand over your washing machines and beg people to sign your petition? I still want to know what job you are running for? Surely, nobody in their right mind would vote for you for anything. And if all you need is 150 signatures to get on the ballot, I can assure you it will take a lot more than that to beat anyone in the primary election.
        As far as whatever investigators do for your friend that assualted the officers, that is up to investigators and law enforcement. I believe everyone deserves their day in court, if they elect to have a day in court, so we will have to wait and see what happens. As I told you before ole Philly, everyone has their own interpretation of that video you posted. Of course you don’t know what happened after you tucked your tail between your legs and ran like a bitch from that room, so all you have to rely on is the video and your interpretation. News Flash Philly, just because you see it one way doesn’t make it fact. Just like all the “facts” you allegedly posted about the Garber case which are bullshit, except from your viewpoint.
        I love it when I get to laugh at you because you are so self-indignant and think your view is always the right and best one. Such a pathetic human being. That’s ok Philly, someone has to stand up for the criminals, so why not another criminal like you. Now, quit crying, that ass spanking didn’t hurt that bad, and get your bald low life ass back to slinging them washing machines. I am your master and I have spoken. Having coffee and ROTFLMFAO yet again.

  2. Phil says:

    The only thing you have proven is how much I am in control of you. I said I was done with craigslist and brought you back to MY domain. I can’t believe you think you have such power saying you are real, yet hide like the coward bitch boy you are.
    Too funny, maybe you can check with the BOE, I found out the MNJ was totally wrong by my sources and I have until Dec 15th to throw my bald head into the arena so now I can compete against your bald headed friend. I love it, as I said the truth is coming and the more I keep you wore down here the better it becomes for my campaign.

    Good luck my negative friend, change is coming!

    • Drew Tyler says:

      Aww, your poor little pussy hurt again Philly? You said you weren’t going to post anymore on CL and yet it is obvious that your still posting. But hey, maybe it is that other voice in your bald head lol. I don’t think I have such power over you Philly, I KNOW I DO. You are as predictable as any one person can be. Over these past several years of being your puppet master I have learned one thing….I am in control of you!!!
      You are seriously gonna grow a pair of balls and run for some type of public office? Wait a minute….the Commissioner of Trash is not considered a real public office dumbass. I mean after all, this is exactly what you post on your jokesite. So, please enlighten us all Philly Dilly, what office are you going to run for? I would bet you’re not going to run for any office because you don’t have the balls. And who would vote for a wife beating, washing machine slinger anyway ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Now, as I tell your crack whore friend who keeps emailing me, get your ass back to slinging them washing machines. I am your master and I have spoken!!!!

      • Phil says:

        I don’t have time to bother those folks like you do. I did get a message from a woman from Marion who says your quite the eloquent one. Too bad the only Drew Tyler is right here and can’t bare his face, this lady would more than likely beat your ass for talking like this? She shared your response to her, what a sicko you are, more than likely why you’ll just report in here where I have total control of you, hmmm?
        Stay classy my friend…

        Quick response today : Hey ole fat, crack whore bitch lol, I’m not hiding, I’m right here as you can see. At least I know who my mother is!! I am guessing you were supposed to be on the end of a clothes hanger but you made it past the pussy hole some other crack whore spit out of her disease infested cunt. Now, get your worthless ass back to that street corner. I would say smile and have a nice day, but most of you crack whores don’t even have teeth…so gum it!!!! Another message that leaves me ROTFLMFAO. Tell your brother/husband/boyfriend Philly I said heeeeyyyyyyy…..or are you him too????

        You sound quite confused, you think I am everybody, talk about nutjobs??? Prove it & yes rotflmao

        • Philly's Puppetmaster says:

          Yeah, I was pretty happy with my response to this cow. Of course, it is probably your wife/sister or mother who is writing it, but guess what, I don’t give a shit lol. I guess I hurt her pussy like I do yours all the time. Loved re-reading it thanks for sharing. Now get back to work dumbass. Love it when I can leave here ROTFLMFAO at you yet again.

          • Phil says:

            Puppetmaster? You are living in the past my intrepid friend. When you gonna grow a pair and face your nemesis?, you know, the guy you know absolutely nothing about and believe what your buddies tell you to. Funny man being a puppet master when somehow I controlled you enough to bring you here away from your safety net of craigslist. You are some big guy picking on women, then again being you hide here its good reason being you beat your wife and now are protected by the RCSO. That’s interesting my cowardly friend.
            Good to see you back rattled as ever, see you soon?

            • Phil says:

              Better hope the people don’t vote me in, cause I know how a good executive should operate, and I assure you and your friends the game is over.

  3. says:

    Damn, you sure have been buys my little puppet. That’s ok, you need something to do in your spare time of slinging them washing machines. Yeah, again I proved you a liar because here I am. It really was interesting to see a change to your jokesite because it was getting stale. I have posted numerous comments on the pages of your site, and yet nothing in response from you. Guess it took a little while to get the cable bill paid so you could have internet service again. I love how you keep saying that the events in the courthouse were planned by the commissioners and not your boyfriend, but I still ROTFLMFAO every time I see that video and watch you run from that room like the scared little bitch you are. Have you gotten a notice to testify yet? Oh wait, the star witness, as you called yourself, will not be called unless it is by the prosecution and that will be to give your “perspective” on the events of that day? If so, your boyfriend Skidmore is headed to prison. But wait, I am guessing a plea bargain is probably forthcoming. We shall wait to see won’t we Philly. And guess what, you have no control over that either.
    As your puppet master, I control everything you do!!! You will respond and you will spew your “version” of the truth and you will leave me, and everyone else ROTFLMFAO

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